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Fiber Optic and Laser Sensors VIII
Editor(s): Ramon P. DePaula; Eric Udd

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Volume Number: 1367
Date Published: 1 February 1991

Table of Contents
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Recent progress in interferometric fiber sensor technology
Author(s): Alan D. Kersey
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General purpose fiber optic hydrophone made of castable epoxy
Author(s): Steven L. Garrett; David A. Brown; Brian L. Beaton; Kevin Wetterskog; John Serocki
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Long-term reliability and performance testing of fiber optic sensors for engineering applications
Author(s): Alex Weinberger; Ervin Weinberger
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Integrated optics for fiber optic sensors
Author(s): William J. Minford; Ramon P. DePaula
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Novel analog phase tracker for interferometric fiber optic sensor applications
Author(s): Timothy A. Berkoff; Alan D. Kersey; Robert P. Moeller
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Recent developing status of fiber optic sensors in China
Author(s): Senlu Xu; Gei-peng Luo; Wei-dong Xu
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High-dynamic-range fiber gyro with all-digital signal processing
Author(s): Herve C. Lefevre; Philippe Martin; J. Morisse; Pascal Simonpietri; P. Vivenot; Herve J. Arditti
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Magnetic field sensitivity of depolarized fiber optic gyros
Author(s): James N. Blake
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Excess noise in fiber gyroscope sources
Author(s): William K. Burns; Robert P. Moeller; Anthony D. Dandridge
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Multiplexed approach for the fiber optic gyro inertial measurement unit
Author(s): Jerry L. Page
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Recent developments in fiber optic ring laser gyros
Author(s): Stephen P. Smith; F. Zarinetchi; Shaoul Ezekiel
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Extended environmental performance of attitude and heading reference grade fiber optic rotation sensors
Author(s): Gene H. Chin; Amado Cordova; Eric L. Goldner
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Experimental developments in the RFOG
Author(s): Todd J. Kaiser; Dan Cardarelli; Joseph G. Walsh
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Multimode fiber optic rotation sensor with low-cost digital signal processing
Author(s): Dean R. Johnson; Ronald J. Fredricks; S. C. Vuong; David T. Dembinski; Sehbaz H. Sabri
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Depolarized fiber optic gyro for future tactical applications
Author(s): Michael D. Bramson
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Performance comparison of various low-cost multimode fiber optic rotation rate sensor designs
Author(s): Ronald J. Fredricks; Dean R. Johnson; Sehbaz H. Sabri; Ming H. Yu
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Fiber optic position transducers for aircraft controls
Author(s): Walter L. Glomb Jr.
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Multi-analog track fiber-coupled position sensor
Author(s): Raymond W. Huggins
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Fiber optic speed sensor for advanced gas turbine engine control
Author(s): Deepak Varshneya; John L. Maida Jr.; Mark A. Overstreet
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Metal-embedded optical fiber pressure sensor
Author(s): J. Jeff Kidwell; John W. Berthold III
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Wavelength-encoded fiber optic angular displacement sensor
Author(s): William B. Spillman Jr.; Robert E. Rudd III; Frederick G. Hoff; Douglas R. Patriquin; Jeffrey R. Lord
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Fiber optic pressure sensor system for gas turbine engine control
Author(s): Laurence N. Wesson; Nellie L. Cabato; Nicholson L. Pine; Victor J. Bird
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Practicable fiber optic displacement sensor with subnanometer resolution
Author(s): Jing Xu
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Distributed fiber optic pressure sensor
Author(s): Fei Luo; Muolin Yan; Shanglian Huang
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Fiber optic magnetic field sensor using spectral modulation encoding
Author(s): Michel Lequime; Carole Meunier; Hugues Giovannini
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Faraday-effect magnetic field sensors based on substituted iron garnets
Author(s): Merritt N. Deeter; Allen H. Rose; Gordon W. Day
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Recent developments in fiber optic magnetostrictive sensors
Author(s): Frank Bucholtz; Dominique M. Dagenais; Kee Pun Koo; Sandeep T. Vohra
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Bare fiber temperature sensor
Author(s): Edmundo Antonio Soares; Tarcisio M. Dantas
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Fiber optic sensor for simultaneous measurement of strain and temperature
Author(s): Ashish M. Vengsarkar; W. Craig Michie; Lilja Jankovic; Brian Culshaw; Richard O. Claus
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UV optical fiber distributed temperature sensor
Author(s): Andrew T. Paton; J. Chris Scott
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Improvement of specular reflection pyrometer
Author(s): YinWen Lin; Hua Yan
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Interferometric fiber optic accelerometer
Author(s): David A. Brown; Steven L. Garrett
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Absolute interferometer for manufacturing applications
Author(s): Michael R. Tucker; Eric R. Christenson
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Novel system for measuring extinction ratio on polarization-maintaining fibers and their devices
Author(s): Senlu Xu; Lie-yi Sheng; Lie-wei Zhu
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Passive laser phase noise suppression technique for fiber interferometers
Author(s): Alan D. Kersey; Timothy A. Berkoff
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Photon correlation spectroscopy and electrophoretic light scattering using optical fibers
Author(s): Allan J. Macfadyen; B. R. Jennings
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Predetection correlation in a spread-spectrum multiplexing system for fiber optic interferometers
Author(s): Hamed S. Al-Raweshidy; Deepak G. Uttamchandani
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Theoretical analysis of two-mode, elliptical-core optical fiber sensors
Author(s): J. Kenneth Shaw; Ashish M. Vengsarkar; Richard O. Claus
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Characteristics of a multimode laser diode source in several types of dual-interferometer configuration
Author(s): Yanong N. Ning; Kenneth T. V. Grattan; Andrew W. Palmer; B. T. Meggitt
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All-optical data-input device based on fiber optic interferometric strain gauges
Author(s): Norbert Fuerstenau; Walter Schmidt
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High-speed digital ellipsometer for the study of fiber optic sensor systems
Author(s): Indu F. Saxena
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Tunability of cascaded grating that is used in distributed feedback laser
Author(s): Mohammad H. Rahnavard; O. R. Moheimany; Habibollah Abiri
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Fiber probe for ring pattern
Author(s): Xueyu Yang; Kenneth G. Spears
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Application of analog fiber optic position sensors to flight control systems
Author(s): Glen E. Miller
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GigaHertz RMS current sensors for electromagnetic compatibility testing
Author(s): Gordon L. Mitchell; Elric W. Saaski; John W. Pace
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