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Adaptive Optics and Optical Structures
Editor(s): Joachim J. Schulte-in-den-Baeumen; Robert K. Tyson

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Volume Number: 1271
Date Published: 1 August 1990

Table of Contents
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Adaptive optics: dither optimization method in an adaptive optic modal control
Author(s): Philippe Hirel; Jean-Luc Lamard
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Adaptive optics: effect of sampling rate and time lags on the closed loop bandwidth
Author(s): Jean-Paul Gaffard; Corinne Boyer
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Theoretical studies of system performance and adaptive optics design parameters
Author(s): Robert K. Tyson
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Adaptive optics: interaction matrix measurements and real time control algorithms for the COME-ON project
Author(s): Corinne Boyer; Vincent Michau; Gerard Rousset
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Hartmann-Shack wavefront sensing and wavefront control algorithm
Author(s): Wenhan Jiang; Huagui Li
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Wavefront measurement method using optoelectronic Fourier processor
Author(s): Nickolay I. Dmitriyev
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Cophasing segmented mirrors with large surface errors using physical and geometrical ray-based techniques
Author(s): Paul K. Manhart
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Unstable resonator power control without beam quality degradation
Author(s): Victor V. Apollonov; Sergue A. Chetkin; Victor I. Kislov; Gleb V. Vdovin
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Absolute instability of oppositely directed waves without a frequency detuning and a high-reflectivity phase-conjugate mirror
Author(s): Igor Yu. Anikeev; Iosif G. Zubarev; Sergey I. Mikhailov
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Double XeCl laser with a phase-conjugate Brillouin cavity
Author(s): J. W. Chen; Vincenzo Nassisi; Maria Rita Perrone
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Stimulated Brillouin scattering at 248 nm for application to lensless imaging
Author(s): Anton K. Pfau; Detlev Proch; Friedrich G. Bachmann
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Real-time phase visualization using phase conjugating mirror
Author(s): Qing Tang; Erwin Jaeger; Theo T. Tschudi
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Adaptive optics: a bimorph mirror for wavefront correction
Author(s): Pascal Jagourel; Pierre-Yves Madec; Marc Sechaud
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Structure peculiarities of automatic control systems for adaptive deformable mirrors
Author(s): Svetlana Nikolayevn Glebova; Evgenij Tikchonovi Rajenkov; E. G. Vinogradov
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Wavefront control of large optical systems
Author(s): Aden B. Meinel; Marjorie P. Meinel; James B. Breckinridge
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Precision segmented reflectors for space applications
Author(s): David H. Lehman; Eugene V. Pawlik; Aden B. Meinel; W. B. Fichter
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New concept of adaptive optical system creation
Author(s): Victor V. Apollonov; Sergue A. Chetkin; E. A. Ivanova; Alexander M. Prokhorov; Gleb V. Vdovin
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NSO/SP adaptive optics program
Author(s): Richard B. Dunn
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Adaptive optics prototype system for IR astronomy II: first observing results
Author(s): Fritz Merkle; Pierre Y. Kern; Francois J. Rigaut; Pierre J. Lena; Gerard Rousset
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Adaptive optics prototype system for infrared astronomy, I: system description
Author(s): Pierre Y. Kern; Pierre J. Lena; Pierre Gigan; Francois J. Rigaut; Gerard Rousset; Jean-Claude Fontanella; Jean-Paul Gaffard; Corinne Boyer; Pascal Jagourel; Fritz Merkle
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Integrated wavefront corrector
Author(s): Mark A. Ealey; Clifton E. Wheeler
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8.2 metre primary mirrors of the VLT
Author(s): Philippe Dierickx; Daniel Enard; Fritz Merkle; Lothar Noethe; Raymond N. Wilson
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Spin-cast ZERODUR * mirror substrates of the 8 m class and lightweighted substrates for secondary mirrors
Author(s): Rudolf W. Mueller; Hartmut W. Hoeness
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Segmented mirrors for DGT
Author(s): Peter Ruemmer; Ernst-Dieter Knohl; Immo Appenzeller; Christoph F. Kuehne; K. Bahner
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About focal tolerances of the segments of Deutsches Grossteleskop
Author(s): Christoph F. Kuehne
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Test and theoretical comparisons for bending and springing of the Keck segmented ten meter telescope
Author(s): John W. Pepi
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Progress in designing an optical 12-m telescope
Author(s): Harald E. Nicklas; K. J. Fricke
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Dynamics and control performance of a very large telescopic structure
Author(s): Harald E. Nicklas; Hans Juergen Kaercher; D. Maurer; B. Arras
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Combined interferometry and ray tracing analysis to optimise the alignment of astronomical telescopes
Author(s): Eli Ettedgui-Atad; John W. Harris; Colin M. Humphries
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System alignment using the Talbot effect
Author(s): Raymond C. Chevallier; Eric Le Falher; Kevin J. Heggarty
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Sensor-controlled optical assembling
Author(s): Christiaan H. F. Velzel
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Computer-aided optical alignment method
Author(s): Matthew P. Rimmer
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Alignment of multielement lenses on the basis of the interferogram analysis on computers
Author(s): Mikhail A. Gan; Sergey I. Ustinov
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Kinoforms long focal objectives for astronomy
Author(s): Mikhail A. Gan
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Interactive visualization techniques for optical system design and alignment
Author(s): Vincent J. Harrand; Jeroen van der Zijp; Amar Choudry
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Some recent applications of electromagnetic theory in optics
Author(s): Roger Petit
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