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ICALEO '89: Optical Methods in Flow and Particle Diagnostics
Editor(s): Marshall B. Long

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Volume Number: 1404
Date Published: 1 November 1990

Table of Contents
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Swirl number effects on confined flows in a model of a dump combustor
Author(s): A. S. Nejad; Syed A. Ahmed; R. S. Boray
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Analog optical method for data evaluation in laser doppler anemometry
Author(s): K. A. Butefisch; Juergen Kompenhans
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Catadioptric optics for laser doppler velocimeter applications
Author(s): Stephen E. Dunagan
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Concept for medium to long range LDA measurements
Author(s): Christian Caspersen
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Mapping of velocity flow fields using the laser-two-focus technique
Author(s): Helmut Selbach
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Engineering applications of particle image velocimeters
Author(s): Ronald J. Adrian
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Quantitative fluid flow analysis by laser speckle velocimetry
Author(s): Robert E. Rowlands; Z. Feng; T. Dixon Dudderar
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Optical analysis of particle image velocimetry data
Author(s): Patrick V. Farrell; D. Goetsch
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Measuring turbulence in reversing flows by particle image velocimeter
Author(s): Ian Grant; A. Liu; E. H. Owens; Y. Y. Yan; G. H. Smith
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Two-color particle velocimetry
Author(s): Larry P. Goss; M. E. Post; B. Sarka; D. D. Trump
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Real time holographic autocorrelator for the analysis of pulsed laser velocimetry images based on a bi12si020
Author(s): C. S. Moraitis; M. L. Riethmuller
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Data evaluation in particle image velocimetry by means of a spatial light modulator
Author(s): Juergen Kompenhans; J. Reichmuth; R. Hocker
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Statistical investigation of errors in particle image velocimetry
Author(s): Yann G. Guezennec; Nikolaos Kiritsis
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Optimization of particle image velocimeters
Author(s): Richard D. Keane; Ronald J. Adrian
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Density cross-sections and velocity profiles in high-speed air by UV rayleigh scattering and by RELIEF
Author(s): Richard B. Miles
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Visualization of internal structure in volumetric data
Author(s): Gregory Russell
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Scalar measurements in two, three, and four dimensions
Author(s): Marshall B. Long; Sumit Sen; Jack Bennetto; Kevin P. Lyons
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Resonance fluorescence imaging of CH in hydrocarbon flames using a polaroid filter to reject rayleigh scattered light
Author(s): Robert W. Dibble; Randal L. Schmitt; Robert S. Barlow; Dominique C. Fourguette
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