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Infrared Technology and Applications
Editor(s): Alan H. Lettington

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Volume Number: 1320
Date Published: 1 October 1990

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Review of industrial and process applications of infrared spectroscopy
Author(s): Harry Arthur Willis
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Thermal signature applications of a high-speed spectroradiometer
Author(s): Julian Martin Webber; G. B. Joseph
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Nonsampling and minimum sampling infrared gas analysis
Author(s): R. J. Hutchinson
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Measurement of crystallinity in polyethylene welds and helical content in polypropylene welds using FTIR-microspectrometry
Author(s): Sheila M. Stevens
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On-line and off-line sampling using an FTIR spectrometer
Author(s): Gordon W. Tregidgo
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Infrared process control on molten polymers using a high-pressure, high-temperature flow cell
Author(s): Ralph K. Stengler; Gerald Weis
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Hadamard transform spectroscopy for the 1990s
Author(s): William G. Fateley; Robert M. Hammaker; Joseph V. Paukstelis; Allan P. Bohlke; James D. Tate; Jeffrey S. White; John M. Jarvis
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Near-infrared reflectance spectroscopy as an in-process control tool in the pharmaceutical industry
Author(s): Chris M. Harland; Brian Davies
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Industrial applications of the photothermal effect
Author(s): Richard Michael Miller
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Review of infrared focal plane arrays
Author(s): Ronald A. Ballingall
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Uncooled infrared thermal detector arrays
Author(s): N. M. Shorrocks; Stephen G. Porter; Roger W. Whatmore; Andy D. Parsons; J. N. Gooding; David J. Pedder
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Laser-assisted etching of ferroelectric ceramics for the reticulation of IR detector arrays
Author(s): Michael A. Todd; Rex Watton
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256 x 256 HgCdTe focal plane array for the Hubble Space Telescope
Author(s): Kadri Vural; Lester J. Kozlowski; Robert W. Rasche; Marcia J. Rieke
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(Hg,Zn)Te photon detectors of 10.6-um laser radiation with optical resonance cavity
Author(s): Tadeusz Niedziela
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Development of a range of small mechanical cryocoolers for space and avionic applications
Author(s): Barry Hocking
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New Leddicon target sensitive in the 1000- 2000-nm waveband and beyond
Author(s): G. P. Hopkins; D. G. Swain
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New generation infrared camera
Author(s): Pierre M. Marche
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Submicron thin-film MOM diodes for the detection of 10-um infrared laser radiation
Author(s): Ingrid Wilke; W. Herrmann; Fritz K. Kneubuehl
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Television camera arrangements for infrared and other wave forms
Author(s): George Olatokunbo Okikiolu
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Review of industrial and research applications of thermography
Author(s): John Ahlstrom
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Analysis of transient thermal inspection
Author(s): Shek Keung Lau; Darryl P. Almond; Pravinkumar Mulji Patel; J. Corbett; M. B.C. Quigley
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Reflecting-cavity IR temperature sensors: an analysis of spherical, conical, and double-wedge geometries
Author(s): Jean-Claude Krapez; Paolo G. Cielo; M. Lamontagne
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Infrared survey applications in the electricity supply industry
Author(s): P. Tomaselli
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Medical thermography: current status
Author(s): R. P. Clark; M. R. Goff
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PTR 9000, a system for large dynamic digitisation and real-time recording of infrared images: applications to the nondestructive testing of materials by photothermography
Author(s): Pierre Potet
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Measurements of the total emissivities of oxidised steel surfaces
Author(s): Michael J. Tierney
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Application of a commercially available thermal imager to a film-cooled panel temperature measurement
Author(s): T. J. Meddings; Christopher W. Wilson
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Infrared thermal-imaging construction fault location
Author(s): David J. Titman
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MECIR: a new apparatus for the control of materials by infrared thermography
Author(s): Raphael Danjoux; Jean Louis Beaudoin; Etienne Merienne; Michel Egee; Herve Rolland Tretout
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Aerial energy surveying using infrared techniques
Author(s): A. J. Williams
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Ductile mode grinding of brittle materials with newly designed centerless grinding machine
Author(s): Junichi Yoshioka; Masakazu Miyashita; Akira Kanai; Michimasa Daito; F. Hashimoto
Ultraprecision, high stiffness CNC grinding machines for ductile mode grinding of brittle materials
Author(s): Patrick A. McKeown; Keith Carlisle; Paul Shore; R. F.J. Read
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Damage-free grinding using ultrafine abrasives
Author(s): Yasuhiro Tani; Jun'ichi Ikeno; Akihito Fukutani
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Diamond machining of flats, spherics, and aspherics
Author(s): R. Winger; Alan H. Lettington; P. F.T.C. Stillwell
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Tool geometry and wear effects in diamond turning
Author(s): Richard A. Parker; Alan Richard Hedges; D. J. Holt; John K. Myler
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Use of interferometry and image processing to provide an automated method for the elimination of diamond machine ogive error
Author(s): Douglas A. Stewart
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Diamond machining of high-purity aluminium alloys
Author(s): Malcolm J. Kent
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UK National Initiative on Nanotechnology: opportunities for collaborative research within the LINK Nanotechnology Programme
Author(s): Peter Kennell; David W. Robinson
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Use of blazed zone plates in the infrared
Author(s): Michael C. Hutley
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Role of asphericity in optical design
Author(s): Peter R. Hall
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Optical design of a dual-magnification infrared telescope whose outer element is an integral part of a pressure vessel
Author(s): Colin A. Leming
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Design, fabrication, and test of a 5.5X telescope to retrofit an existing FLIR system
Author(s): R. Barry Johnson
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Update on diamond and diamond-like carbon coatings
Author(s): Alan H. Lettington
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Preliminary results from infrared multilayer filters and materials exposed to the space environment on the NASA LDEF mission
Author(s): Gary John Hawkins; Roger Hunneman; John S. Seeley
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In-situ testing of FLIRs and other thermal imagers
Author(s): Thomas L. Williams; B. Newton
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Novel portable GO-NOGO MRTD tester
Author(s): J. H. Ludlow
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Objective MRTD measurement: an update
Author(s): Thomas L. Williams
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Image restoration in thermo-fluid-dynamic applications of IR digital imagery
Author(s): Luigi de Luca; Gennaro Cardone; Giovanni Maria Carlomagno
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Facility for automatic radiometric calibration of thermal imagers
Author(s): G. B. Joseph
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Investigation, comparison, and improvement of technical infrared radiators
Author(s): A. Leupin; H. Vetsch; Fritz K. Kneubuehl
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Design of infrared interferometer
Author(s): Akira Furuya
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Measurement method for wide-angle afocal telescopes
Author(s): Louis R. Fantozzi
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Hadamard transform instrumentation: a variety of choices
Author(s): William G. Fateley
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Thermodynamic inspection of concrete using a controlled heat source
Author(s): James M. Milne
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