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Femtosecond to Nanosecond High-Intensity Lasers and Applications
Editor(s): E. Michael Campbell

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Volume Number: 1229
Date Published: 1 May 1990

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Multiterawatt Nd:glass lasers based on chirped-pulse amplification
Author(s): Frank G. Patterson; Michael D. Perry; Ray Gonzales; E. Michael Campbell
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Short pulse amplification in tunable solid state materials
Author(s): Donald J. Harter; Maurice A. Pessot; Jeffrey A. Squier; John A. Nees; Philippe Bado; Gerard A. Mourou
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Regenerative amplification of dark pulses
Author(s): Michel Piche; Alain Chandonnet
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Powerful subpicosecond KrF laser for x-ray laser development in the 1-5-nm region
Author(s): William Tighe; ChangHee Nam; Julius Goldhar; Lewis D. Meixler; John A. Robinson; Ernie J. Valeo; Szymon Suckewer
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Multiterrawatt femtosecond laser based on Ti:Sapphire
Author(s): Henry C. Kapteyn; Alan Sullivan; Harald Hamster; Roger W. Falcone
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Application of a new matrix formalism to the design of ultrashort pulse lasers
Author(s): Andrea L. Caprara
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Single-shot measurement of duration and contrast of high-power picosecond pulses
Author(s): Paul Pax; J. Weston; William E. White
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High-repetition-rate tabletop x-ray lasers
Author(s): Martin H. Muendel; Peter L. Hagelstein
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Physics of plasmas with short pulse lasers
Author(s): Thomas C. Katsouleas; Warren B. Mori; John M. Dawson; Scott C. Wilks
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Laser frequency shifts in picosecond laser-produced plasmas
Author(s): Otto L. Landen
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High-intensity, short pulse (1 ps), laser-plasma interaction at 1 um
Author(s): David D. Meyerhofer; Hong Chen; Yung-Ho Chuang; J. A. Delettrez; R. Epstein; S. Uchida; Barukh Yaakobi
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Studies of high Z exploding foils irradiated by combined long (2 ns) and short (10 ps) pulses of 1w light
Author(s): Luiz Barroca Da Silva; Brian J. MacGowan; Dennis L. Matthews; Mordecai D. Rosen; Hector A. Baldis; G. D. Enright; Bruno LaFontaine; David M. Villeneuve
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Study of stimulated Brillouin scattering driven by a 10-ps pump
Author(s): Hector A. Baldis; H. C. Barr; David M. Villeneuve; G. D. Enright; Bruno LaFontaine; John E. Bernard; C. Labaune; S. D. Baton
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Laser-plasma energy transport with high-intensity short laser pulses
Author(s): Gregory J. Tallents; Michael H. Key; Peter A. Norreys; N. Tragin; Hector A. Baldis; J. Dunn; D. Brown
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Scaling laws for femtosecond laser-plasma interactions
Author(s): Mordecai D. Rosen
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Near second-harmonic VUV generation in Mg vapor
Author(s): Camillo C. Gomez; Joseph J. Tiee; Joseph M. Mack; H. H. Hsu; K. T. Lu
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Spectroscopic investigation of plasma produced with high-intensity, 1-um, 1-ps laser pulses
Author(s): Hong Chen; Yung-Ho Chuang; R. Epstein; David D. Meyerhofer; S. Uchida; Barukh Yaakobi
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Tunneling ionization and harmonic generation in krypton gas using a high-intensity, 1-um, 1-ps laser
Author(s): Steven J. Augst; David D. Meyerhofer; Carrie I. Moore; Justin Peatross
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Nanosecond laser pulse generation of acoustic pulse in liquids
Author(s): Zhiming Mei; Gang Yuan
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X-ray autocorrelator
Author(s): Linn D. Van Woerkom; Richard R. Freeman; William E. Cooke; Thomas J. McIlrath
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Short pulse driven recombination x-ray lasers
Author(s): Christopher J. Keane; James Norman Bardsley; Luiz Barroca Da Silva; N. Landen; Dennis L. Matthews
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Ion-correlation experiments in dense plasmas
Author(s): B. A. Shiwai; A. Djaoui; Robert William Eason; D. Goodman; Tom A. Hall; Gregory J. Tallents; S. J. Rose
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Analytic expression for electrical resistivity in near-solid density, laser-produced plasmas
Author(s): Robert C. Cauble; Forrest J. Rogers; Wojciech Rozmus
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