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Modeling of Optical Thin Films II
Editor(s): Michael Ray Jacobson

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Volume Number: 1324
Date Published: 1 December 1990

Table of Contents
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Revisiting structure zone models for thin film growth
Author(s): Karl H. Guenther
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Effects of surface diffusion on thin-film morphology: a computer study
Author(s): Robert B. Sargent
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Unusual fluorination effects on superconducting films
Author(s): Stanford R. Ovshinsky; Rosa T. Young
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Source emission pattern polynomial representation
Author(s): Ricardo Flores-Hernandez; Francisco De Villa
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Knowledge-based optical coatings design and manufacturing
Author(s): Karl H. Guenther; Avelino J. Gonzalez; Hoi J. Yoo
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Computer-optimized optical monitoring wavelengths
Author(s): Ricardo Flores-Hernandez
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Improved sensitivity in ellipsometry of thin biochemical films by employing sublayers
Author(s): Jinyu Wang; Joseph D. Andrade; Jinn-Nan Lin; Douglas A. Christensen
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Interaction between dispersive and inhomogeneous models for interpreting spectral ellipsometric data of thin films
Author(s): Charles K. Carniglia; Karl N. Schrader
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Nucleation and growth of thin films
Author(s): Brian L. Evans; Shi Xu
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Simulation of the early stages of thin film formation and columnar growth
Author(s): Mihai A. Popescu
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Ballistic simulation of optical coatings deposited over topography
Author(s): R. N. Tait; S. K. Dew; Tom J. Smy; Michael J. Brett
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Molecular-dynamics simulation of thin-film growth and relaxation
Author(s): Pierre A. Deymier; Robert B. Sargent
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Simulations of glass surfaces-structure, water adsorption, and bond rupture
Author(s): Stephen H. Garofalini
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Theoretical distribution of the structural uniformity of the vapor-deposited thin films
Author(s): Wei Zhang; G. Q. Chang
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Inhomogeneity in layers of dielectric high index materials: a simplified study for an antireflection coating
Author(s): Salvador Bosch
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Structure-related anisotropic index of the optical thin films
Author(s): Wei Zhang; Jian-Ying Fan; Y. Mu
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Method to destroy the columnar structure of optical thin films
Author(s): Wei Zhang; Jian-Ying Fan; Heng-qian Zhao; Y. Mu
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Study of stresses in optical thin films by optical fiber technology
Author(s): Shouyao Sun; Jiu Lin Zhou; Xuequan Zan
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Stress-related phenomena in reactively dc magnetron sputtered aluminum nitride thin films
Author(s): Roland Zarwasch; H. Oefner; Eduard P. Rille; Hans K. Pulker
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Hole burning in multilayer structures: effect of the third order susceptibility
Author(s): Bertrand G. Bovard
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Anisotropic dispersion and inhomogeneous dispersion in the evaporated thin films
Author(s): Wei Zhang; Heng-qian Zhao; Mao-hua Yang
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Modeling the properties of unbacked thin films
Author(s): John O. Stoner Jr.
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Structural refinement of superlattices from x-ray diffraction
Author(s): Ivan K. Schuller; E. Fullerton; H. Vanderstraeten; Yvon Bruynseraede
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Optical modeling of mixed dielectric/metal media multilayers
Author(s): Mariasha Gorlin; Rafi Gatt; Sasha Yoffe; Michael Lanxner; Zvi Elgat
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