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Optical Spectroscopic Instrumentation and Techniques for the 1990s: Applications in Astronomy, Chemistry, and Physics
Editor(s): Bernard J. McNamara; Jeremy M. Lerner

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Volume Number: 1318
Date Published: 1 December 1990

Table of Contents
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Fiber spectroscopy and the new generation of large ground-based telescopes
Author(s): Sidney Wolff
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Bidimensional spectroscopy with a Universal Birefringent Filter and a Fabry-Perot
Author(s): Sergio R. Restaino
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Adaptive imaging spectrometers in astronomy
Author(s): William Hayden Smith
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Stigmatic flat focal field spectrograph
Author(s): Thomas M. Niemczyk; Garth W. Gobeli
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Echelle spectrometer for single shot elemental analysis
Author(s): Alexander Scheeline; Cheryl A. Bye; Duane L. Miller; Steven W. Rynders
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Resonance-ionization mass spectrometry for materials analysis and characterization
Author(s): Nicholas S. Nogar; Ron C. Estler
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Time-resolved coherent anti-Stokes Raman spectroscopy and the measurement of vibrational spectra in shock-compressed molecular materials
Author(s): David S. Moore; Stephen C. Schmidt
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Laser techniques for studying chemical vapor deposition
Author(s): Pauline Ho; William G. Breiland; Michael E. Coltrin
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Laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy: principles, applications, and instruments
Author(s): Leon J. Radziemski; David A. Cremers
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Post-iron-peak element production in stars: challenges for atomic and nuclear physics
Author(s): Christopher A. Sneden
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Use of high-resolution monochromators for analytical optical emission spectroscopy
Author(s): Jean-Michel Mermet; Madeleine Carre; A. Lemarchand
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Detectors for 1990s and beyond
Author(s): Teruo Hiruma
Present and future roles of high-performance charge transfer device detectors in spectrochemical analysis
Author(s): M. Bonner Denton
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Michelson interferometers as quantitative tools for spectroscopy
Author(s): Jens-Peter Dybwad
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Infrared spectroscopic remote sensing from the Cassini orbiter
Author(s): Virgil G. Kunde; G. Bjoraker; John C. Brasunas; B. Conrath; F. M. Flasar; Donald E. Jennings; Paul Romani; Robert Maichle; D. Gautier; R. Courtin; A. Marten; Guy Michel; M. Abbas; L. Herath; Ronald C. Carlson
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Recent developments in near-infrared Hadamard transform Raman spectrometry
Author(s): Robert M. Hammaker; Allan P. Bohlke; John M. Jarvis; James D. Tate; Jeffrey S. White; Joseph V. Paukstelis; William G. Fateley
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Detection of stellar velocity fields from line profile analysis
Author(s): Myron A. Smith
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High-precision measurement of stellar radial velocity variations
Author(s): William D. Cochran; Artie P. Hatzes
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Hollow cathode sources of ionic emission lines
Author(s): Hugh A. Phillips; Karoly Rozsa
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Elemental analysis of solids using laser-sampling inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometry
Author(s): James W. Hager
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Influence of the laser characteristics on laser ablation processes
Author(s): A. Sriand; Patrick Mauchien; F. Chartier; Jean-Michel Mermet
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Instrument for monitoring biochemical reactions
Author(s): Doug G. Haugen
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Bidimensional solar spectroscopy with the 20 mA filter: capabilities and constraints
Author(s): Gianna Cauzzi; Luigi A. Smaldone
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Novel target manipulation system for x-ray laser studies
Author(s): David R. Voorhees; Dong-Eon Kim; Charles H. Skinner; Szymon Suckewer
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Sample cell assembly for use in light-scattering experiments
Author(s): Rensheng Dou; Torstein Jossang; Jens Feder
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On-line spectroscopic monitoring of metal ions for environmental and space applications using photodiode array spectrometry
Author(s): Kenneth J. Schlager
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Spatial heterodyne spectroscopy: interferometric performance at any wavelength without scanning
Author(s): Fred L. Roesler; John M. Harlander
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Miniature electronically tunable Fabry-Perot filter
Author(s): Brian J. O'Sullivan; Krzysztof A.R.B. Pietraszewski
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