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Gas and Metal Vapor Lasers and Applications
Editor(s): Jin J. Kim; Frank K. Tittel

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Volume Number: 1412
Date Published: 1 May 1991

Table of Contents
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High-power copper vapor laser development
Author(s): Nobutada Aoki; Hironobu Kimura; Chikara Konagai; Shimpey Shirayama; Tatsuo Miyazawa; Tomoyuki Takahashi
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Metal vapor gain media based on multiphoton dissociation of organometallics
Author(s): Brian Samoriski; S. Wiedeger; R. Martin Villarica; Joseph Chaiken
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Modified off-axis unstable resonator for copper vapor laser
Author(s): Mordechai Lando; D. Belker; A. Lerrer; Haim Lotem; A. Dikman; Gabriel Bialolanker; S. Lavi; Shimon Gabay
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Industrial applications of metal vapor lasers
Author(s): Cem Gokay
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Development of solid state pulse power supply for copper vapor laser
Author(s): Takashi Fujii; Koshichi Nemoto; Rikio Ishikawa; Kazuo Hayashi; Etsuo Noda
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Newly developed excitation circuit for kHz pulsed lasers
Author(s): Koichi Yasuoka; Akira Ishii; Tohru Tamagawa; Iwao Ohshima
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Copper vapor laser precision processing
Author(s): Michail O. Nikonchuk
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Multiple-spectral structure of the 578.2 nm line for copper vapor laser
Author(s): Yongjiang Wang; Bailiang Pan; Xiande Ding; Yujun Qian; Shuyi Shi
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Adsorption of bromine in CuBr laser
Author(s): Yongjiang Wang; Shuyi Shi; Yujun Qian; Bailiang Pan; Xiande Ding; Qiang Guo; Lideng Chen; Ruixing Fan
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Focal plane intensity distribution of copper vapor laser with different unstable resonators
Author(s): Michail O. Nikonchuk; Igor V. Polyakov
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Characterization of a subpicosecond XeF (C->A) excimer laser
Author(s): Thomas Hofmann; Tracy S. Sharp; C. Brent Dane; P. Jeffrey Wisoff; William L. Wilson Jr.; Frank K. Tittel; Gabor Szabo
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Investigation of microwave-pumped excimer and rare-gas laser transitions
Author(s): Hans Hermann Klingenberg; Frank Gekat
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Influence of gas composition on XeCl laser performance
Author(s): Gregory M. Jursich; William A. Von Drasek; Ken Mulderink; V. Olchowka; John Reid; Robert K. Brimacombe
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Output power stabilization of a XeCl excimer laser by HCl gas injection
Author(s): Satoshi Ogura; Yukio Kawakubo; Kouji Sasaki; Yoshiyuki Kubota; Atsushi Miki
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Excimer laser machining of optical fiber taps
Author(s): Richard J. Coyle; Anthony J. Serafino; Gary J. Grimes; James Robert Bortolini
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Diagnostics of a compact UV-preionized XeCl laser with BCl3 halogen donor
Author(s): Viktor E. Peet; Alexei B. Treshchalov; E. V. Slivinskij
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Blackbody-pumped CO2 lasers using Gaussian and waveguide cavities
Author(s): Jim J. Chang; Walter H. Christiansen
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Fast-iterative technique for the calculation of frequency-dependent gain in excimer laser amplifiers
Author(s): Robert C. Sze
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Chemical problems of high-power sealed-off carbon monoxide lasers
Author(s): Vladislav S. Alejnikov; Victor I. Masychev; V. V. Karpetscki
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Laser action of Xe and Ne pumped by electron beam
Author(s): Victor F. Tarasenko
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Alternated or simultaneous sealed-off room temperature CO/CO2 laser tuning by chemical reactions
Author(s): Victor I. Masychev; Vladislav S. Alejnikov
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Double-pulsed TEA CO2 laser
Author(s): Xiangyen Li; Zhengbang Shi; Ning Sun
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Optimization of affecting parameters in relation to pulsed CO2 laser design
Author(s): Kenan Danisman; Bekir Sami Yilbas; Mehmet Altuner; Cebrail Ciftlikli
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Process monitoring during CO2 laser cutting
Author(s): Henning Jorgensen; Flemming O. Olsen
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Velocity measurements in molten pools during high-power laser interaction with metals
Author(s): Georges Caillibotte; Didier Kechemair; Lilian Sabatier
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TE two-frequency pulsed laser at 0.337 um and 10.6 um with a plasma cathode
Author(s): Petar P. Branzalov
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Study of visible chemical lasers: modeling of an IF chemical laser within the F-NH3-IF system
Author(s): Fengting Sang; Qi Zhuang; Chengdong Wang; Hao Feng; Cun Hao Zhang
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Processing of polytetrafluoroethylene with high-power VUV laser radiation
Author(s): Dirk Basting; Ulrich Sowada; Frank Voss; Peter Oesterlin
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X-ray preionization for high-repetition-rate discharge excimer lasers
Author(s): Frederik A. van Goor; Wilhelmus J. Witteman
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Superhigh-gain gas laser
Author(s): L. I. Zykov; S. B. Kormer; Stanislav M. Kulikov; Stanislav A. Sukharev; A. F. Sckapa
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High-power nanosecond pulse iodine laser provided with SBS mirror
Author(s): Yu. V. Dolgopolov; Gennadi A. Kirillov; Gennady G. Kochemasov; Stanislav M. Kulikov; Vasili M. Murugov; S. N. Pevny; Stanislav A. Sukharev
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