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Modeling and Simulation of Laser Systems II
Editor(s): Alvin D. Schnurr

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Volume Number: 1415
Date Published: 1 May 1991

Table of Contents
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Space-borne beam pointing
Author(s): E. D. Eller; Douglas V. LaMont; Jack J. Rodden
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Simulation of scenes, sensors, and tracker for space-based acquisition, tracking, and pointing experiments
Author(s): David B. DeYoung
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Numerical studies of resonators with on-axis holes in mirrors for FEL applications
Author(s): Michel Keselbrener; Shlomo Ruschin; Boaz Lissak; Abraham Gover
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Coupled CO2 lasers
Author(s): V. V. Antyukhov; Alexander V. Bondarenko; Alexander F. Glova; A. A. Golubenzev; E. Danshikov; O. R. Kachurin; Fedor V. Lebedev; Vladimir V. Likhanskiy; Anatoly P. Napartovich; Vladislav D. Pis'mennyi; Vladimir P. Yarzev
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Stimulated Brillouin scatter SIX-code
Author(s): Marvin M. Litvak; Richard J. Wagner
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Estimation of focused laser beam SBS (stimulated Brillouin scatter) threshold dependence on beam shape and phase aberrations
Author(s): Charles W. Clendening
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Modeling of large-aperture third-harmonic frequency conversion of high-power Nd:glass laser systems
Author(s): Mark A. Henesian; Paul J. Wegner; David Ralph Speck; Camille M. Bibeau; Robert B. Ehrlich; Curt W. Laumann; Janice K. Lawson; Timothy L. Weiland
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Transient stimulated Raman scattering: theory and experiments of pulse shortening and phase conjugation properties
Author(s): Antoniangelo Agnesi; Giancarlo C. Reali; Vaclav Kubecek
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Photoemission under three-photon excitation in a NEA GaAs photocathode
Author(s): Liming Wang; Xun Hou; Zhao Cheng
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Review of the physics of small-scale thermal blooming in uplink propagation
Author(s): S. Enguehard; Brian Hatfield
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Modeling and simulation of systems imaging through atmospheric turbulence
Author(s): Maria Z. Caponi
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Wave-optics analysis of fast-beam focusing
Author(s): Chun-Ching Shih
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Simulations of intracavity laser heating of particles
Author(s): Gary J. Linford
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Self-reflection and self-transmission of pulsed radiation by laser-evaporated media
Author(s): Nickolay P. Furzikov
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Interferential diagnosis of self-focusing of Q-switched YAG laser in liquid
Author(s): Jian Lu; Chang Xing Wang; Peng Cheng Miao; Xiao-Wu Ni; Anzhi He
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Experimental investigation of 1.06 um laser interaction with Al target in air
Author(s): Yuan Gang
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Theory and experiments on passive negative feedback pulse control in active/passive mode-locked solid state lasers
Author(s): Antoniangelo Agnesi; Manlio F. Fogliani; Giancarlo C. Reali; Vaclav Kubecek
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Modeling of pumping kinetics of an iodine photodissociation laser with long pumping pulse
Author(s): Karel Rohlena; Jaroslav Beranek; Karel Masek
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Effect of a longitudinal magnetic field on the diffusion coefficient of the minority carriers in solid state junction lasers
Author(s): Kamakhya Prasad Ghatak; Bhaswati Mitra; Shambhu Nath Biswas
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Numerical model of Q-switched solid state laser
Author(s): Gregory B. Altshuler; Igor U. Kargin; Leonid V. Khloponin; Valery Yu. Khramov
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High-level PC-based laser system modeling
Author(s): Michael Shane Taylor
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Effects of deformable mirror/wavefront sensor separation in laser beam trains
Author(s): Eric L. Schafer; Dwight David Lyman
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Laser beam modeling in optical storage systems
Author(s): Jeffrey P. Treptau; Tomas D. Milster; Donis G. Flagello
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Integration of geometrical and physical optics
Author(s): George N. Lawrence; Kenneth E. Moore
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Integration of diagnostics in high-power laser systems for optimization of laser material processing
Author(s): Stephan Biermann; Manfred Geiger
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One-dimensional and two-dimensional computer models of industrial CO laser
Author(s): Mitsuhiro Iyoda; Tomoya Murota; Mamoru Akiyama; Shunichi Sato
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Gaussian scaling laws for diffraction: top-hat irradiance and Gaussian beam propagation through a paraxial optical train
Author(s): Sallie S. Townsend; Philip R. Cunningham
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Removal of small particles from surfaces by pulsed laser irradiation: observations and a mechanism
Author(s): J. Daniel Kelley; Michael I. Stuff; Floyd E. Hovis; Gary J. Linford
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Numerical study of the onset of chaos in coupled resonators
Author(s): Mark E. Rogers; Nathan W. Rought
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CO2 lasers and phase conjugation
Author(s): Vladimir E. Sherstobitov; Victor P. Kalinin; Dmitri A. Goryachkin; Nikolay A. Romanov; Sergei A. Dimakov; Victor I. Kuprenyuk
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Optical methods for laser beams control
Author(s): Artur A. Mak; Leonid N. Soms
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End-to-end model of a diode-pumped Nd:YAG pulsed laser
Author(s): Richard C. Mayer; Douglas W. Dreisewerd
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