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High Speed Phenomena in Photonic Materials and Optical Bistability
Editor(s): Dieter Jaeger

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Volume Number: 1280
Date Published: 1 August 1990

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Theory of the nonresonant optical Stark effect in semiconductors
Author(s): Hartmut Haug; Ladislaus Banyai; Claudia Ell; Tobias Wicht
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Exciton quantization and nonlinear optical properties in semiconductor quantum wires
Author(s): A. D'Andrea; R. Del Sole
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Nonlinear optical response of two-dimensional magneto-excitons
Author(s): Wilfried Schaefer; Stefan Schmitt-Rink; Charles Stafford
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Relationship between the one-electron mechanisms for the intensity dependence of the refractive index of a semiconductor
Author(s): M. G. Burt
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Carrier lifetime control in III-V multiple quantum wells
Author(s): Michael Lynch; John Hegarty; A. Ginty; William M. Kelly
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Dynamical equations for excitonic nonlinearities in MQW structures
Author(s): Gian Paolo Bava; Pierluigi DeBernardi; Luigi A. Lugiato
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On the photoemission from 3-D quantum well boxes of nonlinear optical materials in the presence of crossed electric and magnetic fields
Author(s): Kamakhya Prasad Ghatak
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Optical nonlinearities enhanced by using carrier transport
Author(s): Elsa M. Garmire
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Photoconductance investigations of single period and multilayer PbTe n-i-p-is
Author(s): Josef Oswald; Manfred Pippan; Beate Tranta; Guenther E. Bauer
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Band structure engineering of optical nonlinearities in semiconductor superlattices
Author(s): Ian Morrison; Milan Jaros
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Nonlinear optical response in high-Tc superconducting microparticle composites
Author(s): Joseph W. Haus; Charles M. Bowden; Mark J. Bloemer
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Switching characteristics of SEEDs with integrated Fabry-Perot resonator
Author(s): Martin Walther; Karl Joachim Ebeling
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Electric field dependence of optical properties of a double quantum well: experiment and applications
Author(s): Domenico Campi; C. Cacciatore; Claudio Coriasso; C. Villavecchia; Claude L. Alibert
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Femtosecond optical gating in GaSe
Author(s): C. Hirlimann; J. F. Morhange
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Nonlinear guided-wave grating phenomena
Author(s): Jeffrey E. Ehrlich; Gaetano Assanto; George I. Stegeman
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Filter characteristics and optical bistability in NLDFB devices with different grating profiles
Author(s): Annemie Empsten; Irina P. Veretennicoff
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Picosecond photonic switching in silicon-on-sapphire waveguides
Author(s): Dominique Berard; Nicole A. Paraire; Gilbert Martinelli; Alain Koster
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Transfer matrix formalism for the stationary response of nonlinear, multilayered structures for optical bistability
Author(s): Jan Danckaert; Kristel Fobelets; Gert Cauwenberghs; Irina P. Veretennicoff
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Intrinsic optical bistability of structured nanoparticle composites
Author(s): Meyer H. Birnboim; Wei Ping Ma; Joseph W. Haus; Nauzer Kalyaniwalla; Ramarao Inguva
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Fast optical gates with and without Fabry-Perot cavity
Author(s): Jacques H. Collet; Michel Pugnet; Laurent Nardo
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Electro-optical modulation in AlGaAs/GaAs distributed feedback structures
Author(s): Stefan Zumkley; Georg Wingen; Gustaaf Borghs; F. Scheffer; W. Prost; Dieter Jaeger
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All-optical switching and bistability in GaAs-based epitaxial structures
Author(s): Robert Kuszelewicz; Bruno Sfez; Jean-Louis Oudar; J. C. Michel; Rozette Azoulay
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N-i-p-i based new concept for optical logic gates
Author(s): Gottfried H. Doehler; Peter Kiesel; H. Lin; Peter Riel; Karl Joachim Ebeling; Jeffrey N. Miller
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Progress towards the demonstration of a digital-optical cellular logic image processor
Author(s): Brian S. Wherrett; Andrew C. Walker; Stanley D. Smith
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Internal redistribution of the electric field and optical nonlinearity in p-i-n heterostructure by electroabsorbtion of light
Author(s): Dmitry M. Boutoussov; G. G. Gotsadze; Boris S. Ryvkin; Robert A. Suris
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Fast optical wavelength bistability under the mode-hopping phenomenon in semiconductor lasers
Author(s): Wakao Sasaki; Hirokazu Nakayama; Masahiro Mitsuda; Tatehisa Ohta
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Highly sensitive p-n-p-n differential optical switch
Author(s): Kunihiko Hara; Keisuke Kojima; Kazumasa Mitsunaga; Kazuo Kyuma
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Photoconductive thermo-optical devices for optical logic using guided-wave excitation in SOS film
Author(s): Alain Koster; Weidong Chi; Nicole A. Paraire; Suzanne Laval
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Optically addressed surface plasmon spatial light modulators
Author(s): Martin E. Caldwell; Eric M. Yeatman
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Optical bistability in a cavity with light-induced relaxation of nonlinearity
Author(s): V. Yu. Bazhenov; Marat S. Soskin; Victor B. Taranenko
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Ferroelectric liquid crystals for polarization-based optical binary logic gates utilizing polarization-maintaining optical fibers
Author(s): Andrzej W. Domanski; Marek Wojciech Sierakowski; I. Stepinska; P. Stepinski; Tomasz R. Wolinski
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High speed optically induced intensity switching in BCRW twin-stripe lasers
Author(s): Xiangkun Zhang; Helmut Grothe
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Photoinduced anisotropy, four-wave mixing, and phase conjugation in materials based on bacteriorhodopsin
Author(s): Elena Y. Korchemskaya; Marat S. Soskin; Victor B. Taranenko
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Simultaneous oscillations in coupled ring cavities with a common photoreflective amplifier
Author(s): V. Yu. Bazhenov; Mikhail V. Vasnetsov; Victor B. Taranenko
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Miniature semiconductor ring laser sources for integrated optical circuits
Author(s): Wei Chen; Peter J. R. Laybourn; Andrzej F. Jezierski; Thomas F. Krauss; P. W. Webb
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MQW p-i-n heterostructure electro-optical characteristics in the region of allowed and "forbidden" transitions in quantum wells
Author(s): Polievet I. Perov; A. V. Chomich; L. A. Avdeeva; B. K. Medvedev; V. B. Mokerov
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