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Microelectronic Interconnects and Packages: Optical and Electrical Technologies
Editor(s): Gnanalingam Arjavalingam; James Pazaris

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Volume Number: 1389
Date Published: 1 April 1991

Table of Contents
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Effects of packaging and interconnect technology on testability of printed wiring boards
Author(s): Joseph L.A. Hughes; Prem Pahlajrai
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Interconnection problems in VLSI random access memory chip
Author(s): Venkatapathi Naidu Rayapati; Dinkar Mukhedkar
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Design and process impact on thin-film interconnection performance
Author(s): Glenn A. Rinne; Lih-Tyng Hwang; Gretchen M. Adema; Donald A. King; Iwona Turlik
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Design, simulation model, and measurements for high-density interconnections
Author(s): Udy A. Shrivastava
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V-line: a new interconnect for packaging and microwave applications
Author(s): Jose E. Schutt-Aine; Jin-Fa Lee
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Multidisciplinary analysis and design of printed wiring boards
Author(s): Robert E. Fulton; Joseph L.A. Hughes; Waymond R. Scott Jr.; Charles Umeagukwu; Chao-Pin Yeh
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Termination for minimal reflection of high-speed pulse propagation along multiple-coupled microstrip lines
Author(s): Jen-Tsai Kuo; Ching-Kuang C. Tzuang
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Electrical characteristics of lossy interconnections for high-performance computer applications
Author(s): Alina Deutsch; Gerard V. Kopcsay; V. A. Ranieri; J. K. Cataldo; E. A. Galligan; W. S. Graham; R. P. McGouey; S. L. Nunes; Jurij R. Paraszczak; J. J. Ritsko; R. J. Serino; D. Y. Shih; Janusz S. Wilczynski
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Switching noise in a medium-film copper/polyimide multichip module
Author(s): Peter A. Sandborn; Seyed Hassan Hashemi; William Weigler
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Sensitivity study of printed wiring board plated-through-holes copper barrel voids
Author(s): Chao-Pin Yeh; Charles Umeagukwu; Robert E. Fulton; William Teat
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Distortion characteristic of transient signals through bend discontinuity of high-speed integrated curcuits
Author(s): Wei-Xu Huang; Omar Wing
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Measurements and characterization of multiple-coupled interconnection lines in hybrid and monolithic integrated circuits
Author(s): Leonard A. Hayden; Jyh-Ming Jong; John B. Rettig; Vijai K. Tripathi
Novel microstructures for low-distortion chip-to-chip interconnects
Author(s): Heinrich C. Blennemann; Roger Fabian W. Pease
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Characterization, modeling, and design of dielectric resonators based on thin ceramic tape
Author(s): Jacqueline H. Morris; Yakov Belopolsky
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Application of electrodeposition processes to advanced package fabrication
Author(s): Sol Krongelb; John O. Dukovic; M. L. Komsa; S. Mehdizadeh; Lubomyr T. Romankiw; Panayotis C. Andricacos; A. T. Pfeiffer; Kason Wong
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Frequency domain evaluation of the accuracy of lumped element models for RLC transmission lines
Author(s): William Delbare Jr.; Tom Dhaene; Luc Vanhauwermeiren; Daniel De Zutter
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Analysis and modeling of uniformly- and nonuniformly-coupled lossy lines for interconnections and packaging in hybrid and monolithic circuits
Author(s): Neven Orhanovic; Leonard A. Hayden; Vijai K. Tripathi
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Effects of conductor losses on cross-talk in multilevel-coupled VLSI interconnections
Author(s): T. Emilie van Deventer; Linda P.B. Katehi; Andreas C. Cangellaris
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Dispersion of picosecond pulses propagating on microstrip interconnections on semiconductor integrated-circuit substrates
Author(s): Michael F. Pasik; Andreas C. Cangellaris; John L. Prince
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Efficient and accurate dynamic analysis of microstrip integrated circuits
Author(s): Tawfik Rahal Rahal Arabi; Arthur T. Murphy; Tapan K. Sarkar
Electrical characterization of the interconnects inside a computer
Author(s): Barry Rubin
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Transmission of high-speed voltage waves at the junction of three transmission lines
Author(s): Iwata Sakagami; Akihiro Kaji
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Analysis of skin effect loss in high-frequency interconnects with finite metallization thickness
Author(s): Jean-Fu Kiang
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Overview of optical interconnect technology
Author(s): George Liang-Tai Chiu; Modest M. Oprysko
