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In-Process Optical Measurements and Industrial Methods
Editor(s): H. A. Macleod; Peter Langenbeck

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Volume Number: 1266
Date Published: 1 August 1990

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On-line optical sensors for industrial material inspection
Author(s): Paolo G. Cielo
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Locometer: on-line inspection of locomotive wheel to rail movements using high precision CCD metrology
Author(s): Peter Seitz; Michael T. Gale; Heinrich Meier; Jeffrey M. Raynor; P. Wolff; M. Hecht
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Camber measurement in quality control of beryllia capillary tubes for argon ion lasers
Author(s): John N. Pike; Alfred M. Gaibrois; James F. Lynch
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Using an automatic video inspection system to guarantee in-line film registration
Author(s): William J. Burke III
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Magnetic and magneto-optical properties of bismuth-substituted gadolinium iron garnets
Author(s): M. Guillot; H. Le Gall; M. Artinian
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Broadband optical monitoring of filters fabricated using molecular beam deposition
Author(s): Shari Powell Fisher; Christopher C.H. Hale; Ian T. Muirhead; John Gordon H. Mathew; Robert J. Cornwell
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Miniaturized FT-IR spectrometer for industrial process measurements
Author(s): Esko Herrala; Pentti Niemela; Tapio Hannula
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Semiconductor emitter based 32-channel spectrophotometer module for real-time process measurements
Author(s): Heimo Keranen; Jouko Malinen
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Rugged multiwavelength NIR and IR analyzers for industrial process measurements
Author(s): Timo S. Hyvarinen; Pentti Niemela
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Measurement of vibration with low detection limit at audible frequencies
Author(s): Anastasius J.A. Bruinsma; E. J.J. Doppenberg; M. M. Joon; J. W. Verheij
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Safety of optical systems in hazardous areas
Author(s): Graham Tortoishell
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Non-invasive measurement of ion currents in plasma assisted processes using an optical fiber Faraday ring ammeter
Author(s): Karl H. Guenther; Indu F. Saxena; Roy B. Torbert
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In-situ film thickness monitoring in CVD and other thin film deposition processes
Author(s): Piet J. Severin
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In-situ fiber interferometer for measuring quasi-conical diamond-turned surfaces
Author(s): Lech Wosinski; Magnus Breidne
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Interference pattern processing technique for optical phase measurement with applications in precision surface metrology
Author(s): W. Tischer
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Deformation analysis of optical components for CO2-laser systems using holographic interferometry
Author(s): Manfred Weck; M. Krauhausen
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Surface metrology by phase contrast
Author(s): Lionel R. Baker
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Microprofilometry using a spatial carrier frequency interferometrical technique
Author(s): Gottfried Frankowski; Frank Schillke
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Light scattering method: inspection of diamond turning process
Author(s): Haiming Wang; Hangyu Mi
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Influence of thermal expansion of the cutting tool on the workpiece accuracy during diamond turning
Author(s): Manfred Weck; J. Luderich
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Optical surface fabrication on ultra precision machines
Author(s): Sergey V. Ljubarsky; V. G. Sobolev; Sergey E. Shevtsov
Generation of surface topology by interaction of vibration, spindle speed and feed velocity
Author(s): Ruediger Haberland; G. Pfeifer
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Description of off-axis conic surfaces for nonaxizymmetric surface generation
Author(s): Mark C. Gerchman
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Sensitivity enhancement in speckle metrology
Author(s): Meirong Tu; Peter J. Gielisse
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Measurement of surface quality using a moire deflectometer
Author(s): Eliezer Keren; Kathi Kreske; Amiadav Livnat
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Ellipsometric study of the growing crystal face
Author(s): Andrew Y. Tronin
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Finish machining of optical surfaces
Author(s): Alexander I. Grodnikov; Vladimir P. Korovkin; Vladimir A. Gorshkov; Ju. K. Lysyanny
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Some recent applications of electromagnetic theory in optics
Author(s): Roger Petit
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