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Optical Interconnections and Networks
Editor(s): Hartmut Bartelt

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Volume Number: 1281
Date Published: 1 August 1990

Table of Contents
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Comparison of optical and electrical data interconnections at the board and backplane levels
Author(s): P. J. Ayliffe; James Wilson Parker; Alan Robinson
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Wafer-level optical interconnection network layout
Author(s): Lawrence Anthony Hornak; Stuart K. Tewksbury; Timothy W. Weidman; Elizabeth W. Kwock
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Optical multichannel parallel chip-to-chip data distribution
Author(s): Holger Karstensen; Hartmut W. Schneider; A. Staudt; Helmut Zarschizky; Christian Gerndt; Ekkehard Klement; Harald Tischer
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Optical interconnects in a multicomputer environment
Author(s): Edward E. E. Frietman; A. C.M. De Vette; L. Dekker; Lambis Tassakos
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Limitations on optical free-space crossbarlike interconnection networks
Author(s): Dror G. Feitelson; Larry Rudolph; Eugen Schenfeld
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Optical interconnection network with 3-D layout and distributed control
Author(s): Larry Rudolph; Dror G. Feitelson; Eugen Schenfeld
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Optical crossbar network MILORD machine: last developments and results
Author(s): Michel Fraces; E. Bodin; Jean-Pierre Bouzinac; D. Comte; P. Siron
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Analysis and simulation of photonic switch networks
Author(s): Mario Nicola Armenise; Beniamino Castagnolo; P. Larizza
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Silicon micromachined (2x2) opto coupler
Author(s): Leif Smith; Lars Tenerz; Bertil Hok
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Integration of picosecond GaAs photoconductive devices with silicon circuits for optical clocking and interconnects
Author(s): Jeffrey D. Morse; Raymond P. Mariella; Gregory Anderson; Robert W. Dutton
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Clock distribution using a synthetic HOE with multiple fan-out at IR-wavelength
Author(s): Helmut Zarschizky; Holger Karstensen; A. Staudt; Ekkehard Klement
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HOE for clock distribution in integrated circuits: experimental results
Author(s): D. Prongue; Hans Peter Herzig
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Optical implementation of neural networks
Author(s): Kazuo Kyuma; Kazumasa Mitsunaga; Jun Ohta
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Optoelectronic implementation of a neural network
Author(s): Kevin J. Heggarty; Raymond C. Chevallier; Yizhak Idan; Gabriel Y. Sirat
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Invariance in an optoelectronic implementation of neural networks
Author(s): Yizhak Idan; Raymond C. Chevallier; Kevin J. Heggarty; Gabriel Y. Sirat
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Fixed holographic optical interconnects for neural networks
Author(s): Nick C. Roberts
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Array of logic XNOR gates and its application to the optical implementation of neural networks
Author(s): Hongchen Zhai; Ruediger Jaspert; Stefan Schlier; Dieter Jaeger
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CGHs designed using a simulated annealing procedure on the complex zeros of the far-field pattern
Author(s): G. C. Baister; Trevor J. Hall
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Recording reversible patterns in polymer lightguides
Author(s): Thomas Lueckemeyer; Juergen R. Kulisch; H. Franke; Werner F. Frank
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Arbitrary interconnections with 2-D Dammann-type stripe holograms
Author(s): Jari Pekka Turunen; Antti H. Vasara; Jan Westerholm; Arto U. Salin
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Hybridized optoelectronic modulator arrays for chip-to-chip optical interconnection
Author(s): Martin J. Goodwin; Andrew J. Moseley; D. J. Robbins; M. Q. Kearley; J. Thompson; O. Clewett; Robert C. Goodfellow; Ian Bennion
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Analysis of irregular and chaotic fluctuations in a self-pumped BaTiO3 phase-conjugate mirror
Author(s): Cornelia Denz; Torsten Rauch; Theo T. Tschudi
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Phase profile determination for a holocoupler/GRIN medium system
Author(s): Maria L. Calvo; Maria Lourdes de Pedraza
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Holographically generated optical components for routing and wavelength division multiplexing applications
Author(s): Jonathan S. Leggatt; Giles R. Chamberlin; Dennis E. Sheat; David J. McCartney
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Computer-aided design and optimization of alignment components for optical systems
Author(s): Mladen M. Tsonev; Jordan Kassabov
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Planar AlGaAs Schottky reflection modulator and photodetector for optical interconnection systems
Author(s): Ulrich Prank; Wolfgang Kowalsky; Karl Joachim Ebeling
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Weight discretization paradigm for optical neural networks
Author(s): Emile Fiesler; Amar Choudry; H. John Caulfield
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