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CAN-AM Eastern '90

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Volume Number: 1398
Date Published: 1 April 1991

Table of Contents
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Image analysis of discrete and continuous systems: film and CCD sensors
Author(s): Michael A. Kriss
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Psychometrics for quantitative print quality studies
Author(s): James David Parker
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Precise method for measuring the edge acuity of electronically (digitally) printed hard-copy images
Author(s): William White
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Applications of cellular logic image processing
Author(s): Michel J. Denber
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High-resolution reconstruction of line drawings
Author(s): Ping Wah Wong; Jack Koplowitz
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Autostereoscopic (3-D without glasses) display for personal computer applications
Author(s): Jesse B. Eichenlaub
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Development of a precision high-speed flying spot position detector
Author(s): Ronald E. Jodoin; Robert P. Loce; William J. Nowak; Daniel W. Costanza
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Humidity dependence of ceramic substrate electroluminescent devices
Author(s): Richard Young; Adrian H. Kitai
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Atomic layer growth of zinc oxide and zinc sulphide
Author(s): Brian W. Sanders; Adrian H. Kitai
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Center for Optics Manufacturing
Author(s): Harvey M. Pollicove; Duncan T. Moore
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Advanced processes for the shaping of the Zerodur glass ceramic
Author(s): Thomas A. Marx
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Absolute phasing of segmented mirrors using the polarization phase sensor
Author(s): Herbert W. Klumpe III; Barbara A. Lajza-Rooks; James D. Blum
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Two-photon excitation in laser scanning fluorescence microscopy
Author(s): James H. Strickler; Watt W. Webb
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Optical design and development of a small barcode scanning module
Author(s): Charles K. Wike Jr.; Joseph M. Lindacher
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Modeling and suppression of amplitude artifacts due to z motion in MR imaging
Author(s): Jonathan K. Riek; Theophano Mitsa; Kevin J. Parker; Warren E. Smith; A. Murat Tekalp; J. Szumowski
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Automatic counting of chromosome fragments for the determination of radiation dose
Author(s): Warren E. Smith; Billy C. Leung; James F. Leary
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Characterization of the fluorescence lifetimes of the ionic species found in aqueous solutions of hematoporphyrin IX as a function of pH
Author(s): Pierre Nadeau; Roy H. Pottier; Arthur G. Szabo; Daniel Brault; Christine Vever-Bizet
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Laser energy repartition inside metal, sapphire, and quartz surgical laser tips
Author(s): Wolf D. Seka; Douglas J. Golding; B. Klein; Raymond J. Lanzafame M.D.; David W. Rogers
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Liquid-crystal-television-based optical-digital processor for measurement of shortening velocity in single rat heart cells
Author(s): Rao V. Yelamarty; Francis T. S. Yu; Russell L. Moore; Joseph Y. Cheung
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Fiber optic sensors for process monitoring and control
Author(s): Michael A. Marcus
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Ultrasonic NDE (nondestructive evaluation) for composite materials using embedded fiber optic interferometric sensors
Author(s): Kexing Liu; Suzanne M. Ferguson; Andrew Davis; Keith McEwen; Raymond M. Measures
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Interferometric fiber optic gyroscopes for today's market
Author(s): Kerry D. LaViolette; Franklin Bert Bossler
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Loss tolerant, self-monitoring fiber optic discrete position sensor
Author(s): Joseph D. Pokorski
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Power transmission for silica fiber laser delivery systems
Author(s): Brian P. McCann
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Cascaded optical modulators: any advantages?
Author(s): Paul Sierak
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Applications and testing of an opto-mechanical switch
Author(s): Clarel Thevenot; Mark A. Newhouse; Frank A. Annunziata
Pockels' effect in polycrystalline ZnS planar waveguides
Author(s): Brian Wong; Adrian H. Kitai; Paul E. Jessop
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Design of optically activated conventional sensors and actuators
Author(s): Kexing Liu
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X-ray projection microscopy and cone-beam microtomography
Author(s): Ge Wang; T. H. Lin; Ping Chin Cheng; D. M. Shinozaki; S. P. Newberry
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Design of an automated imaging system for use in a space experiment
Author(s): William G. Hartz; Nora G. Bozzolo; Catherine C. Lewis; Christopher J. Pestak
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