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Laser Radar VI
Editor(s): Richard J. Becherer

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Volume Number: 1416
Date Published: 1 August 1991

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Mode-locked Nd:YLF laser for precision range-Doppler imaging
Author(s): Thomas B. Simpson; Michael M. Malley; George W. Sutton; Frank Doft
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Optomechanical considerations for stable lasers
Author(s): T. E. Horton; Charles M. Cason; George J. Dezenberg
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Recent advances in CO2 laser catalysts
Author(s): Billy T. Upchurch; David R. Schryer; K. G. Brown; E. J. Kielin; Gar B. Hoflund; Steven D. Gardner
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Laser radar based on diode lasers
Author(s): Harold Levenstein
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Surface-emitting, distributed-feedback laser as a source for laser radar
Author(s): Prasad R. Akkapeddi; Steven H. Macomber
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SAW real-time Doppler analysis
Author(s): Tom A. Martin
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Design and construction of a wideband efficient electro-optic modulator
Author(s): Neville W. Harris; J. M. Sobolewski; Charles L. Summers; Richard S. Eng
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Thermal lensing and frequency chirp in a heated CdTe modulator crystal and its effects on laser radar performance
Author(s): Richard S. Eng; Alan L. Kachelmyer; Neville W. Harris
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Inhomogeneous quarter-wave transformers for a waveguide electro-optic modulator
Author(s): Neville W. Harris; D. M. Wong
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Infrared coherent lidar systems for wind velocity measurements
Author(s): Vyacheslav M. Gordienko; Sergei A. Akhmanov; V. I. Bersenev; Leonid A. Kosovsky; Nikolay N. Kurochkin; Alexander V. Priezzhev; Grigory A. Pogosov; Iouri Yuri Poutivski
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Detection and parameter estimation of atmospheric turbulence by ground-based and airborne CO2 Doppler lidars
Author(s): Grigory A. Pogosov; Sergei A. Akhmanov; Vyacheslav M. Gordienko; Leonid A. Kosovsky; Nikolay N. Kurochkin; Alexander V. Priezzhev
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Solid-state lidar measurements at 1 and 2 um
Author(s): Dennis K. Killinger; Kin Pui Chan
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Lidar wind shear detection for commercial aircraft
Author(s): Russell Targ; Roland L. Bowles
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GLOBE backscatter: climatologies and mission results
Author(s): Robert T. Menzies; Madison J. Post
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Design and performance characteristics of a compact CO2 Doppler lidar transmitter
Author(s): Guy N. Pearson
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Lidar backscatter calculations for solid-sphere and layered-sphere aerosols
Author(s): Douglas G. Youmans
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Measurement of wind velocity spread: signal-to-noise ratio for heterodyne detection of laser backscatter from aerosol
Author(s): David L. Fried; Roque K. Szeto
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Ground-based CW atmospheric Doppler performance modeling
Author(s): Richard J. Becherer; Lloyd R. Kahan
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Edge technique: a new method for atmospheric wind measurements with lidar
Author(s): C. Laurence Korb; Bruce M. Gentry
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Centroid tracking of range-Doppler images
Author(s): Alan L. Kachelmyer; David P. Nordquist
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Analytic approach to centroid performance analysis
Author(s): Kenneth I. Schultz
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Simultaneous active/passive IR vehicle detection
Author(s): Jerrold E. Baum; Steven J. Rak
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Dry/wet wire reflectivities at 10.6 um
Author(s): Donald S. Young; Gregory R. Osche; Kirk L. Fisher; Yuchoi Francis Lok
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Optimal algorithms for holographic image reconstruction of an object with a glint using nonuniform illumination
Author(s): Jerzy Nowakowski; Mitchell Wlodawski
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Holographic image reconstruction from interferograms of laser-illuminated complex targets
Author(s): Mitchell Wlodawski; Jerzy Nowakowski
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Resolution limits for high-resolution imaging lidar
Author(s): Paul S. Idell
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Illumination coherence effects in laser-speckle imaging
Author(s): David G. Voelz; Paul S. Idell; Keith A. Bush
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Laser velocimetry applications
Author(s): David C. Soreide; John A. McGarvey
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Application of laser radar to autonomous spacecraft landing
Author(s): Kurt W. Gleichman; Peter Tchoryk Jr.; Robert E. Sampson
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Digital shearing laser interferometry for heterodyne array phasing
Author(s): Jack N. Cederquist; James R. Fienup; Joseph C. Marron; Timothy J. Schulz; John H. Seldin
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Three-dimensional laser radar simulation for autonomous spacecraft landing
Author(s): Michael F. Reiley; Dwayne C. Carmer; William F. Pont Jr.
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