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Optical/Laser Microlithography III
Editor(s): Victor Pol

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Volume Number: 1264
Date Published: 1 June 1990

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Methods to print optical images at low-k1 factors
Author(s): Burn Jeng Lin
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Phase-shifting mask and FLEX method for advanced photolithography
Author(s): Hiroshi Fukuda; Akira Imai; Shinji Okazaki
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Considerations on the focus latitude for G-line and DUV resists
Author(s): Ralph R. Dammel; Charlet R. Lindley; Winfried Meier; Georg Pawlowski; Juergen Theis; Wolfgang Henke
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Assessment of high-contrast G- and I-line resists using high-numerical-aperture exposure tools
Author(s): Alois Gutmann; Johann Binder; Guenther Czech; Juergen Karl; Leonhard Mader; Daniel Sarlette; Wolfgang Henke
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Characterization of an asymmetric nonlinear component of process induced distortion in thermally stressed silicon wafers
Author(s): Paul T. Herrington; Bruce E. Woolery
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Deep-ultraviolet lithography for 500-nm devices
Author(s): Steven J. Holmes; Ruth Levy; Albert S. Bergendahl; Karey L. Holland; John G. Maltabes; Stephen E. Knight; Katherine C. Norris; Denis Poley
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Image quality of higher NA I-line projection lens
Author(s): Shinichi Nakamura; Koichi Matsumoto; Kazuo Ushida; Masaomi Kameyama
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High-numerical-aperture I-line stepper
Author(s): Barton A. Katz; James S. Greeneich; Mark G. Bigelow; Ann Katz; Frits J. van Hout; Jos F. Coolsen
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0.5-um photolithography using high-numerical-aperture I-line wafer steppers
Author(s): William H. Arnold; Anna Maria Minvielle; Khoi A. Phan; Bhanwar Singh; Michael K. Templeton
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Dry etching for high-resolution maskmaking
Author(s): Serge V. Tedesco; Christophe Pierrat; Jean Michel Lamure; C. Sourd; Jean-Luc Martin; Jean Charles Guibert
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0.5-um optical mask process for 364-nm scanned laser lithography
Author(s): Peter D. Buck
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New phase-shifting mask with highly transparent SiO2 phase shifters
Author(s): Isamu Hanyu; Satoru Asai; Kinjiro Kosemura; Hiroshi Ito; Mitsuji Nunokawa; Masayuki Abe
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Precise alignment using optical phase-shifting technique
Author(s): Yiping Xu
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Modeling of optical alignment and metrology schemes used in integrated circuit manufacturing
Author(s): Chi-Min Yuan; Andrzej J. Strojwas
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Heterodyne holographic nanometer alignment for a half-micron wafer stepper
Author(s): Kazuhiro Yamashita; Noboru Nomura; Keiji Kubo; Yuichirou Yamada; Masaki Suzuki
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Evaluation of a silicon trench alignment target strategy
Author(s): Gary E. Flores; Warren W. Flack
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Chip leveling and focusing with laser interferometry
Author(s): Yoshitada Oshida; Minoru Tanaka; Tetsuzou Tanimoto; Toshiei Kurosaki
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0.10-um overlay for DRAM production using step and scan
Author(s): Harry Sewell; Scott J. Smith; Daniel N. Galburt
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Enhanced structures for through-the-lens alignment with DUV lithography
Author(s): Andrew P. Sabersky; Robert J. Naber; Kevin G. Riddell
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Algorithm for optimizing stepper performance through image manipulation
Author(s): Chris A. Mack
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Photolithography simulation on nonplanar substrates
Author(s): Michael S. Yeung
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Investigation of reflective notching with massively parallel simulation
Author(s): Karim H. Tadros; Andrew R. Neureuther; John Kenneth Gamelin; Roberto Guerrieri
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Comprehensive 3-D notching simulator with nonplanar substrates
Author(s): Eytan Barouch; Brian D. Bradie; Uwe Hollerbach; George Karniadakis; Steven A. Orszag
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Microcircuit lithography using holographic imaging
Author(s): Ray T. Chen; Tin M. Aye; Lev S. Sadovnik; David G. Pelka; Tomasz P. Jannson
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Resolution performance of a 0.60-NA, 364-nm laser direct writer
Author(s): Paul C. Allen; Peter D. Buck
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Evaluating pattern transfer lenses for deep-UV laser-induced processes
Author(s): Gerhard Solaro; Erich Keckeis; Friedrich G. Bachmann
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Evaluation of resists using ArF excimer laser projection lithography
Author(s): Masaru Sasago; Yoshiyuki Tani; Masayuki Endo; Noboru Nomura
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Effect of central obscuration on image formation in projection lithography
Author(s): Steven T. Yang; Robert L. Hsieh; Y.-H. Lee; Roger Fabian W. Pease; Gerry Owen
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Advances in deep-UV lithography
Author(s): Setha G. Olson; Christopher Sparkes
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High-repetition-rate KrF lithography excimer laser with narrow bandwidth below 2 pm
Author(s): Peter Lokai; Ulrich Rebhan; Peter Oesterlin; Hans-Juergen Kahlert; Dirk Basting
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Measurements of beam characteristics relevant to DUV microlithography on a KrF excimer laser
Author(s): Richard L. Sandstrom
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Deep-UV wafer stepper with through-the-lens wafer to reticle alignment
Author(s): Stefan Wittekoek; Martin A. van den Brink; Henk F.D. Linders; Judon M. D. Stoeldraijer; J. W.D. Martens; Douglas R. Ritchie
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Design and performance of a production-oriented deep-UV wafer stepper
Author(s): Richard F. Hollman; Frederick Cleveland; Elvino M. Da Silveira; Roger W. McCleary; Robert W. Strauten
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Reduction lens and illumination system for deep-UV aligners
Author(s): Juergen W. Liegel; Gerhard P. Ittner; Erhard Glatzel; Johannes Wangler
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Characterization methods for excimer exposure of deep-UV pellicles
Author(s): William N. Partlo; William G. Oldham
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Modeling latent image formation in photolithography using the Helmholtz equation
Author(s): H. Paul Urbach; Douglas A. Bernard
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Direct writing on structured substrate by pyrolytic laser deposition
Author(s): Janos Farkas; Andras Hamori; Zsolt Szabo
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Investigation of phase-conjugated stimulated Brillouin scattering at 248 nm for application to photolithography
Author(s): Anton K. Pfau; Detlev Proch; Friedrich G. Bachmann
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Quantitative evaluation method for practical resolution by integration factor in optical lithography
Author(s): Hiroshi Ohtsuka; Kazutoshi Abe; Takeshi Taguchi
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Alignment performance of a 0.6-NA 364-nm laser direct writer
Author(s): Michael J. Bohan
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Optimal binary image design for optical lithography
Author(s): Yong Liu; Avideh Zakhor
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New indexes of the 0.5-um resolution resist for optical lithography
Author(s): Aritoshi Sugimoto; Tetsuo Ito; Sadao Okano; Masahiro Nozaki; Takeshi Kato; Kazuyuki Suko; Masayasu Tsunematsu; Kazuya Kadota
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Image-height offset in TTL on-axis alignment method
Author(s): Noriaki Ishio; Keiji Fujiwara; Hitoshi Nagata
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Considering Babinet principle for optical lithography resolution limit exceeding classical resolving power
Author(s): Mircea V. Dusa; Dan V. Nicolau; Florin Fulga
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High-power and narrow-band excimer laser with a polarization-coupled resonator
Author(s): Nobuaki Furuya; Takuhiro Ono; Naoya Horiuchi; Keiichiro Yamanaka; Takeo Miyata
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Simulation and experimental results in O.6-um lithography using an I-line stepper
Author(s): Joachim J. Bauer; Wolfgang Mehr; Ulrich Glaubitz; H. Baborski; Norbert Haase; Jens-Ullrich Mueller
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Simulation of scattering effects in photolithography
Author(s): A. J. W. Tol; Graeme D. Maxwell; H. Paul Urbach; Robert Jan Visser
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Recent advances in prepellicle mask cleaning
Author(s): Bert F. Plambeck; Mark D. Cerio; James A. Reynolds
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Plasma etching of chrome masks using PBS resist
Author(s): Guido Bell; H. Spierer
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