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Characterization, Propagation, and Simulation of Infrared Scenes
Editor(s): Milton J. Triplett; Wendell R. Watkins; Ferdinand H. Zegel

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Volume Number: 1311
Date Published: 1 September 1990

Table of Contents
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Field calibration software for thermal imagers and validation experiments
Author(s): Paul C. Chevrette; Daniel St-Germain
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Total radiant exitance measurements
Author(s): Norman H. Macoy
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Fast infrared spectroradiometric techniques
Author(s): Julian Martin Webber; G. B. Joseph
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Portable thermal reference for winter field studies
Author(s): James Lacombe
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Absolute measurement of diffuse and specular reflectance using an FTIR spectrometer with an integrating sphere
Author(s): Robert A. Shepherd
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Ground truthing the atmosphere for infrared system testing
Author(s): Robert W. Smith
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Review of the technology and research in the area of infrared signatures of targets and backgrounds
Author(s): Pieter A.M. Jacobs
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Fundamental limits in temperature estimation
Author(s): Jerzy Nowakowski
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Incorporating the BRDF into an infrared scene generation system
Author(s): Holly E. Rushmeier; Stephen D. Tynor
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Weather impact on background temperatures as predicted by an IR background model
Author(s): Fritz G. Wollenweber
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Characterizing IR dynamic response for foliage backgrounds
Author(s): Steven P. Sullivan; Alexander B. Kostinski
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Diurnal and seasonal variation of structural element thermal signatures
Author(s): John O. Curtis; Salvador Rivera Jr.
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Determination of infrared contrast transmittance through an obscuring atmosphere
Author(s): Leslie Salem Balfour; Adam D. Devir; Ami Ben-Shalom Friedman
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Modeling environmental and sensor effects on infrared system performance
Author(s): Frederick G. Smith; Timothy J. Rogne
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Smart munition thermal sensor model for evaluating effects of terrain and environment
Author(s): Randy K. Scoggins; Harold D. Mixon; Bruce M. Sabol
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Modeling of sea surface effects in FLIR performance codes
Author(s): Alfred W. Cooper; William J. Lentz; Philip L. Walker; E. Moore; Mark G. Ridgeway
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Automated imaging infrared seeker performance evaluation system
Author(s): James T. Flournoy; Elisa R. Towry; Nancy S. Deep
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Generation of signature databases with fast codes
Author(s): Robert A. Bradford; Arthur E. Woodling; James S. Brazzell
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Toward quantifying infrared clutter
Author(s): William R. Reynolds
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Naval surface-based infrared search and track target signature climatology analysis
Author(s): Paul Perry Ostrowski; R. W. Snedegar
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Background measurements using the NPS-IRST system
Author(s): Alfred W. Cooper; William J. Lentz; Raymond C. Engel
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Naval ocean infrared background analysis
Author(s): Paul Perry Ostrowski; Jose J. Perez-Esandi; R. W. Snedegar
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Camouflage simulation and effectiveness assessment for the individual soldier
Author(s): Lisa B. Hepfinger
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Image metrics approach to understanding effects of terrain and environment on performance of thermal target acquisition systems
Author(s): Bruce M. Sabol; Kenneth G. Hall
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Discussion of infrared scene generators
Author(s): Harold Gumbel; Benjamin R. Capone; Robert B. Jones
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Tactical infrared scene simulator incorporating the multiple-dynamic-simulator infrared-emitter array
Author(s): James E. Dillon; Elliot Robert Schildkraut; J. Kevin Silk; L. Kitajewski; Robert A. Martin; Geoffrey R. Woolhouse
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Multiwavelength Scophony infrared scene projector
Author(s): James S. Killius; Brent G. Elder; Lawrence R. Siegel; Michael B. Allweiss
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LBIR target generator and calibrator for preflight seeker tests
Author(s): Bonnie S. Smietanowska; Leonard V. LaCroix; D. Gary Frodsham; David W. Perkes; Dean Shaffer
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Generation of synthetic IR sea images
Author(s): Martin P. Levesque; Daniel St-Germain
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Lockheed sensor test facility: a 1990 update
Author(s): Leonard V. LaCroix; Bonnie S. Smietanowska
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Dual-mode (IR/RF) hardware-in-the-loop simulation facility
Author(s): James E. Dillon; John A. Flanagan; Elliot Robert Schildkraut; J. Kevin Silk
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Interferometric visualization of turbulent structure in a simulated hypervelocity mixing/shear layer
Author(s): Daniel A. Saylor; David A. Kalin
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T*: a calculation aid for radiometry
Author(s): Frederick O. Bartell
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Study in measuring the true surface temperature and emissivity of a heated object by means of a thermosensor
Author(s): Zhi Xie; Guanghui Shan; Kuiming Gao
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Development of the infrared blackbody source of gravity-type heatpipe and study of its characteristic
Author(s): Zhi Xie; Kuiming Gao; Guanghui Shan
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Development of the radiation characteristics of a compound-cavity blackbody
Author(s): Guanghui Shan; Kuiming Gao
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Precise calculation of the integrated emissivity of a multiple-celled large-area blackbody source
Author(s): Wei Zhang; Zhi Xie; Kuiming Gao
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Characterization and optimization of infrared-imager detector response for long-path research
Author(s): Frank T. Kantrowitz; Wendell R. Watkins; Daniel R. Billingsley; Fernando R. Palacios
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