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Laser Diode Technology and Applications III
Editor(s): Daniel S. Renner

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Volume Number: 1418
Date Published: 1 July 1991

Table of Contents
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Vertical-cavity surface-emitting semiconductor lasers: present status and future prospects
Author(s): Marek Osinski
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Novel distributed feedback structure for surface-emitting semiconductor lasers
Author(s): A. Mohammed Mahbobzadeh; Marek Osinski
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Monolithic two-dimensional surface-emitting laser diode arrays with 45 degree micromirrors
Author(s): Michael Jansen; Jane J. Yang; Szutsun Simon Ou; Moshe Sergant; Luke J. Mawst; John Rozenbergs; Jaroslava Z. Wilcox; Dan Botez
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Vertical-cavity surface-emitters for optoelectronic integration
Author(s): Randall S. Geels; Scott W. Corzine; Larry A. Coldren
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High-power coherent operation of 2-D monolithically integrated master-oscillator power amplifiers
Author(s): David G. Mehuys; David F. Welch; Ross Parke; Robert G. Waarts; Amos A. Hardy; Donald R. Scifres
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Experimental verification of grating theory for surface-emitting structures
Author(s): Raj Ayekavadi; C. S. Yeh; Jerome K. Butler; Gary A. Evans; Paul J. Stabile; Arye Rosen
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InGaAs/InP distributed feedback quantum-well lasers
Author(s): Henryk Temkin; Ralph A. Logan; Tawee Tanbun-Ek
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Experimental determination of recombination mechanisms in strained and unstrained quantum-well lasers
Author(s): William C. Rideout
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Optimization of strained layer InGaAs/GaAs quantum-well lasers
Author(s): Richard J. Fu; Chi-Shain Hong; Eric Y. Chan; Dan J. Booher; Luis Figueroa
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Strained quantum-well leaky-mode diode laser arrays
Author(s): T. H. Shiau; Shang Zhu Sun; Christian F. Schaus; Kang Zheng; G. Ronald Hadley; John P. Hohimer
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Predicting diode laser performance
Author(s): G. Lim; Youngsoh Park; C. A. Zmudzinski; Peter S. Zory; L. M. Miller; Timothy M. Cockerill; James J. Coleman; Chi-Shain Hong; Luis Figueroa
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Fiber optics development at McDonnell Douglas
Author(s): Eric Udd; Timothy E. Clark; Alan A. Joseph; Ram L. Levy; Scott D. Schwab; Herb G. Smith Jr.; Chet L. Balestra; John R. Todd; John Marcin
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Photonics technology for aerospace applications
Author(s): Luis Figueroa; Chi-Shain Hong; Glen E. Miller; Charles R. Porter; David Smith
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Optoelectronic devices for fiber-optic sensor interface systems
Author(s): Chi-Shain Hong; Harold E. Hager; Barbara A. Capron; Joseph L. Mantz; Mark W. Beranek; Raymond W. Huggins; Eric Y. Chan; Mark Voitek; David M. Griffith; Darrell L. Livezey; Bruce R. Scharf
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Applications of dry etching to InP-based laser fabrication
Author(s): Todd R. Hayes; Sung-June Kim; Christian A. Green
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Rapid isothermal process technology for optoelectronic applications
Author(s): Rajendra Singh
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Long-wavelength lasers and detectors fabricated on InP/GaAs superheteroepitaxial wafer
Author(s): Masao Aiga; Etsuji Omura
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New structure and method for fabricating InP/InGaAsP buried heterostructure semiconductor lasers
Author(s): Roger P. Holmstrom; Edmund Meland; William Powazinik
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Mirror fabrication for full-wafer laser technology
Author(s): David J. Webb; Melvin K. Benedict; Gian-Luca Bona; Peter L. Buchmann; K. Daetwyler; H. P. Dietrich; Michael Moser; G. Sasso; Peter Vettiger; O. Voegeli
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Technique for measuring stress-induced birefringence
Author(s): Jeffrey R. Heidel; Mark S. Zediker
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InGaAs-GaAs strained layer lasers: physics and reliability
Author(s): James J. Coleman; Robert G. Waters; David P. Bour
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Evaluation of diode laser failure mechanisms and factors influencing reliability
Author(s): John A. Baumann; Allan H. Shepard; Robert G. Waters; Steven L. Yellen; Charlton M. Harding; Harvey B. Serreze
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Advances in laser pump sources for erbium-doped fiber amplifiers
Author(s): Gordon D. Henshall; A. Hadjifotiou; R. A. Baker; K. J. Warbrick
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High-power single-element pseudomorphic InGaAs/GaAs/AlGaAs single-quantum-well lasers for pumping Er-doped fiber amplifiers
Author(s): Anders G. Larsson; Siamak Forouhar; Jeffrey G. Cody; Robert J. Lang; Peter A. Andrekson
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Characterization of GRIN-SCH-SQW amplifiers
Author(s): John M. Haake; Mark S. Zediker; Chet L. Balestra; Danny J. Krebs; Joseph L. Levy
