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Optical Thin Films and Applications
Editor(s): Reinhard Herrmann

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Volume Number: 1270
Date Published: 1 August 1990

Table of Contents
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Epstein equivalent layer versus Chebyshev polynomial synthesis in optical interference coating design
Author(s): Alfred J. Thelen
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Dielectric filter optimization by simulated thermal annealing: a simulated zone-melting approach
Author(s): Rudolph H. Morf; Rino E. Kunz
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Stochastic synthesis of multilayers
Author(s): Amedeo Premoli; Maria Luisa Rastello
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Optimality of thin film optical coating design
Author(s): Alexander V. Tikhonravov
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Design of wideband antireflection coating with the Fourier transform method
Author(s): Ronald R. Willey; Pierre G. Verly; Jerzy A. Dobrowolski
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Generalized properties of superfine stratified periodic structures
Author(s): A. V. Kozar
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Approach to the development of CAD/CAM system for multilayer optical coatings
Author(s): G. R. Mohan Rao; C. L. Nagendra; G. K. M. Thutupalli
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Further studies on thermal aspects of inclusion-dominated processes in laser-induced thin film damage
Author(s): Arthur H. Guenther; John K. McIver
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Scattering from optical surfaces and coatings: an easy investigation of microroughness
Author(s): Claude Amra; Didier Torricini; Yannick Boucher; Laurent Bruel; Emile P. Pelletier
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Photothermal deflection spectroscopy for the study of thin films and optical coatings: measurements of absorption losses and detection of photoinduced changes
Author(s): Mireille Commandre; Pierre J. Roche; Gerard Albrand; Emile P. Pelletier
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Classical oscillator dispersion model for optical coatings
Author(s): Joseph H. Apfel
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Characterization of optical thin films for applications at 10.6 um
Author(s): Martin Kaspar; R. Pfefferkorn; Juergen Ramm
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Recent improvements in PDS technique for low-absorption measurements
Author(s): Marco Montecchi; Enrico Masetti; Gabriele Emiliani
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Optical characterization of low-absorbing thin films in the visible and infrared spectrum
Author(s): Enrico Masetti; Angela M. Piegari; A. Tirabassi
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Developments in in-situ ellipsometer monitoring of thin film growth during reactive ion plating deposition
Author(s): Steven Savrda; Marc D. Himel; Karl H. Guenther; Frank K. Urban III
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Measuring surface roughness of an optical thin film with scanning tunneling microscopes
Author(s): Khaled J. Habib; Virgil B. Eling; C. Wu
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Comparison of different technologies for high-quality optical coatings
Author(s): Francois Flory
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Interference filters from molecular beam deposition
Author(s): Ian T. Muirhead; Christopher C.H. Hale; Shari Powell Fisher; John Gordon H. Mathew
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PLISD: a new high-vacuum sputtering technique for thin film deposition
Author(s): Liang Shi
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Large-area IAD with a new plasma source
Author(s): Alfons Zoeller; Rainer Goetzelmann; Reinhard Herrmann; K. Matl
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Recent progress in optical coating technology: low-voltage ion plating deposition
Author(s): Karl H. Guenther
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Deposition and characterization of sputtered vanadium dioxide films
Author(s): Christopher C.H. Hale; James S. Orr; H. Gordon; H. J. Orr; Leonard T. Traub; Keith L. Lewis
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Combined filter method for spectral response matching
Author(s): Maria Luisa Rastello; Alberto Tagliaferro
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System performance in IR atmospheric radiometry
Author(s): John S. Seeley; Roger Hunneman; Gary John Hawkins
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How an optical coating alters the path of a ray
Author(s): Philip Werner Baumeister
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Control of parameters of diffraction gratings on mirrors with multilayer coatings
Author(s): M. F. Malkhozov; A. S. Popov; V. M. Mjakinkov
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Dielectric films deposition with cross-section variable thickness for amplitude filters on the basis of frustrated total internal reflection
Author(s): Svetlana G. Lukishova; Sergej A. Kovtonuk; Anatoly A. Ermakov; Vladimir P. Pashinin; Evgeny E. Plavtov; Alexey S. Svakhin; Aleksandr A. Golubsky
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Design of optical coatings
Author(s): Claus W. Gunkel
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Design and manufacturing of ophthalmic antireflection coatings with low angular color shift
Author(s): Werner Klug; Reinhard Herrmann; Guenter Sauer
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Thickness distribution of evaporated films
Author(s): Anthony Musset; Ian C. Stevenson
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Geometrical limiting performances of a thermal evaporation PVD unit for lens coating
Author(s): Salvador Bosch
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Ellipsometry of thin uniaxial layers
Author(s): Andrew Y. Tronin; Valery N. Filippov; Alisa F. Konstantinova; Michael M. Karpuk
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Investigation of scattering caused by thin film columnar structure
Author(s): Aleksei A. Bikov; V. V. Popov; Alexander V. Tikhonravov
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Laser-induced damage thresholds and optical constants of ion-plated and ion-beam-sputtered Al2O3 and HfO2 coatings for the ultraviolet
Author(s): Alexandra Starke; Harald Schink; Jurgen Kolbe; Johanes Ebert
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