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FDDI, Campus-Wide, and Metropolitan Area Networks
Editor(s): Kadiresan Annamalai; Stewart K. Cudworth; Allen B. Kasiewicz

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Volume Number: 1364
Date Published: 1 February 1991

Table of Contents
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Dynamic allocation of buffer space in the bridge of two interconnected token rings
Author(s): Alok Kumar Das; K. Muhuri
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Implementation of FDDI in the intelligent wiring hub
Author(s): Peter J. Tarrant; Alan K. Truman
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SAFENET II: The Navy's FDDI-based computer network standard
Author(s): Jeffrey L. Paige; Edward A. Howard
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High-performance FDDI NIU for streaming voice, video, and data
Author(s): Larry A. Bergman; Ron Hartmayer; Wennie H. Wu; P. Cassell; G. Edgar; James L. Lambert; Richard Mancini; J. Jeng; Carlos Pardo; Frank Halloran; James C. Martinez
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Modular FDDI bridge and concentrator
Author(s): Michael H. Coden; Dutt V. Bulusu; Brian D. Ramsey; Edward Sztuka; Joel Morrow
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Solving clock distribution problems in FDDI concentrators
Author(s): Gabriel M. Li
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Building and campus networks for fiber distributed data interface
Author(s): Thomas F. McIntosh
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FDDI components for workstation interconnection
Author(s): Stephen J. Anderson; Dutt V. Bulusu; James Racette; Frederick W. Scholl; Tim Zack; Peter G. Abbott
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FDDI network cabling
Author(s): R. Scott Stevens
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Examining cable plant bandwidth for FDDI
Author(s): James E. Hayes
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Physical-connection compliance testing for FDDI
Author(s): Christopher Baldwin
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Integrated "Byte-to-light" solution for fiber optic data communication
Author(s): James J. Kubinec; James A. Somerville; David P. M. Chown; Martin J. H. Birch
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Multichannel optical data link
Author(s): Yusuke Ota; Robert G. Swartz
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Performance analysis of lightwave packet communication networks
Author(s): Raju Ramaswamy
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Performance of pseudo-orthogonal codes in temporal, spatial, and spectral code division multiple access systems
Author(s): Antonio J. Mendez; Robert M. Gagliardi
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Line coding for high-speed fiber optic transmission systems
Author(s): K. R. Subramanian; V. K. Dubey; J. P. Low; L. S. Tan
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500 MHz baseband fiber optic transmission system for medical imaging applications
Author(s): Xin Cheng; H. K. Huang
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Fiber optic network for mining seismology
Author(s): Zbigniew T. Lach; Jacek K. Zientkiewicz
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Campus fiber optic enterprise networks
Author(s): Richard A. Weeks
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Fault management of a fiber optic LAN
Author(s): Paul E. Spencer; Steven C. Zaharakis; Richard T. Denton
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Options for campus fiber networks
Author(s): Byron B. Henderson; Emily Nagle Green
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CWRUnet: case history of a campus-wide fiber-to-the-desktop network
Author(s): Raymond K. Neff; H. Wendell Klingensmith; Jeffrey A. Gumpf; Peter J. Haigh
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Planning for fiber optic use at the University of Massachusetts
Author(s): Donald Randy Sailer
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Fiber hub in a second-generation ethernet system at Taylor University
Author(s): Paul Rowan
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Bridging issues in DQDB subnetworks
Author(s): Ahmed N. Tantawy
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Evolution of the DQDB hybrid multiplexing for an integrated service packetized traffic
Author(s): A. Gagnaire; Benoit Ponsard
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Management of an adaptable-bit-rate video service in a MAN environment
Author(s): Michele Marini; Andres Albanese
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Near-term applications of optical switching in the metropolitan networks
Author(s): F. David King; Yves Tremblay
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Research and development of a NYNEX switched multi-megabit data service prototype system
Author(s): K. H. Maman; Robert Haines; Samir Chatterjee
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Metropolitan area networks: a corner stone in the broadband era
Author(s): Adel Ghanem
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Fiber channel: the next standard peripheral interface and more
Author(s): Roger Cummings
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Extending HIPPI at 800-mega-bits-per-second over serial links using HOT ROD technology
Author(s): Kadiresan Annamalai
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NAVSEA gigabit optical MAN prototype history and status
Author(s): Andres Albanese; Tasco N. Devetzis; Armando G. Ippoliti; Michael A. Karr; M. W. Maszczak; H. N. Dorris; James H. Davis
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Jitter considerations for FDDI PMD
Author(s): Takashi Fukuoka; Yasuhiro Tejika; Hisashi Takada; Hidenori Takahashi; Yiji Hamasaki
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High-speed polymer optical fiber networks
Author(s): Dutt V. Bulusu; Tim Zack; Frederick W. Scholl; Michael H. Coden; Robert E. Steele; Gregory D. Miller; Mark A. Lynn
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