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Optical System Contamination: Effects, Measurement, Control II
Editor(s): A. Peter M. Glassford

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Volume Number: 1329
Date Published: 1 November 1990

Table of Contents
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Overview of contamination effects on the performance of high-straylight-rejection telescopes via ground measurements
Author(s): James J. Guregian; Robert T. Benoit; Wallace K. Wong
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Science objectives lead to contamination requirements for the Cosmic Background Explorer
Author(s): Eve M. Abrams; Nancy P. Carosso
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Contamination control program results from three years of ground operations on the Extreme Ultraviolet Explorer instruments
Author(s): David C. Ray; Sharon R. Jelinsky; Barry Y. Welsh; Roger F. Malina
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Contamination control of the Cryogenic Limb Array Etalon Spectrometer
Author(s): Bruce Charles Steakley; A. D. King; Theresa E. Rigney
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Analysis and interpretation of Wide-Field Planetary Camera outgas data collected in the temperature range from -20 degrees C to -100 degrees C
Author(s): Jack B. Barengoltz; Daniel M. Taylor
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Strategy for contamination control to improve Wide-Field Planetary Camera far-ultraviolet performance
Author(s): Kim Leschly; Daniel M. Taylor; Teresa K. Jenkins; Jack B. Barengoltz
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Contamination removal by ion sputtering
Author(s): Christopher G. Shaw
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Laser cleaning of cryogenic optics
Author(s): Lawrence G. Piper; Michael B. Frish; Vicky G. Pierce; B. David Green
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Ion-beam cleaning of contaminated optics
Author(s): Robert F. Fisher; Patricia M. Beauchamp; Steven M. Flammang; Timothy L. Howard
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Analysis of mirror surface after laser or ion removal of contaminants
Author(s): Richard C. Benson; C. Brent Bargeron; Terry E. Phillips; O. Manuel Uy
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Ultraviolet laser cleaning of mirrored surfaces
Author(s): Richard A. Osiecki; Tom J. Magee
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Contamination removal by CO2 jet spray
Author(s): Ronald V. Peterson; Charles W. Bowers
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Nonoptical real-time particle fallout monitor
Author(s): Raymond L. Chuan; William D. Bowers
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200-MHz surface acoustic wave mass microbalance
Author(s): William D. Bowers; Raymond L. Chuan
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Tests of a 200-mhz surface acoustic wave mass monitor in a space environment
Author(s): Donald A. Wallace; Scott A. Wallace; William D. Bowers; Raymond L. Chuan
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Total integrated scatter instrument for in-space monitoring of surface degradation
Author(s): J. Larry Pezzaniti; James B. Hadaway; Russell A. Chipman; Donald R. Wilkes; Lee Hummer; Jean M. Bennett
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Ultrasensitive dust monitor for the Advanced X-Ray Astrophysics Facility
Author(s): Lane A. Darnton; Robert J. Champetier; Julio R. Blanco; Kevin J. Garcia
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Optical scatter and contamination effects facility
Author(s): Mark A. Folkman; Lane A. Darnton; Steven G. Silott; Mark E. Frink
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JPL Molecular Contamination Investigation Facility
Author(s): Daniel M. Taylor; David M. Soules; D. Osborn
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Mirror-scatter degradation by particulate contamination
Author(s): Raymond P. Young Sr.
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BRDF measurements for contamination assessment in a spacecraft environment
Author(s): Timothy L. Howard; Patricia M. Beauchamp; Robert F. Fisher
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New screening methodology to select low outgassing materials for cold, spaceborne optical instruments
Author(s): Timothy P. O'Donnell; Daniel M. Taylor; Jack B. Barengoltz
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Ambient pressure offgassing apparatus for screening materials utilized in environments supporting optical spaceborne systems
Author(s): Randall Heu; Joyce M. Steakley; Edward J. Petrosky
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Spacecraft contamination database
Author(s): Mark M. Thornton; Cleveland C. Gilbert
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BGK method to determine thruster plume backscatter
Author(s): Michael C. Fong; Aleck L. Lee
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Surface accommodation of molecular contaminants
Author(s): Philip T. C. Chen; Randy J. Hedgeland; Shaun R. Thomson
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Modeling of internal contaminant deposition on a cold instrument sensor
Author(s): Jack B. Barengoltz; Jerry M. Millard; Teresa K. Jenkins; Daniel M. Taylor
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Infrared emission from the reaction of orbital velocity atomic oxygen with hydrocarbon materials
Author(s): Karl W. Holtzclaw; Mark E. Fraser; Alan H. Gelb
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Role of low-energy neutral N2 beam-surface interactions leading to spacecraft glow
Author(s): Alan V. Barnes; Royal G. Albridge; Jining Qi; Manfred Riehl-Chudoba; C. Sun; Paul W. Wang; Norman H. Tolk
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Laboratory study of electrostatic charging of contaminated Ulysses spacecraft thermal blankets
Author(s): Arthur Timothy Chen; Christopher G. Shaw; Jim H. Mabe
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Optical effects of photochemically deposited contaminant films
Author(s): Graham S. Arnold; Rolaine C. Young Owl; David F. Hall
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Laser-mirror cleaning in a simulated space environment
Author(s): Vicky G. Pierce; Michael B. Frish; B. David Green; Lawrence G. Piper; James J. Guregian; Michael I. Anapol
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