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Excimer Lasers and Applications II
Editor(s): Tommaso Letardi

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Volume Number: 1278
Date Published: 1 August 1990

Table of Contents
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Experimental study of a photoswitched discharge for excimer laser
Author(s): Bernard Lacour; M. Legentil; S. Mizzi; S. Pasquiers; Vincent Puech
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Narrow-bandwidth operation of a XeCl laser with SFUR
Author(s): J. W. Chen; Vincenzo Nassisi; Maria Rita Perrone
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Operation of a 10-L discharge XeCl laser
Author(s): Sarah Bollanti; Paolo Di Lazzaro; Francesco Flora; A. M. Gerardino; Gualtiero Giordano; Tommaso Letardi; Nicola Lisi; Giovanni Schina; Cheng En Zheng
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Automated measurement of the EUREKA EU213 excimer laser pulse-forming line
Author(s): Allan D. Boardman; Elizabeth M. Hodgson; A. J. Spence; M. Wilkins; Jian Wu; J. A. Ashton
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Microwave excitation of a XeCl laser without preionization
Author(s): Hans Hermann Klingenberg; Frank Gekat; Gerhard Spindler
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Excimer laser of extremely homogeneous UV spark preionization
Author(s): Arnold A. Vill; Ants A. Salk
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Spectrally narrowed lasing of a self-injection KrF excimer laser
Author(s): Yasuhiro Shimada; Koichi Wani; Tadaaki Miki; Hidehito Kawahara; Mutsumi Mimasu; Yoshiro Ogata
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Spectral narrowing and phase-conjugation radiation of XeCl laser
Author(s): Sergey Sergeivich Alimpiev; Viacheslav S. Bukreev; Serge K. Vartapetov; Igor A. Veselovsky; Vachagan S. Nersisian
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10 x 10 cm2 aperture x-ray preionized discharge-pumped KrF excimer laser
Author(s): Hakaru Mizoguchi; Akira Endo; Jayden N. Jethwa; Fritz P. Schaefer
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Acoustic-wave-damping experimental study in x-ray preionized high-repetition rate XeCl
Author(s): Patrick Canarelli; Marc L. Sentis; Philippe Ch. Delaporte; Bernard L. Fontaine; Bernard M. Forestier
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Long-pulse x-ray preionized XeCl laser with double discharge and magnetic switching
Author(s): Bernard L. Fontaine; Jean-Marc Hueber; Philippe Ch. Delaporte; Bernard M. Forestier
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Parametric study of a 3-J XeCl x-ray preionized excimer laser
Author(s): Bruno Godard; Emmanuel Estocq; Marc X. Stehle; Patrick Laborde; Jean C. Bonnet; Daniel R. Pigache
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Modeling of XeCl self-sustained discharge
Author(s): Mario Capitelli; Claudine Gorse; Savino Longo
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Compact kinetic code for discharge-pumped XeCl laser modeling
Author(s): Shufen Fu; Honglie Fang; Tommaso Letardi
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Improved modeling of discharge-pumped XeCl lasers
Author(s): Thomas Hammer
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Two-dimensional numerical study of wave damping in a high-average-power excimer laser
Author(s): Miloud Bessafi; Patrick Canarelli; Philippe Ch. Delaporte; Bernard L. Fontaine; Bernard M. Forestier; Marc L. Sentis; David Zeitoun
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Time-resolved gain/loss studies under low- and high-power loading for the XeF C-A transition
Author(s): Robert C. Sze; Marc L. Sentis; Matteo Vannini
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Atmospheric pressure operation of a repetitive KrF laser-plasma x-ray source at hv = 1.1 keV
Author(s): I. C. Edmond Turcu; Fergus O'Neill; Gregory J. Tallents; T. Hannon; Dimitri Batani; Antonio Giulietti; C. W. Wharton; R. A. Meldrum
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