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Microelectronic Interconnects and Packages: System and Process Integration
Editor(s): Stuart K. Tewksbury; John R. Carruthers

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Volume Number: 1390
Date Published: 1 April 1991

Table of Contents
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Packaging technology for the NEC SX-3 supercomputers
Author(s): Hiroshi Murano; Toshihiko Watari
State-of-the-art multichip modules for avionics
Author(s): John K. Hagge
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Challenges of using advanced multichip packaging for next generation spaceborne computers
Author(s): Thomas J. Moravec
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System interconnect issues for subnanosecond signal transmission
Author(s): Larry L. Moresco
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Packaging technology for GaAs MMIC (monolithic microwave integrated circuits) modules
Author(s): Hisashi Tomimuro
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High-density multichip interconnect: military packaging for the 1990s
Author(s): Philip A. Trask
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Advanced multichip module packaging and interconnect issues for GaAs signal processors operating above 1 GHz clock rates
Author(s): Barry K. Gilbert; R. Thompson; Gregg Fokken; W. McNeff; Jeffrey A. Prentice; David O. Rowlands; A. Staniszewski; Wes Walters; S. Zahn; George W. Pan
Skin effect in high-speed ULSI/VLSI packages
Author(s): Lih-Tyng Hwang; Iwona Turlik
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System interconnection of high-density multichip modules
Author(s): J. Peter Krusius
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Modeling progress and trends in electrical interconnects
Author(s): John L. Prince; Andreas C. Cangellaris; Olgierd A. Palusinski
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Photonic Multichip Packaging (PMP) using electro-optic organic materials and devices
Author(s): John F. McDonald; Nickolas P. Vlannes; Toh-Ming Lu; Gary E. Wnek; Theodore C. Nason; Lu You
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System issues for multichip packaging
Author(s): Maurice G. Sage; Neil Hartley
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Architecture of an integrated computer-aided design system for optoelectronics
Author(s): Fouad E. Kiamilev; Jiao Fan; Brian E. Catanzaro; Sadik C. Esener; Sing H. Lee
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CAD in new areas of the package and interconnect design space
Author(s): Dennis J. McBride
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CAE tools for verifying high-performance digital systems
Author(s): Lawrence M. Rubin
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Fractal description of computer interconnections
Author(s): Phillip Christie; Stephen B. Styer
Power economy using point-to-point optical interconnect links
Author(s): Davis H. Hartman; Leslie A. Reith; Sarry F. Habiby; Gail R. Lalk; Bruce L. Booth; Joseph E. Marchegiano; James L. Hohman
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Generation and sampling of high-repetition-rate/high-frequency electrical waveforms in microstrip circuits by picosecond optoelectronic technique
Author(s): Chi Hsiang Lee
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Chaotic nature of mesh networks with distributed routing
Author(s): Andrzej Rucinski; Peter G. Drexel; Barbara Dziurla
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Unique advantages of optics over electronics for interconnections
Author(s): H. John Caulfield
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Self-routing interconnection structures using coincident pulse techniques
Author(s): Donald M. Chiarulli; Steven Peter Levitan; Rami G. Melhem
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Pipelined communications on optical busses
Author(s): Zicheng Guo; Rami G. Melhem; Richard W. Hall; Donald M. Chiarulli; Steven Peter Levitan
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Holographic optical interconnects for multichip modules
Author(s): Michael R. Feldman
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Current status and future research of the Delft 'supercomputer' project
Author(s): Edward E. E. Frietman; L. Dekker; W. van Nifterick; Piet M. A. Demeester; Peter Van Daele; W. Smit
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All-optical interconnection networks
Author(s): Arif Ghafoor
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Optically coupled three-dimensional memory system
Author(s): Mitsumasa Koyanagi
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Packaging issues for free-space optically interconnected multiprocessors
Author(s): Volkan H. Ozguz; Sadik C. Esener; Sing H. Lee
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GE high-density interconnect: a solution to the system interconnect problem
Author(s): Michael S. Adler
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Projection direct imaging for high-density interconnection and printed circuit manufacture
Author(s): Neil G. Bergstrom
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Computer-Aided System Interconnect Design (CASID) in multipackage environment
Author(s): N. S. Chandrasehekaran; V. Sundari; Jacob V. Vengal; P. N. A. P. Rao
Interactive Design and Electro-optic Analysis Liaise (IDEAL)
Author(s): Talib A. S. Alukaidey; Alvin A. Pettiford
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Partitioning: the payoff role in telecommunication system design
Author(s): Donald K. Wilson
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Quick prototyping center for hybrid-wafer-scale integration (HWSI) multichip modules
Author(s): S. Chandra; Yung-Cheng Lee
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Flow behavior of thermoset molding compound in conventional PDIP molds
Author(s): Marcelo S. Gonzalez; Manolo G. Mena
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High-density chip-to-chip interconnect system for GaAs semiconductor devices
Author(s): Stewart C. Wigginton; Scott E. Davidson; William L. Harting
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High-density interconnect technology for VAX 9000 system
Author(s): Ujwal A. Deshpande; Gelston Howell; Shamouil Shamouilian
Methods for comparative analysis of waveform degradation in electrical and optical high-performance interconnections
Author(s): Henri Merkelo; B. D. McCredie; M. S. Veatch; D. L. Quinn; M. Dorneich; Yutaka Doi

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