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Design optimization of a 10-amplifier coherent array
Author(s): Mark S. Zediker; James S. Foresi; John M. Haake; Jeffrey R. Heidel; Richard A. Williams; Daniel E. Driemeyer; Richard J. Blackwell; G. Thomas; J. A. Priest; Sandy Herrmann
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Laser diodes with gain-coupled distributed optical feedback
Author(s): Yoshiaki Nakano; Yi Luo; Kunio Tada
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Optimization of grating depth and layer thicknesses for DFB lasers
Author(s): Ching Long Jiang; Rajiv Agarwal; Hide Kuwamoto; Rong-Ting Huang; Ami Appelbaum; Daniel S. Renner; Chin B. Su
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Temperature stability of Bragg grating resonant frequency
Author(s): Eric Martin Bradley; Theodore W. Rybka; Paul K. L. Yu
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High-frequency 1.3 um InGaAsP semi-insulating buried crescent lasers for analog applications
Author(s): Wood-Hi Cheng; Ami Appelbaum; Rong-Ting Huang; Daniel S. Renner; Ken R. Cioffi
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High-power visible semiconductor lasers
Author(s): Masayuki Ishikawa; Kazuhiko Itaya; Masaki Okajima; Gen-ichi Hatakoshi
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0.36-W cw diffraction-limited-beam operation from phase-locked arrays of antiguides
Author(s): Luke J. Mawst; Dan Botez; Eric R. Anderson; Michael Jansen; Szutsun Simon Ou; Moshe Sergant; Gary L. Peterson; Thomas J. Roth; John Rozenbergs
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10-watt cw diode laser bar efficiently fiber-coupled to a 381 um diameter fiber-optic connector
Author(s): Steven Lee Willing; D. Philip Worland; Gary L. Harnagel; John G. Endriz
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100-mW four-beam individually addressable monolithic AlGaAs laser diode arrays
Author(s): Takao Yamaguchi; Keiichi Yodoshi; Kimihide Minakuchi; Norio Tabuchi; Yasuyuki Bessho; Yasuaki Inoue; Koji Komeda; Kazushi Mori; Atsushi Tajiri; Koji Tominaga
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Fundamental array mode operation of semiconductor laser arrays using external spatial filtering
Author(s): Chung-Pin Cherng; Marek Osinski
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High-power diffraction-limited phase-locked GaAs/GaAlAs laser diode array
Author(s): Yueqing Zhang; Xitian Zhang; You Zhi Piao; Dian-en Li; Sheng Li Wu; Shu-qin Du
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Progress of surface-emitting lasers in Japan
Author(s): Mutsuo Ogura
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Low-threshold grating surface-emitting laser arrays
Author(s): Gary A. Evans; Nils W. Carlson; David P. Bour; So Kuen Liew; Robert Amantea; Christine A. Wang; Hong K. Choi; James N. Walpole; Jerome K. Butler; W. E. Ferguson
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Lateral-mode discrimination in surface-emitting DBR lasers with cylindrical symmetry
Author(s): Xue-Mei Gong; Andrew K. Chan; Henry F. Taylor
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Threshold current density of InGaAsP/InP surface-emitting laser diodes with hemispherical resonator
Author(s): Xing-Liang Jing; Yong-Tao Zhang; Yi-Xin Chen
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Amplitude-modulated laser-driven fiber-optic RF interferometric strain sensor
Author(s): Jeffrey S. Schoenwald
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Miniature laser Doppler anemometer for sensor concepts
Author(s): Stephan Damp
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GaAs/GaAlAs integrated optoelectronic transmitter for microwave applications
Author(s): Daniel Yap; Authi A. Narayanan; Steven E. Rosenbaum; Chia-Shing Chou; W. W. Hooper; R. Wong Quen; Robert H. Walden
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High-resolution spectral characterization of high-power laser diodes
Author(s): Friedhelm Dorsch
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Application of tunable diode lasers in control of high-pure-material technologies
Author(s): Alexander I. Nadezhdinskii; Eugene V. Stepanov; Andrian I. Kouznetsov; Grigory G. Devyatykh; G. A. Maximov; V. A. Khorshev; S. M. Shapin
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Time development of AlGaAs single-quantum-well laser facet temperature on route to catastrophical breakdown
Author(s): Wade C. Tang; Hal J. Rosen; Peter Vettiger; David J. Webb
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Low-threshold room temperature continuous-wave operation of a GaAs single-quantum-well mushroom structure surface-emitting laser
Author(s): Y. J. Yang; Thaddeus G. Dziura; S. C. Wang; Mr. Rowell Fernandez; G. Du; Shyh Wang
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1-W cw separate confinement InGaAsP/InP (lamda = 1.3 um) laser diodes and their coupling with optical fibers
Author(s): Dmitry Z. Garbuzov; S. E. Goncharov; Yu V. Ipyin; A. V. Mikhailov; Alexander V. Ovchinnikov; Nikita A. Pikhtin; Ilya S. Tarasov
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Fabrication of unstable resonator diode lasers
Author(s): Craig C. Largent; David J. Gallant; Jane J. Yang; Michael S. Allen; Michael Jansen
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Modeling of coupled grating surface-emitting diodes
Author(s): Theodore C. Salvi; Sami A. Shakir
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