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Medical Imaging IV: Image Processing
Editor(s): Murray H. Loew

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Volume Number: 1233
Date Published: 1 July 1990

Table of Contents
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Human visual pattern recognition of medical images
Author(s): Irving Biederman
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3-D fractal model for lung morphogenesis
Author(s): Jacques Levy-Vehel; Jean-Paul Berroir
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Propagation characteristics of a fractal network: applications to the His-Purkinje conduction system
Author(s): Thomas R. Nelson
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Rule-based image interpretation with models of expected structure
Author(s): Stephen Shemlon; Stanley M. Dunn
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Neural network approach for differential diagnosis of interstitial lung diseases
Author(s): Naoki Asada; Kunio Doi; Heber MacMahon; Steven M. Montner; Maryellen Lissak Giger; Chihiro Abe; Chris Yuzheng Wu
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Development of an image segmentation and registration algorithm on a SIMD parallel processor
Author(s): Craig A. Morioka; Kelby K. Chan; H. K. Huang
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3-D visualization of intracranial vessels and brain anatomy in magnetic resonance imaging
Author(s): Hans-Heino Ehricke; Gerhard Laub
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Image editor for a 3-D CT reconstruction system
Author(s): Jay Ezrielev; Steven C. Dzik
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Three-dimensional reconstruction of coronary arteries using more than two projections
Author(s): Jiang Wu; Dennis L. Parker
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Curvature sampling of 3-D objects in medical images
Author(s): Shang You Wu; Ernest M. Stokely
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3-D blood vessel reconstruction by simulated annealing
Author(s): Hideaki Haneishi; Nagaaki Ohyama
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Representation and recognition of 3-D curved objects using complete 3-D range data
Author(s): Ren C. Luo; Yong H. Kim
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Geometrical image transformation to compensate for MRI distortions
Author(s): Hsuan Chang; J. Michael Fitzpatrick
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Problems and approaches for tissue segmentation in 3-D MR imaging
Author(s): Hans-Heino Ehricke
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Neural network segmentation of magnetic resonance images
Author(s): Blaise Frederick
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Multispectral tissue classification of MR images using sensor fusion approaches
Author(s): Rae H. Lee; Richard M. Leahy
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Application of AI techniques to a voice-actuated computer system for reconstructing and displaying magnetic resonance imaging data
Author(s): Patrick L. Sherley; Alfonso Pujol Jr.; John S. Meadow
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Image analysis methods for tagged MRI cardiac studies
Author(s): Michael A. Guttman; Jerry L. Prince
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Investigation of methods for the computerized detection and analysis of mammographic masses
Author(s): Maryellen Lissak Giger; Fang-Fang Yin; Kunio Doi; Charles E. Metz; Robert A. Schmidt; Carl J. Vyborny
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Automatic detection of clusters of calcifications in digital mammograms
Author(s): David H. Davies; David R. Dance; Colin H. Jones
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CT-derived finite element models to determine vertebral cortex strength
Author(s): Ken G. Faulkner; Christopher E. Cann; Bruce H. Hasegawa
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Application of statistical pattern recognition and image processing in ultrasound tissue characterization
Author(s): Reza Momenan; Murray H. Loew; Robert F. Wagner; Brian S. Garra; Michael F. Insana
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Automated measurements of fetal head from ultrasound images
Author(s): Valiollah Salari; I. Zador; Lawrence Chik; Robert J. Sokol
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PC-based entropy measures for analyzing leakage from microvessels
Author(s): Ahmed H. Desoky; Steven Hall; Patrick D. Harris; Khaled A. Kamel; Carol O'Connor
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New angiographic technique for measurement of instantaneous blood flow rates using distance-density curves
Author(s): Kenneth R. Hoffmann; Kunio Doi
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Linear and morphological digital image enhancement of peripheral angiography images
Author(s): David L. Wilson; Eric J. Kaplan
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Knowledge-based system for the fully automatic quantification of coronary stenotic lesions from two angiographic projections
Author(s): D. Delaere; Luc C.F. Maes; Carl Smets; Paul Suetens; Andre J. Oosterlinck; Frans Van de Werf
