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Acquisition, Tracking, and Pointing IV
Editor(s): Sankaran Gowrinathan

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Volume Number: 1304
Date Published: 1 September 1990

Table of Contents
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A low-cost alternative to gyroscopes for tracking system stabilization
Author(s): Darren R. Laughlin
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Fast steering mirror design and performance for stabilization and single axis scanning
Author(s): Larry R. Hedding
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Backlash control techniques in geared servo mechathcs
Author(s): Bruce J. Black
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Use of magnetic suspension for accurate pointing and tracking under static and dynamic loading
Author(s): Jeffrey Bluen
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Optical fiber and photodetector array for robotic seam tracking
Author(s): George W. Woodruff
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Star trackers for spacecraft applications
Author(s): Lawrence W. Cassidy
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Starfire optical range tracking system for the 1.5 meter telescope
Author(s): R. A. Cleis
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Real time, video image centroid tracker
Author(s): Forrest Anderson
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Optical alignment with a beamwalk system
Author(s): D. P. Beach
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Light of sight stabilization requirements for target tracking systems
Author(s): Meir Iecovich
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Image quality with narrow beam illumination in an active tracking system
Author(s): Jerzy Nowakowski
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A time domain design technique for high precision full digital pointing system in balloon-borne remote infrared sensing
Author(s): Andrea Boscaleri
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IR sensor data fusion for target detection, identification, and tracking
Author(s): Elmer F. Williams
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A target location and pointing algorithm for a three-axis stabilized line scanner (AMIDARS)
Author(s): Marcelo C. Algrain
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Acquisition and tracking interaction in the infrared high-value target acquisition program
Author(s): Hal H. Bybee
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Maximum likelihood estimation applied to quantum-limited optical position-sensing
Author(s): B. J. Slocumb
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Multi-target acquisition fire control simulation
Author(s): Michael J. Krok
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Adaptive control system techniques applied to inertial stabilization systems
Author(s): J. M. Hilkert
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Supervisory control of EO tracking and pointing
Author(s): William J. Bigley
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Position loop compensation for flex pivot mounted gimbal stabilization systems
Author(s): Benigno Maqueira
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Advanced testing methods for acquisition, tracking, and pointing
Author(s): Henry Sebesta
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Hadamard image domain high performance EKF for low SNR, long range, small target tracking
Author(s): Anthony Reid
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Development of kinematics for gimballed mirror systems
Author(s): Jim Royalty
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Trapezoidal or sinusoidal commutation control of brushless D.C. motors with pulse width modulation amplifiers
Author(s): Gary R. Herrington
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Multiple target tracking in a wide-field-of-view camera system
Author(s): Hye-Sook Park
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