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Electron-Beam, X-Ray, and Ion-Beam Technology: Submicrometer Lithographies IX
Editor(s): Douglas J. Resnick

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Volume Number: 1263
Date Published: 1 May 1990

Table of Contents
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Model for focused ion beam deposition
Author(s): James P. Levin; Patricia G. Blauner; Alfred Wagner
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Microstructuring of gold on x-ray masks with focused Ga+ ion beams
Author(s): Karl Paul Muller; Hans-Christian Petzold
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Focused ion-beam-induced tungsten deposition for repair of clear defects on x-ray masks
Author(s): Diane K. Stewart; Lewis A. Stern; Gordon Foss; Greg P. Hughes; Pradeep K. Govil
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Advances in mask fabrication and alignment for masked ion-beam lithography
Author(s): David P. Stumbo; George A. Damm; D. W. Engler; F. O. Fong; S. Sen; John Charles Wolfe; John N. Randall; Phillip E. Mauger; Alex R. Shimkunas; Hans Loeschne
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Focused ion-beam modification and patterning of high-Tc superconductors
Author(s): Lloyd R. Harriott; P. A. Polakos; C. E. Rice; Peter L. Gammel; William P. Robinson; Hugh C. Hiner
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Gate oxide breakdown by focused ion-beam irradiation
Author(s): Yuichi Nakashima; Hiroaki Morimoto; Hirohisa Yamamoto; Susumu Kato; Yaichiro Watakabe; Akihiko Yasuoka
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KeV ion-beam-exposed PMIPK and PPIPK
Author(s): Wen-An Loong; Nien-tsu Peng
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Comparison of projection and proximity printings--from UV to x ray
Author(s): Burn Jeng Lin
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Soft x-ray resist characterization: studies with a laser plasma x-ray source
Author(s): Glenn D. Kubiak; Duane A. Outka; John M. Zeigler
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Defect printability for soft x-ray microlithography
Author(s): Darryl Peters; Bernard J. Dardzinski; Robert D. Frankel
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Target x-ray source lithography and photolithography mixed and match system
Author(s): Shuzo Hattori; Shinzo Morita; Akihiro Yoshida; Tsutomu Nomura; Takashi Tagawa; Hideshi Yoshikawa
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Electron storage rings as x-ray lithography sources: an overview
Author(s): James B. Murphy
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Helios: a compact superconducting x-ray source for production lithography
Author(s): David E. Andrews; M. N. Wilson; Alistair I.C. Smith; Vince C. Kempson; A. L. Purvis; R. J. Anderson; A. S. Bhutta; Anthony R. Jorden
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ALF: a facility for x-ray lithography
Author(s): L. Grant Lesoine; Kenneth W. Kukkonen; Jeffrey A. Leavey
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Optimizing a synchrotron based x-ray lithography system for IC manufacturing
Author(s): Stephen Kovacs; Kenneth Speiser; Winston Thaw; Richard N. Heese
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Electron-beam lithography: directions in direct write and mask making
Author(s): Fritz J. Hohn
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Chip cluster registration technique for increased throughput in e-beam direct writing
Author(s): John F. Bass; Michael J. Butler
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Neural network approach to proximity effect corrections in electron-beam lithography
Author(s): Robert C. Frye; Kevin D. Cummings; Edward A. Rietman
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Charge-up prevention process for e-beam direct writing with multilayer resist
Author(s): Yoji Tono-oka; Kazuyuki Sakamoto; Toshiyuki Honda; Hiroshi Matsumoto; Yasuo Iida
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Vacuum passivated T-gates: a new method for fabricating submicron gates
Author(s): Donald K. Atwood
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E-beam direct write of rectangular and mushroom gates for GaAs FETs
Author(s): Zoilo C. H. Tan; Scott E. Silverman
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Modeling of thermal stresses and distortions in x-ray masks employing the embedded absorber structure
Author(s): Nadim I. Maluf; Stephen Y. Chou; Roger Fabian W. Pease
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75-mm diameter diamond x-ray membrane
Author(s): Henry Windischmann
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Control of optical and mechanical properties of polycrystalline silicon membranes for x-ray masks
Author(s): Lee E. Trimble; George K. Celler; John Frackoviak
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X-ray absorbing and mechanical properties of Au-C film for x-ray mask absorber
Author(s): Hiroshi Fukushima; Hitomi Yamada; Teruyuki Matsui; Takashi Tagawa; Shinzo Morita; Shuzo Hattori
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Advanced chemically amplified resist
Author(s): Hideki Takahashi; Kenichi Wakui; Daniel J.C. Herr; John S. Petersen; Theodore H. Fedynyshyn; Michael Francis Cronin
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Modified maleic anhydride copolymers as e-beam resists
Author(s): Sandeep Malhotra; Bernard C. Dems; Yarrow M. N. Namaste; Ferdinand Rodriguez; S. Kay Obendorf
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PRIME process: an alternative to multiple layer resist systems and high accelerating voltage for e-beam lithography
Author(s): Serge V. Tedesco; Christophe Pierrat; Francoise Vinet; Brigitte Florin; Michel Lerme; Jean Charles Guibert
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System-9: a new positive tone novalac-based high-resolution electron-beam resist
Author(s): Asanga H. Perera; J. Peter Krusius
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Projection moire alignment technique for mix and match lithographic system
Author(s): Dai Sugimoto; Seiichiro Kimura; Masami Eishima; Tsutomu Nomura; Yoshiyuki Uchida; Shuzo Hattori
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Metrology for gold absorber/silicon membrane x-ray reticles
Author(s): Bernard J. Dardzinski; Robert Allen Grant; Daniel D. Ball
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Development of radiation-cooled slotted rotating target x-ray source (III)
Author(s): Motomu Asano; Takashi Tagawa; Hideshi Yoshikawa; Shuzo Hattori
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20:1 projection soft x-ray lithography using trilevel resist
Author(s): Tanya E. Jewell; M. M. Becker; John E. Bjorkholm; Jeffrey Bokor; Ludwig Eichner; Richard R. Freeman; William M. Mansfield; Alastair A. MacDowell; M. L. O'Malley; Eric L. Raab; William T. Silfvast; L. H. Szeto; Donald M. Tennant; Warren K. Waskiewicz; Donald L. White; David L. Windt; Obert R. Wood II; John H. Bruning
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Focused ion-beam-assisted deposition of tungsten
Author(s): Yuichi Madokoro; Tsuyoshi Ohnishi; Tohru Ishitani
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