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Knowledge-based segmentation and correspondence of vascular structures from biplane angiograms
Author(s): Ying Sun
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Automated biplane vessel recognition in digital coronary angiograms
Author(s): Karl Barth; Birgit Eicker; Johannes Seissl
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Regional adaptive histogram equalization using fuzzy sets
Author(s): Koichi Ogawa; Atsuhisa Saito; Masato Nakajima; Yutaka Ando; Shozo Hashimoto
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Synaptic patterns in neural network detecting oriented slabs
Author(s): Sebastiano Impedovo; Marcello Castellano; Giovanni Dimauro; Giuseppe Pirlo
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Computational considerations of the two-dimensional discrete x-ray transform
Author(s): Saleem Gregory Zougbi
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Optical compensation device for chest film radiography
Author(s): Robert G. Gould; Bruce H. Hasegawa; Sherman E. DeForest; Gregory W. Schmidt; Richard G. Hier
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Apodization without loss of resolution in the 3-D reconstruction of icosohedral virions
Author(s): Peter D. Lauren; Michael B. Merickel; William W. Newcomb; Jay C. Brown
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Signal-to-noise improvement in derived images
Author(s): Orhan Nalcioglu; Pottumarthi V. Prasad
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Use of IRIS image-enhancement facilities on digital images by radiologists during a clinical trial at the Ottawa Civic Hospital
Author(s): Marjorie Coristine; Morris Goldberg; Carolyn Beeton; Richard F. Dillon; Jo W. Tombaugh; Garry Belanger; J. Ahuja
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In-vivo blood flow analysis and animation for magnetic resonance imaging
Author(s): Guang-Zhong Yang; Peter Burger; Raad H. Mohiaddin
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Image processing and image reconstruction with the use of a-priori information
Author(s): Chin-Tu Chen; Valen E. Johnson; Xiaoping Hu; Wing H. Wong; Charles E. Metz
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Comparison of interpolation methods in three-dimensional surface display
Author(s): Keh-Shih Chuang
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Short-scan cone beam algorithm for circular and noncircular detector orbits
Author(s): Gengsheng Larry Zeng; Grant T. Gullberg
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Improved fluoroscopic visibility of coronary stents by automatic pattern recognition
Author(s): Sherman E. DeForest
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Automation of arthritis measures in hand radiographs
Author(s): Tod S. Levitt; Marcus W. Hedgcock M.D.; John Dye; Scott E. Johnston
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Neuroradiology therapeutic workstation
Author(s): Robert A. Close; Gary R. Duckwiler M.D.; Fernando Vinuela; Jacques E. Dion; Joshua Abramowitz
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Three-dimensional vascular reconstruction using an image-intensifier-based CT scanner: simulation results
Author(s): Guy M. Besson
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Image-intensifier-based volume CT imager: angiographic application
Author(s): Ruola Ning; Robert A. Kruger
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Computer-assisted transrectal ultrasound exams
Author(s): Brian L. Craine M.D.; Gregory Oldani; John R. Engel; Ronald Whitney; David Wright; Eric R. Craine
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Multiuser environment for the display and processing of digital cardiac angiographic images
Author(s): Jack T. Cusma; Laurence A. Spero; James D. Hanemann; Thomas M. Bashore; Kenneth G. Morris
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Image segmentation via motion vector estimates
Author(s): Aiman Albert Abdel-Malek; Orkun Hasekioglu; John J. Bloomer
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MAHEM: a multiprocessor engine for fast contrast-limited adaptive histogram equalization
Author(s): James P. Ericksen; Stephen M. Pizer; John D. Austin
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Statistical modeling for brightness-gradient elimination
Author(s): J. P. Auray; G. Duru; Michel P. Lamure; Jean-Jacques Milan; Nicolas Nicoloyannis
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CALIPSO: an interactive image analysis software package for desktop PACS workstations
Author(s): Osman M. Ratib; H. K. Huang
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Reversible image compression suitable for interactive image transmission
Author(s): Michael S. Mort; Robert J. Fontana
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Comparison of reversible methods for data compression
Author(s): Volker K. Heer; Hans-Erich Reinfelder
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Comparison of automatic atherosclerosis identification methods on MR imagery
Author(s): Charles S. Carman; Michael B. Merickel
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