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Optical interconnects for parallel processing
Author(s): Aloke Guha; Julian P. G. Bristow; Charles T. Sullivan; Anis Husain
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Potential roles of optical interconnections within broadband switching modules
Author(s): Gail R. Lalk; Sarry F. Habiby; Davis H. Hartman; Robert R. Krchnavek; Donald K. Wilson; Kenneth C. Young Jr.
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Vertical cavity lasers for optical interconnects
Author(s): Jack L. Jewell; Yong H. Lee; Samuel L. McCall; Axel Scherer; James P. Harbison; Leigh T. Florez; N. Anders Olsson; Rodney S. Tucker; Charles A. Burrus; Claude J. Sandroff
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Vertical 3-D integration of silicon waveguides in a Si-SiO2-Si-SiO2-Si structure
Author(s): Richard A. Soref; Fereydoon Namavar; Elisabetta Cortesi; Lionel R. Friedman; Richard Lareau
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Asymmetric Fabry-Perot modulators for optical signal processing and optical computing applications
Author(s): Michael Kevin Kilcoyne; Mark Whitehead; Larry A. Coldren
Compact PIN-amplifier module for giga bit rates optical interconnection
Author(s): Tomihiro Suzuki; Yasuki Mikamura; Kazuo Murata; Takeshi Sekiguchi; Nobuo Shiga; Yasunori Murakami
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Time-division optical microarea networks
Author(s): Paul R. Prucnal; Steven T. Johns; Mark F. Krol; John L. Stacy
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High-speed optical interconnects for parallel processing and neural networks
Author(s): Nigel Barnes; Peter Healey; Paul McKee; Alan O'Neill; Marek A. Rejman-Greene; Geoff Scott; David W. Smith; Roderick P. Webb; David Wood
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Quantum-well devices for optics in digital systems
Author(s): David A. B. Miller
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Free-space optical interconnect using microlasers and modulator arrays
Author(s): Alex G. Dickinson; Maralene M. Downs; R. E. LaMarche; Michael E. Prise
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Multiprocessor optical bus
Author(s): Raymond K. Kostuk; Yang-Tung Huang; Masayuki Kato
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Integrated packaging of optical backplanes
Author(s): Juergen Jahns
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Computer-generated holograms fabricated on photopolymer for optical interconnect applications
Author(s): Moshe Oren
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High-density waveguide modulator arrays for parallel interconnection
Author(s): Julian P. G. Bristow; Sayan D. Mukherjee; M. Nisa Khan; Mary K. Hibbs-Brenner; Charles T. Sullivan; Edith Kalweit
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Electro-optic polymer devices for optical interconnects
Author(s): Richard S. Lytel; Edward S. Binkley; Dexter G. Girton; John T. Kenney; George F. Lipscomb; Anthony J. Ticknor; Timothy E. Van Eck
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Waveguiding characteristics in polyimide films with different chemistry of formation
Author(s): Kishore K. Chakravorty; Chung-Ping Chien
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Proposed electro-optic package with bidirectional lensed coupling
Author(s): K. Rajasekharan; Timothy Michalka
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Comparison of optical and electronic 3-dimensional circuits
Author(s): Charles W. Stirk; Demetri Psaltis
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Intercircuit optical interconnects using quantum-well modulators
Author(s): Robert C. Goodfellow; Martin J. Goodwin; Andrew J. Moseley
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Holographic optical backplane for boards interconnection
Author(s): Claudine Sebillotte
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Methylene-blue-sensitized gelatin used for the fabrication of holographic optical elements in the near-infrared
Author(s): Nadia Cappolla; Roger A. Lessard
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Propagating beam method simulation of planar multimode optical waveguides
Author(s): James N. McMullin
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Analysis of alignment in optical interconnection systems
Author(s): Anjan K. Ghosh; Russell S. Beech
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Interconnection requirements in avionic systems
Author(s): Claude Vergnolle; Bruno Houssay
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Optical receivers in ECL for 1GHz parallel links
Author(s): Joerg B. Wieland; Hans M. Melchior
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Holographic optical elements for free-space clock distribution
Author(s): Helmut Zarschizky; Holger Karstensen; Christian Gerndt; Ekkehard Klement; Hartmut W. Schneider
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Silicon-on-silicon microsystem in plastic packages
Author(s): Agneta Novak; Anders Glaes; Claes Blom; Hans Hentzell; Charles Hodges; Farzeen Kalhur

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