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Advances in Resist Technology and Processing VII
Editor(s): Michael P. C. Watts

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Volume Number: 1262
Date Published: 1 June 1990

Table of Contents
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Aqueous base developable novel deep-UV resist for KrF excimer laser lithography
Author(s): Makoto Murata; Toshihiko Takahashi; Mitsunobu Koshiba; Shin-ichi Kawamura; Tsuguo Yamaoka
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Sensitivity enhancers for chemically amplified resists
Author(s): William R. Brunsvold; Ranee W. Kwong; Warren Montgomery; Wayne M. Moreau; Harbans S. Sachdev; Kevin M. Welsh
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Chemical amplification negative resist systems composed of novolac, silanols, and acid generators
Author(s): Takumi Ueno; Hiroshi Shiraishi; Nobuaki Hayashi; Keiko Tadano; Emiko Fukuma; Takao Iwayanagi
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Investigation of the exposure and bake of a positive acting resist with chemical amplification
Author(s): Richard A. Ferguson; Chris A. Spence; Elsa Reichmanis; Larry F. Thompson; Andrew R. Neureuther
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Negative tone aqueous developable resist for photon, electron, and x-ray lithography
Author(s): Will Conley; Wayne M. Moreau; Stanley Perreault; Gary T. Spinillo; Robert L. Wood; Jeffrey D. Gelorme; Ronald M. Martino
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Systematic investigation of the photoresponse and dissolution characteristics of an acid-hardening resist
Author(s): Siddhartha Das; James W. Thackeray; Masayuki Endo; Joseph C. Langston; Henry T. Gaw
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1X deep-UV lithography with chemical amplification for 1-micron DRAM production
Author(s): John G. Maltabes; Steven J. Holmes; James R. Morrow; Roger L. Barr; Mark C. Hakey; Gregg Reynolds; William R. Brunsvold; C. Grant Willson; Nicholas J. Clecak; Scott A. MacDonald; Hiroshi Ito
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Silicon diffusion characteristics of different surface-imaging resists
Author(s): George R. Misium; Monte A. Douglas; Cesar M. Garza Sr.; Charles B. Dobson
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Benefits and prospects of aqueous silylation for novel dry developable high-resolution resists
Author(s): Recai Sezi; Michael Sebald; Rainer Leuschner; Hellmut Ahne; Siegfried Birkle; Horst Borndoerfer
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Effect of mask erosion on process latitudes in bilayer lithography
Author(s): Charles W. Jurgensen; Anthony E. Novembre; Eric S. G. Shaqfeh
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Highly etch resistant, negative resist for deep-UV and electron beam lithography
Author(s): Dennis R. McKean; Nicholas J. Clecak; Lester A. Pederson Sr.
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Characterization of dry developed processes using silylation application to the PRIME process
Author(s): Christophe Pierrat; Hubert Bono; Francoise Vinet; Thierry Mourier; Michele Chevallier; Jean Charles Guibert
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Dry development of the top imaging layer for bilayer system in the down stream of O2/CF4 plasma
Author(s): Takushi Motoyama; Satoru Mihara; Naomichi Abe
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Silylation of poly (t-BOC) styrene resists: performance and mechanisms
Author(s): Chris A. Spence; Scott A. MacDonald; Hubert Schlosser
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Optimization of resist composition for the DESIRE process
Author(s): Bruno Roland; Ria Lombaerts; Jan Vandendriessche; Francoise Godts
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Effect of 2,1,4 DAQ ester chemistry on the behavior of I-line image reversal resists
Author(s): John J. Grunwald; Chava Gal; Sigalit Eidelman
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Evaluation of aliphatic 2-diazoketones as photoactive compounds for deep-UV lithography
Author(s): George Schwartzkopf; Kathleen B. Gabriel; John B. Covington
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Characteristics of new KrF excimer laser resist
Author(s): Takeshi Kotani; Mitsuhiko Sano; Kei-ichi Hayashi; Hideo Kikuchi
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Novolac design for high-resolution positive photoresist (III): a selection principle of phenolic compounds for novolac resins
Author(s): Makoto Hanabata; Akihiro Furuta
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Free volume and viscosity effects in polymer layers: application to lithographic processes
Author(s): Patrick Jean Paniez; Michel J. Pons; Olivier P. Joubert
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Studies of the molecular mechanism of dissolution inhibition of positive photoresists based on novolac-DNQ
Author(s): Kenji Honda; Bernard T. Beauchemin Jr.; Rodney J. Hurditch; Andrew J. Blakeney; Yasumasa Kawabe; Tadayoshi Kokubo
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High-resolution positive photoresists: novolac molecular weight and molecular weight distribution effects
Author(s): Anthony Zampini; Pamela Turci; George J. Cernigliaro; Harold F. Sandford; Gary J. Swanson; Catherine C. Meister; Roger F. Sinta
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Chemical amplification of resist lines: a novel sub-half-micron bilayer resist tehnique for NUV and deep-UV lithography
Author(s): Michael Sebald; Rainer Leuschner; Recai Sezi; Hellmut Ahne; Siegfried Birkle
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Image reversal: a new chemical approach using isoureas
Author(s): James W. Taylor; Thomas L. Brown; David R. Bassett
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Germanium-containing resist for bilayer resist process
Author(s): Hirofumi Fujioka; Hiroyuki H. N. Nakajima; Shinji Kishimura; Hitoshi Nagata
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Microlithography using conducting polymers
Author(s): Joachim Bargon; Theo Weidenbrueck; Takumi Ueno
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Application of the in-situ dyeing effect for an image reversal resist
