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Progress In High-Temperature Superconducting Transistors and Other Devices
Editor(s): Rajendra Singh; Jagdish Narayan; David T. Shaw

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Volume Number: 1394
Date Published: 1 March 1991

Table of Contents
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Superconductor/semiconductor structure and its application to superconducting devices
Author(s): Toshikazu Nishino; Mutsuko Hatano; Haruhiro Hasegawa
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Superconducting YBa2Cu3O7 films on Si and GaAs with conducting indium tin oxide buffer layers
Author(s): Jonathan H. James; Bruce J. Kellett; Andrea Gauzzi; Benjamin Dwir; Davor Pavuna
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Prospects for hybrid electronics
Author(s): Rajendra Singh; Sanjai Sinha; D. J. Krueger
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High-temperature superconducting Josephson junction devices
Author(s): Randy W. Simon
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Planar SNS Josephson junctions using multilayer Bi system
Author(s): Kentaro Setsune; Koichi Mizuno; Hidetaka Higashino; Kiyotaka Wasa
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YBa2Cu3O7-x/Au/Nb device structures
Author(s): Brian D. Hunt; Marc C. Foote; Louis J. Bajuk; Richard P. Vasquez
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Cleaved surfaces of high Tc films for making SNS structures
Author(s): Ichiro Takeuchi; Jaw Shen Tsai; Hisanao Tsuge; Noritsuga Matsukura; Sadahiko Miura; T. Yoshitake; Yoshikatsu Kojima; Shinji Matsui
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High-temperature superconductivity space experiment: passive millimeter wave devices
Author(s): Martin Nisenoff; Don U. Gubser; Stuart A. Wolf; James C. Ritter; George E. Price
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High-temperature superconductive microwave technology for space applications
Author(s): Regis F. Leonard; Denis J. Connolly; Kul B. Bhasin; Joseph D. Warner; Samuel A. Alterovitz
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High-Tc superconducting infrared bolometric detector
Author(s): Barry E. Cole
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Thin film processing and device fabrication in the Tl-Ca-Ba-Cu-O system
Author(s): Jon S. Martens; David S. Ginley; Thomas E. Zipperian; Vincent M. Hietala; Chris P. Tigges
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Growth and transport properties of Y-Ba-Cu-O/Pr-Ba-Cu-O superlattices
Author(s): Douglas H. Lowndes; David P. Norton; J. D. Budai; D. K. Christen; C. E. Klabunde; R. J. Warmack; Stephen J. Pennycook
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Critical current enhancement in Y1Ba2Cu3O7-y/Y1Ba2(Cu1-xNix)3O7-y heterostructures
Author(s): Sarath Witanachchi; Y. S. Lee; L. W. Song; Yi-Han Kao; David T. Shaw
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Basic mechanisms and application of the laser-induced forward transfer for high-Tc superconducting thin film deposition
Author(s): Eric Fogarassy
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Progress toward thin-film-based tape conductors
Author(s): Paul H. Berdahl; Richard E. Russo
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Optimizing the structural and electrical properties of Ba2YCu3O7-delta
Author(s): Julia M. Phillips; Michael P. Siegal
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Grain-oriented high-Tc superconductors and their applications
Author(s): Jeffrey G. Nelson; Ratnakar R. Neurgaonkar; R. Crooks; C. G. Rhodes
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Speed of optically-controlled superconducting devices
Author(s): HoiSing Kwok; Lei Shi; Jim P. Zheng; S. Y. Dong; Y. Pang; Paras N. Prasad
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Structural and electrical properties of epitaxial YBCO films on Si
Author(s): David K. Fork; A. Barrera; Julia M. Phillips; N. Newman; David B. Fenner; Theodore H. Geballe; G.A. Neville Connell; James B. Boyce
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Effect of laser irradiation on superconducting properties of laser-deposited YBa2Cu3O7 thin films
Author(s): Rajiv K. Singh; Debika Bhattacharya; Jagdish Narayan; Catherine L. Jahncke; Michael A. Paesler
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Role of buffer layers in the laser-ablated films on metallic substrates
Author(s): David T. Shaw; E. Narumi; Feng Yang; Sushil Patel
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Pulsed-laser deposition of YBa2Cu3O7-x thin films: processing, properties, and performance
Author(s): Ross E. Muenchausen; Stephen R. Foltyn; Xin Di Wu; Robert C. Dye; Nicholas S. Nogar; A. H. Carim; F. Heidelbach; D. Wayne Cooke; Robert C. Taber; Rod K. Quinn
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Experimental studies of oxygen incorporation during growth of Y-Ba-Cu-O films by pulsed-laser deposition
Author(s): Arunava Gupta
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Microstructure and superconducting properties of BiSrCaCuO thin films
Author(s): Bruce W. Wessels; Jiyue Zhang; Frank DiMeo Jr.; D. S. Richeson; Tobin J. Marks; D. C. DeGroot; C. R. Kannewurf
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Growth of oxide superconducting thin films by plasma-enhanced MOCVD
Author(s): Keiichi Kanehori; Nobuyuki Sugii
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MOCVD of TlBaCaCuO: structure-property relations and progress toward device applications
Author(s): Norihito Hamaguchi; Robert C. Gardiner; Peter S. Kirlin
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Versatility of metal organic chemical vapor deposition process for fabrication of high-quality YBCO superconducting thin films
Author(s): Chyi Shyuan Chern; Jing-Fu Zhao; Y. Q. Li; Peter E. Norris; B. H. Kear; B. M. Gallois
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Reduced thermal budget processing of high-Tc superconducting thin films and related materials by MOCVD
Author(s): Sanjai Sinha; Rajendra Singh; N. J. Hsu; J. T. C. Ng; P. Chou; Jagdish Narayan
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From VLSI to ULSI: the subhalf micron challenge
Author(s): Pallab K. Chatterjee
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Precompetitive cooperative research: the culture of the '90s
Author(s): William C. Holton
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