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Optoelectronic Signal Processing for Phased-Array Antennas II
Editor(s): Brian M. Hendrickson; Gerhard A. Koepf

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Volume Number: 1217
Date Published: 1 June 1990

Table of Contents
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Ultrahigh-efficiency microwave signal transmission using tandem-contact single quantum well GaAlAs lasers
Author(s): Nan Moore Froberg; Kam Y. Lau
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Dynamics of high-frequency lasers
Author(s): Chin B. Su
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Scenarios and system architectures advantageous for optical technologies in phased-array antennas
Author(s): Wolfram S. Birkmayer; Christian Schaeffer; Brigitte Hoesselbarth
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Techniques for antenna sidelobe suppression and laser power reduction in optically controlled array antenna
Author(s): Yoshihiko Konishi; Wataru Chujo; Hisao Iwasaki; Koji Yasukawa
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Electro-optic phase modulator for phased-array applications
Author(s): Pao-Lo Liu
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Laser mixer for microwave fiber optics
Author(s): Jing-Jong Pan
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Traveling-wave photodetectors
Author(s): Henry Fuller Taylor; O. Eknoyan; C. S. Park; Kyoo Nam Choi; Kai Chang
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Performance optimization of externally modulated mode-locked laser diode
Author(s): Benson C. Lam; Albert L. Kellner; Paul K. L. Yu
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New high-efficiency Ge33As12Se55 acousto-optic device for near-IR wavelengths
Author(s): Jolanta I. Soos; Ronald G. Rosemeier
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Optical control of microwaves with III-V semiconductor optical waveguides
Author(s): George J. Simonis; Ralph G. Hay; Kenneth G. Purchase
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Lithium niobate integrated-optics demonstration of optical control of microwaves
Author(s): Neelam Gupta; George J. Simonis; Paul R. Ashley
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Analysis of a millimeter-wave integrated electro-optic modulator with a periodic electrode
Author(s): James H. Schaffner
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High-dynamic-range modulator for microwave phased arrays
Author(s): Jing-Jong Pan
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High-modulation-rate potential for surface emitter laser diode arrays
Author(s): Thaddeus G. Dziura; Y. J. Yang; S. C. Wang
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Electro-optic switch for antenna beam steering
Author(s): Irwin L. Newberg; A. A. Watson; Jar Jueh Lee; Willie W. Ng; Gregory L. Tangonan
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Scaling and the use of algebraic integers in optical adaptive processing
Author(s): Edward C. Malarkey; Joe C. Bradley; Hyo-Kun Hahn
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Optical adaptive processors for large-order problems
Author(s): Joe C. Bradley; Paul R. Beaudet; Edward C. Malarkey; Hyo-Kun Hahn; J. H. Mims
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Optical adaptive multipath canceler for surveillance radar
Author(s): William A. Penn; Richard Wasiewicz; Robert M. Iodice
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Optical controller for adaptive phased-array antennas using neural network architecture
Author(s): Casimer M. DeCusatis; Pankaj K. Das
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Optical processor for array antenna beam shaping and steering
Author(s): Kent A. Nickerson; Paul E. Jessop; Simon Haykin
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Integrated optical Butler matrix for beam forming in phased-array antennas
Author(s): Walter Charczenko; Marc R. Surette; Paul J. