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Industrial Inspection II
Editor(s): Donald W. Braggins

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Volume Number: 1265
Date Published: 1 August 1990

Table of Contents
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Integration of design and inspection
Author(s): William H. Simmonds
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CAD/CAM-coupled image processing systems
Author(s): Rolf-Juergen Ahlers; W. Rauh
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Optical noninvasive and nondestructive sensing of the glass transition temperature of 1-um-thick polymer films
Author(s): Dietmar Rueger; Christof Reinhard; Franco Laeri; Heinz Hilgers
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Fiber optic illumination systems
Author(s): A. Frischknecht
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Method of image transferring by a noncoherent fiber optic bundle
Author(s): Jan Dorosz; Krzysztof Kruczkowski; Marek Gluszczak
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Laser computer-aided phase microscope with 10-nm resolution
Author(s): Vladimir P. Tychinsky; Alexander V. Tavrov
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3-D camera based on conoscopic holography
Author(s): Didier Charlot; Laurent M. Mugnier; Gabriel Y. Sirat
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New stereoscopic approach for the electro-optical coordinate measurement
Author(s): Rolf-Juergen Ahlers; Jianzhong Alexander Lu
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Photometric ranging and 3-D vision
Author(s): Finn Johannessen
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Neural-network-based inspection of machined surfaces using laser scattering
Author(s): Sheldon Gruber; Leda Villalobos
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Color and shape classification with competing paradigms: neural networks versus trainable table classifiers
Author(s): Robert Charles Massen; Thomas Regle; Pia Boettcher
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Neuronal networks for pattern recognition
Author(s): Manfred Rueff; Manfred Schmutz
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Laser scanner for thickness measurements on the production line
Author(s): Thomas C.Y. Leung; Rong-shing Shu; Jiunn-Shyong Wu
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Profile measurement for printed wiring boards
Author(s): Moritoshi Ando; Hiroshi Oka
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Reflectance method for the verification of integrated circuit and masking structures
Author(s): Robert Howard Jones
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Automatic optical detection and classification of submicron defects on e-beam mask blanks
Author(s): Richard Schneider; Dieter Spriegel
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Universal pixel-synchronous data acquisition system for high-resolution CCD image sensors
Author(s): Jeffrey M. Raynor; Peter Seitz; D. Wanner
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Measurement accuracy of noncontact video inspection systems
Author(s): Ubbo Ricklefs
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Full-field Fourier fringe analysis for industrial inspection
Author(s): Andrew A. Malcolm; David R. Burton; Michael J. Lalor
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Measurement of hot surfaces by pulsed time-of-flight laser radar techniques
Author(s): Kari E. Maatta; Juha Tapio Kostamovaara; Risto A. Myllylae
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Automatic quality and ripeness inspection system
Author(s): Jing Fang; Rudolf L. van Renesse
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Optical classification of metal-milled samples using Fourier spectrum sampling
Author(s): Christophe Gorecki
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Multiresolution image processing for rough defect classification
Author(s): Johannes Giet; Bernd Kleinemeier
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Image processing and TV-holography
Author(s): Ole Johan Lokberg; Svein Ellingsrud; Hans Magne Pedersen; Eiolf Vikhagen
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