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Stereoscopic Displays and Applications

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Volume Number: 1256
Date Published: 1 September 1990

Table of Contents
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Three-dimensional stereoscopic display implementation: guidelines derived from human visual capabilities
Author(s): Christopher D. Wickens
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Comparison of depth cues for relative depth judgments
Author(s): William F. Reinhart; Robert J. Beaton; Harry L. Snyder
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Perspectives on stereo
Author(s): Thant Tessman
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Focused and divided attention in stereoscopic depth
Author(s): Christopher D. Wickens; Arthur Kramer; John E. Andersen; Andria Glasser; Ken Sarno
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3-D displays for cockpits: where they pay off
Author(s): John M. Reising; Kim M. Mazur
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Effect on real-world depth perception from exposure to heads-down stereoscopic flight displays
Author(s): Anthony M. Busquets; Steven P. Williams; Russell V. Parrish
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Perspective and stereo for projection from and display of four dimensions
Author(s): William P. Armstrong; Robert P. Burton
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New morphological algorithm for automated interpolation of height grids from contour images
Author(s): Sidney M. Petersen; William A. Barrett; Robert P. Burton
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New computational control techniques and increased understanding for stereo 3-D displays
Author(s): Steven P. Williams; Russell V. Parrish
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Characterization and categorization of higher-dimensional presentation techniques
Author(s): Elizabeth Cluff; Robert P. Burton; William A. Barrett
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Defining, modeling, and measuring system lag in virtual environments
Author(s): Steve T. Bryson; Scott S. Fisher
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Volume visualization on a stereoscopic display
Author(s): Steve E. Wixson
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Head-coupled remote stereoscopic camera system for telepresence applications
Author(s): Mark T. Bolas; Scott S. Fisher
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Stereoscopic displays for terrain database visualization
Author(s): Harry Veron; David A. Southard; James R. Leger; John L. Conway
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Implementation and integration of a counterbalanced CRT-based stereoscopic display for interactive viewpoint control in virtual-environment applications
Author(s): Ian E. McDowall; Mark T. Bolas; Steven D. Pieper; Scott S. Fisher; Jim Humphries
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Doing it directly: the experiential design of cyberspaces
Author(s): Randal Walser
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Autostereoscopic display for use with a personal computer
Author(s): Jesse B. Eichenlaub
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Inexpensive driver for stereo videogame glasses
Author(s): Michael Pique; Anthony Coogan
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The Eyephone: a head-mounted stereo display
Author(s): Michael A. Teitel
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Parallel-axes graphics using Lincoln's log method as an alternative to binocular parallax graphics
Author(s): Donald B. Curtis; Robert P. Burton
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Author(s): Christopher W. Tyler; Maureen B. Clarke
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Sculptbox: a volumetric environment for interactive design of three-dimensional objects
Author(s): Alan E. Richardson; Robert P. Burton; William A. Barrett
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3-D TV system for remote handling: development and evaluation
Author(s): Andrew A. Dumbreck; E. Abel; Sean Murphy
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Videotape recording of 3-D television pictures
Author(s): Peter M. Scheiwiller; Andrew A. Dumbreck; A. D. Chapman
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Stereo advantage for a peg-in-hole task using a force-feedback manipulator
Author(s): Edward Hugh Spain
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Remote-manipulator tasks impossible without stereo TV
Author(s): Robert E. Cole; John O. Merritt; Susan Fore; Patrick Lester
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Some preliminary results on using spatial locality to speed up ray tracing of stereoscopic images
Author(s): John D. Ezell; Larry F. Hodges
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3-D endoscopy through alternating-frame technology
Author(s): A. Porter McLaurin; Edwin R. Jones Jr.; J. Lorin Mason Jr.
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New advances in computer-generated barrier-strip autostereography
Author(s): Stephan B. Meyers; Daniel J. Sandin; William T. Cunnally; Ellen R. Sandor; Thomas A. DeFanti
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Wide-angle orthostereo
Author(s): Eric M. Howlett
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Irrelevance reduction of the depth information in stereo images
Author(s): Bernd Kost
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Perfect 3-D movies and stereoscopic movies on TV and projection screens: an appraisement
Author(s): Susanne Klein; Wolfgang Dultz
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Portable low-cost devices for videotaping, editing, and displaying field-sequential stereoscopic motion pictures and video
Author(s): Michael R. Starks
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2-D/3-D comparison using commercial vision products
Author(s): Dave F. Miller; Tom Mitchell
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