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Infrared Detectors and Focal Plane Arrays

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Volume Number: 1308
Date Published: 1 September 1990

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Review of Schottky-barrier imager technology
Author(s): Walter F. Kosonocky
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Nickel silicide Schottky-barrier detectors for short-wavelength infrared applications
Author(s): Jerzy M. Kurianski; J. Van Damme; Jan P. Vermeiren; Karen Maex; Cor L. Claeys
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Wide-field-of-view PtSi infrared focal plane array
Author(s): Edward T. Nelson; Kwok Y. Wong; Shozo Yoshizumi; D. Rockafellow; William Des Jardin; Michael B. Elzinga; James P. Lavine; Timothy J. Tredwell; Rajinder P. Khosla; Paul H. Sorlie; Bryan L. Howe; Stuart Brickman; Stanley Refermat
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512 x 512 PtSi IR camera head
Author(s): Leland Ray Hudson; Weng-Lyang Wang
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Schottky-barrier image sensor with 100% fill factor
Author(s): Walter F. Kosonocky; Thomas S. Villani; Frank V. Shallcross; Grazyna M. Meray; John J. O'Neill III
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640 x 480 element PtSi IR sensor with low-noise MOS X-Y addressable multiplexer
Author(s): Donald J. Sauer; Fu-Lung Hseuh; Frank V. Shallcross; Grazyna M. Meray; Thomas S. Villani
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High-resolution 2048 x 16 TDI PtSi IR imaging CCD
Author(s): Marc T. Daigle; Don W. Colvin; Edward T. Nelson; Stuart Brickman; K. W. Wong; Shozo Yoshizumi; Michael B. Elzinga; Paul H. Sorlie; D. Rockafellow; Paul Travers; R. Avel
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244 x 400 element hybrid platinum silicide Schottky focal plane array
Author(s): Jeffrey Edwards; James L. Gates; Adrian P. Alting-Mees; William G. Connelly; A. Thompson
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1/f noise measurements on PtSi focal plane arrays
Author(s): Jonathan Martin Mooney
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Monolithic Schottky-barrier focal plane arrays with high fill factors
Author(s): Michael J. McNutt
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High-performance PTSI MWIR camera
Author(s): Darryl L. Sato; William A. Terre; William S. Ewing; James L. Gates
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Multispectral band Schottky-barrier IRCCD for remote-sensing application
Author(s): Masahiko Denda; Masafumi Kimata; Shuhei Iwade; Naoki Yutani; Takashi Kondo; Natsuro Tsubouchi
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HgCdTe on Si for hybrid and monolithic FPAs
Author(s): Kenneth R. Zanio
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Performance of a InSb hybrid focal plane array
Author(s): Michael A. Blessinger; Robert C. Fischer; Charles J. Martin; Curtiss A. Niblack; Harold Al Timlin; Gert Finger
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256 x 256 PACE-1 PV HgCdTe focal plane arrays for medium and short wavelength IR applications
Author(s): Lester J. Kozlowski; Kadri Vural; V. H. Johnson; J. K. Chen; Robert B. Bailey; Duc Q. Bui; Michael J. Gubala; James Ralph Teague
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Effects of contact resistance on the performance of photovoltaic infrared detectors
Author(s): Mark E. Greiner; R. Michael Davis; Edward S. Brinkman
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Nonuniformity correction for staring IR focal plane arrays using scene-based techniques
Author(s): Dean A. Scribner; Kenneth A. Sarkady; John T. Caulfield; Melvin R. Kruer; G. Katz; C. J. Gridley; Charles Herman
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Characterization of IR focal plane test stations
Author(s): Christopher R. Costanzo; Christopher L. Kauffman; Khoa V. Dang
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Leak testing of IR sensor dewars to 1E-15 std He/s
Author(s): Y. Tito Sasaki; Lyle E. Bergquist
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Monolithic IR sensor arrays in heteroepitaxial narrow-gap lead chalcogenides on Si for the SWIR, MWIR, and LWIR range
Author(s): Hans Zogg; Clau Maissen; Jiri Masek; Stefan Blunier; Taizo J. Hoshino
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Linear arrays of InGaAs/InP avalanche photodiodes for 1.0-1.7 um
Author(s): Donald A. Ackley; J. Hladky; M. Kazakia; S. M. Mason; G. C. Erickson; Gregory H. Olsen; Vladimir S. Ban; Stephen R. Forrest; Craig O. Staller
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New meander channel 2-D CCD imager on GaAs
Author(s): Peter B. Kosel; Nercy Bozorgebrahimi
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On the field emission from superlattices of small-gap materials with graded structures in the presence of a strong magnetic field
Author(s): Kamakhya Prasad Ghatak; Ardhendhu Ghoshal; Shambhu Nath Biswas; Manabendra Mondal
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Temperature limitations to infrared detectors
Author(s): Arthur S. Jensen
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Thermal design and verification of an instrument cooling system for infrared detectors utiliziing the Oxford Stirling cycle refrigerator
Author(s): Stephen Werrett; Alfred L. Seivold
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Miniature integrated dewar/cooler assembly
Author(s): Andrew P. Owen
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Fire detection system for aircraft cargo bays
Author(s): Michael L. Parsons; Peter L. Hutchins; Vincent Y. Tseng
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Important considerations on the use of an integrating focal plane array camera in an optical recognition system
Author(s): Bret F. Draayer; Paul A. Billings; Michael K. Giles
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Electro-optical characterization of CCD imagers designed for use in acousto-optic channelized receivers
Author(s): Stephen J. Strunk; James F. Coward; Lawrence J. Newel
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Fully integrated Schottky array: a new generation of metal silicide infrared detectors
Author(s): Ulrich Theden; Martin A. Green; John W. V. Storey; Jerzy M. Kurianski
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High-performance PtSi linear and area focal plane arrays
Author(s): Bob Maddoux; Steve Burt
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Comparison of mercury cadmium telluride photoconductive detectors for 10.6-um detection as a function of temperature
Author(s): Irwin Kudman; William H. Rolls
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Low leakage current high breakdown voltage InSb p+n diodes
Author(s): Tai Ping Sun; Si-Chen Lee; Kou-Chen Liu; Sheng-Jehn Yang
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Noise characteristics of cryo-SiCMOS multiplexed FGA readouts below 30 K
Author(s): Hong-Mook Kim
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GaAs CCD readout for engineered bandgap detectors
Author(s): John Song; David Vance Rossi; Eric R. Fossum
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