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Stray Radiation in Optical Systems
Editor(s): Robert P. Breault

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Volume Number: 1331
Date Published: 1 December 1990

Table of Contents
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Stray light technology overview of the 1980 decade (and a peek into the future)
Author(s): Robert P. Breault
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Scattering by anisotropic grains in beryllium mirrors
Author(s): Eugene L. Church; Peter Z. Takacs; John C. Stover
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Light scattering from one-dimensional surfaces with an even profile
Author(s): Eugenio R. Mendez; Miguel A. Ponce; Victor Ruiz-Cortes
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Light scattering on nanoaggregates in bulk indium phosphide materials
Author(s): Jean-Marc Lussert; Paul C. Montgomery; Jean-Pierre Fillard; Jacques Bonnafe
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Experimental study of enhanced transmission through rough metal surfaces
Author(s): Zu-Han Gu; Richard Sam Dummer; Alexei A. Maradudin; Jun Q. Lu; Arthur R. McGurn; Eugenio R. Mendez
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Scatter from subsurface defects and contaminants
Author(s): John C. Stover; Douglas E. McGary
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Telescope design of the CRISTA/SPAS experiment aboard the Space Shuttle
Author(s): Peter Barthol; Klaus U. Grossmann; Dirk Offermann
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Stray light analysis of CRISTA
Author(s): Robert P. Breault; Peter Barthol
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Speckle and radiometry
Author(s): Richard A. Anderson
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Stray radiation estimation and interreflection correction for infrared transmittance measurement
Author(s): Lin Lin
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Stray light comparison of SIRTF designs with different aperture stop locations
Author(s): Ann St. Clair Dinger
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SOAR: a program for rapid calculation of stray light on the IBM PC
Author(s): Edward R. Freniere; Ronald D. Stern; James W. Howard
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Design review of a vacuum cryogenic scatterometer
Author(s): Tom Matovich; John C. Stover; Jeffrey Rifkin
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Standardization of optical scatter measurements
Author(s): Thomas A. Leonard
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Design review of a hand-held scatterometer
Author(s): John C. Stover; Vince C. Skurdal; James A. Bender; Paul D. Chausse
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Design review of a multiwavelength, three-dimensional scatterometer
Author(s): Fredrick M. Cady; John C. Stover; Donald R. Bjork; Marvin L. Bernt; Mary W. Knighton; Daniel J. Wilson; Daniel R. Cheever
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Cryo-mechanical tests of Ames 24E2 IR-black coating
Author(s): Sheldon M. Smith
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Characterization of optical blacks by infrared ellipsometry and reflectometry
Author(s): Soe-Mie F. Nee; Harold E. Bennett
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IR and visible BSDF measurements of several materials
Author(s): Marvin L. Bernt; John C. Stover
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BSDF database
Author(s): Kyle A. Klicker; David Fuhrman; Donald R. Bjork
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Bidirectional reflectance distribution function of germanium at 3.39 um
Author(s): Karen J. Sorensen; Tony L. Roe
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High-resolution spectral reflection measurements on selected optical-black baffle coatings in the 5-20 um region
Author(s): Christopher W. Brown; Donald R. Smith
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Correlation of BRDF and profilometry for sub-Angstrom surfaces
Author(s): Lane A. Darnton; Steven G. Silott; Duane A. Willis
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CO2 jet flush cleaning performance monitored by surface scatter measurements
Author(s): Mark E. Frink; Ron Laybon
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Z306 black paint measurements
Author(s): Alan J. Ames
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Visible scatter measurements of various materials
Author(s): Charles L. Schaub Jr.; Mark Davis; Gary Inouye; Phillip Schaller
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GUFDIPP: the GUERAP user-friendly data-input program package for generating and modifying GUERAP III data files
Author(s): Anthony G. Richards
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Ghost-image analysis of Fresnel lens doublet
Author(s): Dennis F. Vanderwerf
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Diffuse absorbing beryllium coatings produced by magnetron sputtering
Author(s): Charles M. Egert; David D. Allred
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