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Components for Fiber Optic Applications V
Editor(s): Paul M. Kopera

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Volume Number: 1365
Date Published: 1 January 1991

Table of Contents
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Design and optimization of demultiplexer in ion-exchanged glass waveguides
Author(s): M. Mazzola; Ivo Montrosset; Antonello Fincato
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Optical performance of wavelength division multiplexers made by ion-exchange in glass
Author(s): Carlos Nissim; Alain Beguin; Pascale Laborde; Christian Lerminaux
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High-resolution integrated optic holographic wavelength division multiplexer
Author(s): William Y. Liu; Eva M. Strzelecki; Freddie Shing-Hong Lin; Tomasz P. Jannson
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Wavelength division multiplexing based on mode-selective coupling
Author(s): Francois Ouellette; Michel A. Duguay
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Wavelength division multiplexers for optical fiber amplifiers
Author(s): Peter A. Nagy; Tim Meyer; Vincent J. Tekippe
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Optical fiber demultiplexer for telecommunications
Author(s): Riccardo Falciai; Anna Maria Verga Scheggi; Franco Cosi; Jieyuan Cao
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High-isolation single-taper filters
Author(s): Michael G. Jones; Douglas R. Moore
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Single-mode MxN star couplers fabricated using fused biconical taper techniques
Author(s): Hani S. Daniel; Douglas R. Moore
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Laser-fabricated fiber optical taps for interconnects and optical data processing devices
Author(s): Kamran Imen; Changhun H. Lee; Y. Y. Yang; Susan Davis Allen; Anjan K. Ghosh
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Analysis and modeling of low-loss fused fiber couplers
Author(s): Alok Kumar Das; Malay K. Pandit
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Optimization of gain-switched diode lasers for high-speed fiber optics
Author(s): Duncan L. MacFarlane; Jim A. Tatum
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Frequency stabilization of AlxGa1-xAs/GaAs lasers using magnetically induced birefringence in an atomic vapor
Author(s): W. David Lee; Joe C. Campbell
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1.55-um superluminescent diode for a fiber optic gyroscope
Author(s): Yasumasa Kashima; Akio Matoba; Masao Kobayashi; Hiroshi Takano
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Effect of input pulse shape on FSK optical coherent communication system
Author(s): Mehdi Shadaram; Eugene Britto John
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Protection with heat-shrinkable sleeves for optical fiber arc fusion splicing
Author(s): Jonah Trunk; Roberto Pierri Moreira; Ricardo M.P. Monteiro
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Holographic microlenses for optical fiber interconnects
Author(s): Peter C. M. Galloway; Peter J. Dobson
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Transmission characteristics of multimode optical fiber with multisplices
Author(s): Alok Kumar Das; Anup K. Mandal
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Computer-generated optical elements for fiber's mode selection and launching
Author(s): Michael A. Golub; Iosif N. Sisakian; Victor A. Soifer
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Applications of high speed silicon bipolar ICs in fiber optic systems
Author(s): Gary L. LaBelle; Mark D. McDonald
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Applications and characteristics of polished polarization-splitting couplers
Author(s): Herve C. Lefevre; Pascal Simonpietri; Philippe Martin
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Fast, epoxiless bonding system for fiber optic connectors
Author(s): Nicholas A. Lee
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