Author(s): Dan V. Nicolau; Mircea V. Dusa
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Photoresist aerosol particle formation during spin coating
Author(s): L. David Pratt
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Optimization of the absorbance of novolak resin films at 248 nm
Author(s): Leonard E. Bogan Jr.; Karen A. Graziano
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Chemically amplified resists for I-line and G-line applications
Author(s): Amanda K. Berry; Wayne E. Feely; Stephen D. Thompson; Gary S. Calabrese; Roger F. Sinta; Angelo A. Lamola; James W. Thackeray; George W. Orsula
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Sidewall profile control through processing and dye additives
Author(s): Eitan Shalom; Donald W. Johnson; Kelly Hale; Terry Pebbles; William B. Curtis
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Reduction of lateral swelling and incoporation of DESIRE in MOS processing
Author(s): Anne-Marie Goethals; David N. Nichols; Maaike Op de Beeck; P. De Geyter; Ki-Ho Baik; Luc Van den Hove; Bruno Roland; Ria Lombaerts
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Characterization of the intermediate development bake as applied to I-line lithography
Author(s): Nandasiri Samarakone; Patrick Jaenen; Luc Van den Hove; Rodney J. Hurditch
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G-line image reversal: capabilities on a 0.54-N.A. stepper
Author(s): Thomas R. Seha; Thiloma Perera
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Silylation processes for 193-nm excimer laser lithography
Author(s): Mark A. Hartney; Roderick R. Kunz; Daniel J. Ehrlich; David C. Shaver
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Silylation and dry development of three component resists for half-micron lithography
Author(s): Thierry G. Vachette; Patrick Jean Paniez; Michel Madore
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Novel cresol/chloroacetaldehyde novolacs for high-temperature resist applications
Author(s): Thomas R. Sarubbi; Andrew J. Blakeney; Joseph J. Sizensky; Nancy N. Greene; Shinji Sakaguchi; Shiro Tan; Gregory Luckman
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Improved CD uniformity as a function of developer chemistry and process parameters derived from a statistically designed experiment
Author(s): Lorna D.H. Christensen; Ken L. Bell; Nadine A. Acuna
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ANR photoresist process optimization at 248 nm
Author(s): Christophe Pierrat; Francoise Vinet; Thierry Mourier; James W. Thackeray
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Optimization of the dry development for the DESIRE process
Author(s): Ria Lombaerts; Bruno Roland; Anne-Marie Goethals; Luc Van den Hove
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EL2015: development of a submicron photoresist for G-, H-, and I-line exposure tools
Author(s): Donald W. Johnson; Eitan Shalom; Glenn R. Dickey; Kelly Hale; Terry Pebbles
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Evaluation of resist materials for KrF excimer laser lithography
Author(s): Harry H. Fujimoto; Masaru Sasago; Yoshiyuki Tani; Masayuki Endo; Noboru Nomura
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Submicron imaging at 248.3 nm: a lithographic performance review of an advanced negative resist
Author(s): John S. Petersen; Wei Lee
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I-line photolithography: an investigation of resist bleachability and process performance
Author(s): Giorgio A. L. M. Degiorgis; Patrizia Pateri; Alberto Pilenga; Rodney J. Hurditch; Bernard T. Beauchemin Jr.; Edward A. Fitzgerald III
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Sub-half-micron deep-UV lithography using wet and dry developable resist schemes
Author(s): Maaike Op de Beeck; Nandasiri Samarakone; Ki-Ho Baik; Luc Van den Hove; Douglas R. Ritchie
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Novel diazonaphthoquinone photoactive compound for G-line/I-line compatible positive photoresist
Author(s): Shiro Tan; Shinji Sakaguchi; Kazuya Uenishi; Yasumasa Kawabe; Tadayoshi Kokubo; Rodney J. Hurditch
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Very thin multicomponent resists prepared by Langmuir-Blodgett techniques
Author(s): Laura L. Kosbar; Curtis W. Frank; Roger Fabian W. Pease
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Chemically amplified DUV photoresists using a new class of photoacid-generating compounds
Author(s): Georg Pawlowski; Ralph R. Dammel; Charlet R. Lindley; Hans-Joachim Merrem; Heinz Roeschert; Juergen Lingnau
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Highly sensitive x-ray and electron-beam resists using chemical amplification
Author(s): Ralph R. Dammel; Charlet R. Lindley; Georg Pawlowski; Ude Scheunemann; Juergen Theis
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Modified polyhydroxystyrenes as matrix resins for dissolution inhibition type photoresists
Author(s): Georg Pawlowski; Thomas P. Sauer; Ralph R. Dammel; Douglas J. Gordon; William D. Hinsberg; Dennis R. McKean; Charlet R. Lindley; Hans-Joachim Merrem; Heinz Roeschert; Richard Vicari; C. Grant Willson
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Development of a chemically amplified positive resist material for single-layer deep-UV lithography
Author(s): Omkaram Nalamasu; May Cheng; Janet M. Kometani; Sheila Vaidya; Elsa Reichmanis; Larry F. Thompson
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Formation of latent images and resist profiles in the DESIRE process
Author(s): Marijan E. Reuhman-Huisken; A. J. W. Tol; Robert Jan Visser; Han J. Dijkstra; J. P. O'Neil
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Image formation mechanism in PMMA-MAA antracene positive photoresist exposed by pulsed laser and kinetics of its development
Author(s): Alexei L. Bogdanov; V. A. Nikitaev; Andrey B. Poljakov; V. E. Tukish; Kamil A. Valiev; Leonid V. Velikov; D. Yu. Zaroslov
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New KrF excimer laser process for improving novolac-type photoresist resolution
Author(s): Akitoshi Kumagae; Kazuo Sato; Shinichi Ito; Takayuki Minamiyama; Makoto Nakase
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