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Window and Dome Technologies and Materials II
Editor(s): Paul Klocek

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Volume Number: 1326
Date Published: 1 October 1990

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Large diameter sapphire dome: fabrication and characterization
Author(s): John W. Locher; Harold E. Bennett; Philip C. Archibald; C. T. Newmyer
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Strength of sapphire as a function of temperature and crystal orientation
Author(s): John W. Fischer; W. R. Compton; Nancy A. Jaeger; Daniel C. Harris
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Mechanical evaluation of yttria
Author(s): Daniel C. Harris; W. R. Compton; Alice M. Harper; George Hayes; Marian E. Hills; Nancy A. Jaeger; Larry D. Sawyer; Richard C. Scheri; James L. Stokes
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Enhancement in aerothermal shock survivability of lanthana-strengthened yttria windows and domes
Author(s): George C. Wei; Marina R. Pascucci; E. A. Trickett; S. Natansohn; William H. Rhodes
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Nondoped Y203 for 3-5um IR transmission
Author(s): Ken-ichiro Shibata; H. Nakamura; Akihito Fujii
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Observation of defect structure in ceramic oxides by laser scattering tomography
Author(s): Pascal Gall-Borrut; T. Rakotomavo; M. Boncoeur; M. Valin; F. Guastavino
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Imaging performance of crystalline and polycrystalline oxides
Author(s): Donald Dean Duncan; Charles H. Lange; David J. Fischer
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Temperature coefficient of refractive index for candidate optical windows
Author(s): Charles H. Lange; Donald Dean Duncan
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Refractory sulfides as IR window materials
Author(s): William B. White
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Solid solution strengthening of ZnS
Author(s): Jimin Zhang; William W. Chen; Alan J. Ardell
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Infrared transparent conductive diffused layers in germanium windows
Author(s): Michael R. Borden
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Minimization of IR absorption by germanium at elevated temperatures
Author(s): Jroy C. Richter; Charles R. Poznich; Dennis W. Thomas
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Optical phonon characteristics of diamond, beryllia, and cubic zirconia
Author(s): Michael E. Thomas; Richard I. Joseph
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Mechanical enhancement of LWIR materials via coatings
Author(s): Joseph M. Wahl; Randal W. Tustison
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Diamond films for IR optical applications
Author(s): Mark B. Moran; Lee F. Johnson; Karl A. Klemm
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Rain erosion protection of IR materials using boron phosphide coatings
Author(s): Ewan M. Waddell; Brian C. Monachan
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Rain erosion resistance coating for ZnS domes
Author(s): Wasim Hasan
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Polarization effects of resonant mesh structures fabricated on IR-transmitting windows
Author(s): John P. Kurmer; J. I. Halman; Keith A. Ramsey; D. L. Jones; James McManigal
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Experimental investigation of high-velocity mixing/shear layer aero-optic effects
Author(s): David A. Kalin; S. F. Mullins; Lori C. Brooks; Timothy Scott Blackwell; Daniel A. Saylor
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Aero-optic performance of supersonic mixing layers
Author(s): Shelah M. Lawson; Rodney L. Clark; Randy F. Crouse
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Wavelength dependence of blur-circle size through turbulent flow
Author(s): Michele Ruggiero Banish; Rodney L. Clark; Alan D. Kathman
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Heat transfer predictions for IR domes
Author(s): Jeffrey S. Lin; Cheryl L. Resch
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Hot infrared domes: a case study
Author(s): Claude A. Klein
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Absolute and contrast infrared signatures from missile noses
Author(s): Alessandro Tofani
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Optical window systems
Author(s): Robert H. Au
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Application of Taguchi methods to infrared window design
Author(s): Kurt A. Osmer; Charles J. Pruszynski
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Multiparticle supersonic impact test program
Author(s): William F. Adler; Peter L. Boland
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Single- and multiple-impact jet apparatus and results
Author(s): Colin R. Seward; Charles S. James Pickles; John E. Field
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High-velocity, small-particle impact erosion of sapphire windows
Author(s): Timothy Scott Blackwell; David A. Kalin
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Sensitivity of rain erosion resistance of infrared materials to environmental conditions such as temperature and stress
Author(s): Alain A. Deom; Daniel L. Balageas; F. G. Laturelle; Gerard D. Gardette; G. J. Freydefont
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Erosion modeling and test of slip-cast fused silica
Author(s): Francis B. Weiskopf Jr.; Jeffrey S. Lin; Rudy A. Drobnick; Brian K. Feather
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Practical measurement of rain erosion and scatter from IR windows
Author(s): John C. Stover
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