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Optical Thin Films III: New Developments
Editor(s): Richard Ian Seddon

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Volume Number: 1323
Date Published: 1 December 1990

Table of Contents
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Optical thin-film technology: past, present, future
Author(s): William P. Strickland
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Cluster size in ionized cluster beam deposition
Author(s): Frank K. Urban III; Alfred I. Bernstein
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Ion currents and energies in reactive low-voltage ion plating: preliminary results
Author(s): Johannes P. Edlinger; Hans K. Pulker
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Recent advances in reactive low-voltage ion-plating deposition
Author(s): Karl H. Guenther
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Radio frequency and microwave plasma for optical thin-film deposition
Author(s): Juergen Otto; Volker Paquet; Ralf Th. Kersten; Heinz-Werner Etzkorn; Raymond M. Brusasco; Jerald A. Britten; Jack H. Campbell; J. B. Thorsness
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Optical and electrical properties of transition metal nitride films produced by reactive cathodic arc deposition and reactive rf sputtering
Author(s): Paul Kraatz; F. Russell Nakatsukasa; John W. Stephenson
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Electron-rain-assisted deposition of optical thin films
Author(s): Jiu Lin Zhou; Zi Ma; Qian Ru Liu
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Effect of ion-assisted deposition on optical properties of thin films
Author(s): Xuefei Tang; Zhengxiu Fan
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Optical coatings for automobiles
Author(s): Ferdinand Trier
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Plasma-enhanced CVD hard coatings for opthalmic optics
Author(s): Werner Klug; Roland Schneider; Alfons Zoeller
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Optically variable films, pigments, and inks
Author(s): Roger W. Phillips
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Simple antireflection coatings for cathode ray tube and other display devices
Author(s): Joachim Szczyrbowski; Stephan Roegels; Klaus Hartig
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MetaMode: a new method for high-rate MetaMode reactive sputtering
Author(s): Richard Ian Seddon; Paul M. Lefebvre
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Thin-film coatings for flexible optical data storage
Author(s): Andrew J.G. Strandjord; Steven P. Webb; Donald R. Beaman; Susan L.B. Carroll
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Multilayer thin-film media for optical recording
Author(s): Bala Subramanian
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Production of magneto-optical data storage media by static DC sputter processes
Author(s): Guenter Braeuer; Wilfried Dicken; Sabine Mueller
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Thin films for active optics
Author(s): Solomon Musikant
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Electrochromics and potential automotive applications
Author(s): Hulya Demiryont
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Electrochromic films involving Prussian blue and viologen materials
Author(s): Melvin H. Miles; D. A. Fine; David E. Stilwell
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Optical, thermal, and electronic semiconductor properties of thermochromic metal halides
Author(s): Thomas Novinson; Jeffrey I. Zink; John Kennedy; William C. Kaska
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Herpin equivalents in magneto-optics: a magneto-optic layer sandwiched between two dielectric layers
Author(s): Vahram W. Biricik
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Photoconducting and photoelectrochemical characteristics of selectively plated cadmium selenide films
Author(s): K. R. Murali; V. Subramanian; N. Rangarajan; A. S. Lakshmanan; S. K. Rangarajan
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Thermal properties of optical thin-film materials
Author(s): Donald L. Decker
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Minimizing defects in infrared coatings on silicon
Author(s): Jack P. Chambers; Stanley F. Himelinski; K. F. Irvine; Terence M. Donovan; Jean M. Bennett
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Mechanical properties of thin films on substrates
Author(s): Shefford P. Baker; William D. Nix
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Ion-beam-sputtered metal fluorides
Author(s): Thomas H. Allen; John Philip Lehan; Larry C. McIntyre Jr.
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Properties of reactively deposited SiC and GeC alloys
Author(s): Peter M. Martin; John W. Johnston; Wendy D. Bennett
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Medium energy backscattering spectrometry: a new tool for characterizing optical thin films
Author(s): Marcus H. Mendenhall; Robert A. Weller
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Automated precision reflectometer for first-surface mirrors I: optical head
Author(s): Erik W. Anthon; Luis F. Villanueva; Craig Van Horn; Richard Ian Seddon
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Automated precision reflectometer for first-surface mirrors II: system
Author(s): Luis F. Villanueva; Tom Engel; Richard Ian Seddon; Craig Van Horn; Erik W. Anthon
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Some physical properties and microstructure of titania films doped with multielement
Author(s): Longsheng Qian; Tongqun Miao; Youxin Yuan; Nai-Hong Wang
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Method of monitoring nonquarter-wavelength film thickness by turning point
Author(s): Anmin Zheng; Yixun Yan; Fengshan Zhang
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Dependence of precursor chemistry and curing conditions on optical loss characteristics of polyimide waveguides
Author(s): Chung-Ping Chien; Kishore K. Chakravorty
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Investigation of tellurium thin films for IR-integrated waveguides and CO2 laser detection
Author(s): Dominique Jacques Souilhac; Arshavir Gundjian; M. Badaye; Dominique Billerey
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Deposition methods and process techniques for the fabrication of electrochromic all-solid-state devices
Author(s): Klaus Muecke; Frank Boehm; Thomas Gambke; Clemens R. Ottermann; Klaus Bange
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