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Biomolecular Spectroscopy II
Editor(s): Robert R. Birge; Laurence A. Nafie

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Volume Number: 1432
Date Published: 1 June 1991

Table of Contents
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Conformational analysis and circular dichroism of bilirubin, the yellow pigment of jaundice
Author(s): David A. Lightner; Richard Person; Blake Peterson; Gisbert Puzicha; Yu-Ming Pu; Stefan Bojadziev
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Nanosecond time-resolved natural and magnetic circular dichroism spectroscopy of protein dynamics
Author(s): Robert A. Goldbeck; Sophie Bjorling; David S. Kliger
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Solution conformation of biomolecules from infrared vibrational circular dichroism spectroscopy
Author(s): Max Diem
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New experimental methods and theory of Raman optical activity
Author(s): Laurence A. Nafie; Diping Che; Gu-Sheng Yu; Teresa B. Freedman
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Advances in polarized fluorescence depletion measurement of cell membrane protein rotation
Author(s): B. George Barisas; N. A. Rahman; Thomas Londo; J. R. Herman; Deborah A. Roess
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Fractal dynamics of fluorescence energy transfer in biomembranes
Author(s): T. Gregory Dewey
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Use of fluorescence spectroscopy to elucidate structural features of the nicotinic acetylcholine receptor
Author(s): David Allen Johnson; C. Fernando Valenzuela
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Rotational diffusion of receptors for epidermal growth factor measured by time-resolved phosphorescence depolarization
Author(s): Raphael Zidovetzki; David Allen Johnson; Donna J. Arndt-Jovin; Thomas M. Jovin
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Microwave-optical study of an As(III) derivative of Eco RI methylase
Author(s): August H. Maki; Desiree H. H. Tsao
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Nonlinear optical properties of bacteriorhodopsin: assignment of the third-order polarizability based on two-photon absorption spectroscopy
Author(s): Robert R. Birge; M. B. Masthay; Jeffrey A. Stuart; Jack R. Tallent; Chian-Fan Zhang
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Spectroscopic properties of the potentiometric probe merocyanine-540 in solutions and liposomes
Author(s): Benjamin Ehrenberg; Eliyahu Pevzner
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Nucleic acid base specific quenching of coumarin-120-derivative in nucleotid-conjugates-photoinduced electron transfer
Author(s): Claus A. M. Seidel
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Resonance Raman scattering from the primary electron donor in photosynthetic reaction centers from Rhodobacter sphaeroides
Author(s): David F. Bocian
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Pericyclic photochemical ring-opening reactions are complete in picoseconds: a time-resolved UV resonance Raman study
Author(s): Philip J. Reid; Stephen J. Doig; Richard A. Mathies
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Picosecond time-resolved resonance Raman spectroscopy of bacteriorhodopsin: structure and kinetics of the J, K, and KL intermediates
Author(s): Stephen J. Doig; Philip J. Reid; Richard A. Mathies
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Ultrafast and not-so-fast dynamics of cytochrome oxidase: the ligand shuttle and its possible functional significance
Author(s): William H. Woodruff; R. Brian Dyer; Oloef Einarsdottir; Kristen A. Peterson; Page O. Stoutland; K. A. Bagley; Graham Palmer; Jon R. Schoonover; David S. Kliger; Robert A. Goldbeck; Timothy D. Dawes; Jean-Louis Martin; J.-C. Lambry; Stephen J. Atherton; Stefan M. Hubig
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Picosecond absorption and circular dichroism studies of proteins
Author(s): John Douglas Simon; Sunney Xie; Robert C. Dunn
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Characterization of fluorescence-labeled DNA by time-resolved fluorescence spectroscopy
Author(s): Claus A. M. Seidel; K. Rittinger; John A. Cortes; R. S. Goody; Malte Koellner; Juergen M. Wolfrum; Karl-Otto Greulich
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Holographic nonlinear Raman spectroscopy of large molecules of biological importance
Author(s): Anatoliy A. Ivanov; Nikolai I. Koroteev; Alexander I. Fishman
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Time-resolved infrared studies of the dynamics of ligand binding to cytochrome c oxidase
Author(s): R. Brian Dyer; Kristen A. Peterson; Page O. Stoutland; Oloef Einarsdottir; William H. Woodruff
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Direct measurement of vibrational energy relaxation in photoexcited deoxyhemoglobin using picosecond Raman spectroscopy
Author(s): John B. Hopkins; Xiaobing Xu; Robert Lingle Jr.; Huiping Zhu; Soo-chang Yu
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