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Photon Correlation Spectroscopy: Multicomponent Systems
Editor(s): Kenneth S. Schmitz

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Volume Number: 1430
Date Published: 1 June 1991

Table of Contents
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Photon correlation spectroscopy: technique and instrumentation
Author(s): John C. Thomas
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High-resolution submicron particle sizing by dynamic light scattering
Author(s): David F. Nicoli
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Measuring photon pathlengths by quasielastic light scattering in a multiply scattering medium
Author(s): Ralph J. Nossal; Joseph M. Schmitt
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Brownian dynamics simulation of polarized light scattering from wormlike chains
Author(s): Stuart Anthony Allison
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Dynamics of wormlike chains: theory and computer simulations
Author(s): Sergio Ramiro Aragon; Rolland Luo
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Using photon correlation spectroscopy to study polymer coil internal dynamic behavior
Author(s): James C. Selser; Albert R. Ellis; J. K. Schaller; M. L. McKiernan; Krisha Devanand
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Photon correlation spectroscopic studies of filamentous actin networks
Author(s): Jay Edward Newman; Pier L. San Biagio; Kenneth L. Schick
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Noise on multiple-tau photon correlation data
Author(s): Klaus Schaetzel; Rainer Peters
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Probe diffusion in polymer solutions
Author(s): George D. J. Phillies
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Diffusion of spherical probes in aqueous systems containing the semiflexible polymer hydroxypropylcellulose
Author(s): Mazidah B. Mustafa; Paul S. Russo
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Identification of modes in dynamic scattering on ternary polymer mixtures
Author(s): A. Ziya Akcasu
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Characterization of a vesicle distribution in equilibrium with larger aggregates by accurate static and dynamic laser light scattering measurements
Author(s): Laura Cantu; Mario Corti; Paolo Lago; Mario Musolino
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Dynamic light scattering from a side-chain liquid crystalline polymer in a nematic solvent
Author(s): Krisha Devanand
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Diffusing wave spectroscopy studies of gelling systems
Author(s): David S. Horne
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Dynamic light scattering studies of resorcinol formaldehyde gels as precursors of organic aerogels
Author(s): Patricia M. Cotts; Rick Pekala
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Dynamic light scattering from strongly interacting multicomponent systems: salt-free polyelectrolyte solutions
Author(s): Marian Sedlak; Eric J. Amis; Cestmir Konak; Petr Stepanek
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Quasielastic and electrophoretic light scattering studies of polyelectrolyte-micelle complexes
Author(s): Daniel R. Rigsbee; Paul L. Dubin
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Role of counterion size and distribution on the electrostatic component to the persistence length of wormlike polyions
Author(s): Kenneth S. Schmitz
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Effect of counterion distribution on the electrostatic component of the persistence length of flexible linear polyions
Author(s): Debbie Klearman; Kenneth S. Schmitz
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