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Optical Resonators
Editor(s): Dale A. Holmes

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Volume Number: 1224
Date Published: 1 June 1990

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New developments in laser resonators
Author(s): Anthony E. Siegman
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Optical history of the high-energy gas dynamic laser
Author(s): Bernard G. Deuto; Burton D. O'Neil; James L. Forgham; Vance A. Hedin
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Review of oscillator performance for electric lasers
Author(s): John W. Glessner; Peter D. Tannen; Robert F. Walter; Gregory C. Dente
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Passive cavity transverse-mode stability and its influence on the active cavity mode properties for unstable optical resonators
Author(s): Kurt Edmund Oughstun
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Properties of unstable resonators with a nonreflecting central zone
Author(s): Michel Piche; Daniel Cantin
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Mode discrimination in the negative branch confocal unstable resonator
Author(s): Michael M. Johnson
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Astigmatism effects in a CO2 unstable ring resonator
Author(s): Philip A. Slaymaker; Richard J. Tansey
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Experiments on an unstable ring resonator with an intracavity spatial filter: some anomalies
Author(s): Richard J. Tansey; Philip A. Slaymaker
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Mode properties and characteristics of negative branch unstable ring resonators
Author(s): Philip R. Cunningham; Sallie S. Townsend
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Geometric modes of an unstable ring resonator with 90 degree beam rotation
Author(s): Paul K. Kennedy; Kenneth C. Sun
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Review of laser device coupling techniques
Author(s): W. Pete Latham Jr.; Mark E. Rogers; Gary E. Palma
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Coupled unstable resonators
Author(s): Gary E. Palma; John A. Benda; Sallie S. Townsend; Philip R. Cunningham; James L. Forgham
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Influence of active medium on the mode structure of optical resonator near the loss degeneracy point
Author(s): Nickolai N. Elkin; V. ok Korotkov; Anatoly P. Napartovich; Vera N. Troshchieva
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Diffraction analysis of adjoint-coupled unstable resonators
Author(s): John H. Erkkila; Sami A. Shakir; Vance A. Hedin
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Effect of coupling strength on phase locking of Ar-ion lasers
Author(s): Mark P. Jelonek; Won B. Roh
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Coherent combination of multiline lasers
Author(s): Richard A. Chodzko; Jay Marshall Bernard; Harold Mirels
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Self-imaging laser resonators using the Talbot effect
Author(s): Michel Piche; Philippe Godin; Pierre-Andre Belanger
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Laser with 90 degree beam rotation
Author(s): W. Pete Latham Jr.; Alan H. Paxton; Gregory C. Dente
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Self-imaging high-Q ring resonator
Author(s): Donald L. Bullock; John S. Yun
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New type of unstable resonator
Author(s): Avi Fogelman; Pade Offer; Yehuda Nachshon
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Novel resonators for high-power HF overtone lasers
Author(s): Jeffrey B. Shellan; Wilford Smith; Richard C. Wade
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Herriott cell resonators for large-area gas discharge lasers
Author(s): Arlene Duncan; J. G. Xin; Denis R. Hall
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Common pass decentered annular ring resonator
Author(s): Dale A. Holmes; Philip D. Briggs; Al J. Prieto; A. M. Simonoff; Kenneth C. Sun; Thomas R. Waite
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Geometric analysis of reverse mode in decentered annular ring resonator
Author(s): Kenneth C. Sun
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Experimental results of a common pass decentered annular ring resonator
Author(s): Christopher M. Clayton; Carl A. Huguley
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Higher-order azimuthal mode unstable resonator
Author(s): Richard J. Tansey; Victor L. Gamiz; Roger A. Mickish; Dale A. Holmes; David R. Kohler; John L. Martin; E. Pape
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Alignment-insensitive resonators using focusing corner cubes
Author(s): John A. Macken; Robert T. Salvage
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Image-relayed corner-cube ring resonator
Author(s): Chun-Ching Shih; Gary J. Linford; W. Steve Quon; Andrew J. Schmit
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Grazing incidence ring resonator for visible wavelength free-electron laser
Author(s): Kenneth C. Sun
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Resonator performance analysis for a ring resonator FEL
Author(s): Siva A. Mani; Jerry E. Long; Louis Scott Hills
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Effect of velocity cross-relaxation and mode separation upon the power spectrum of a chemical oxygen-iodine laser resonator
Author(s): Drew A. Copeland
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Three-dimensional excimer laser cavity model
Author(s): John H. Erkkila; William R. Espander
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Simple model for optical extraction from a flowing oxygen-iodine medium using a Fabry-Perot resonator
Author(s): Drew A. Copeland; Charles Warner; Arthur H. Bauer
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New look at guardband considerations in optical-resonator numerical simulations
Author(s): Philip A. Slaymaker; Richard L. Battistelli
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Diffractive analysis of optical systems in the nonparaxial/nonuniformly polarized regime
Author(s): Victor L. Gamiz; Mario P. Alleva; Rhonda L. Marshall; Antoinette I. Silva
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