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Polarimetry: Radar, Infrared, Visible, Ultraviolet, and X-Ray
Editor(s): Russell A. Chipman; John W. Morris

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Volume Number: 1317
Date Published: 1 October 1990

Table of Contents
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Overview of polarimetric techniques in radar meteorology
Author(s): Viswanathan N. Bringi; V. Chandrasekar; Peter F. Meischner
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Optimal polarimetric processing of SAR imagery
Author(s): Leslie M. Novak; Michael C. Burl; Ronald D. Chaney; Gregory J. Owirka
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Determination of the characteristic polarization states of the target scattering matrix [S(AB)] for the coherent, monostatic, and reciprocal propagation space
Author(s): An-Qing Xi; Wolfgang-Martin Boerner
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Optimal processing polarization signals for remote sensing: theory and experiment
Author(s): Alexsander I. Logvin; Anatoliy Ivanovitch Kozlov
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Polarimetric signatures of extended meterological targets derived with the DLR radar
Author(s): Arno Schroth; Karl Tragl; Ernst Lueneburg; Mudjianto Chandra M.D.
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Tests of criteria for averaging polarimetric radar data
Author(s): Joseph D. Silverstein; Geoffrey H. Goldman
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Applications of polarimetry to target/clutter discrimination in millimeter-wave radar systems
Author(s): William A. Holm
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Improved polarization detect and discriminate in radars
Author(s): Anatoliy Ivanovitch Kozlov; Alexsander I. Logvin
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Applications and limitations of polarimetry
Author(s): Dennis H. Goldstein
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Polarimetric impulse response and polarimetric transfer function for time-sequential polarimeters
Author(s): Russell A. Chipman
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Passive target detection using polarized components of infrared signatures
Author(s): Timothy J. Rogne; Frederick G. Smith; James E. Rice
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Photopolarimetric observations of satellites
Author(s): Santiago Tapia; Willet I. Beavers; James Y.-K. Cho
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Linear diattenuation and retardance measurements in an IR spectropolarimeter
Author(s): David B. Chenault; Russell A. Chipman
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Imaging polarimeters for optical metrology
Author(s): J. Larry Pezzaniti; Russell A. Chipman
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Conventional and generalized Mueller-matrix ellipsometry using the four-detector photopolarimeter
Author(s): Rasheed M. A. Azzam; Kurt A. Giardina; Ali G. Lopez
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Large field-of-view KD*P modulator
Author(s): Edward A. West
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Stress and temperature effects on the performance of polarization-maintaining fibers
Author(s): Paul B. Ruffin
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Polarization properties of nonsymmetric retroreflectors
Author(s): Chang-Hyuk An; John W. Morris
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Optical properties of KD*P modulators
Author(s): Edward A. West; Sandeep S. Bhatia
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Polarization studies of Zeeman-affected spectral lines using the MSFC magnetograph
Author(s): K. S. Balasubramaniam; Edward A. West
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Performance of the scattering and crystal polarimeters for the SPECTRUM-X-Gamma mission
Author(s): Ronald F. Elsner; Martin C. Weisskopf; Robert Novick; Philip E. Kaaret; Eric H. Silver
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Ultraviolet polarimeter for characterization of an imaging spectrometer
Author(s): M. Frank Morgan; Russell A. Chipman; Douglas G. Torr
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Polarization analysis of the advanced x-ray astrophysical facility telescope assembly
Author(s): Daniel M. Brown; Russell A. Chipman
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Ellipsometry with far-infrared lasers
Author(s): Karl Barth; Fritz Keilmann
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Polarimeter to measure Mueller matrix components in the ultraviolet, visible, and infrared
Author(s): Richard A. Anderson
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Basic equations of radar polarimetry and its solutions: the characteristic radar-polarization states for the coherent and partially polarized cases
Author(s): Wolfgang-Martin Boerner; Wei-Ling Yan; An-Qing Xi
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Software tool for polarimeter design and evaluation and polarimetric data reduction
Author(s): John R. Engel; Santiago Tapia
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Measurement of corner-cube polarization
Author(s): Randall R. Hodgson; Russell A. Chipman
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Determination of the refractive-index tensor by bireflectance in biaxial crystals
Author(s): Haim Lotem; Zeev Burshtein
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Stokes matrix parameters and their interpretation in terms of physical target properties
Author(s): Jean Richard Huynen
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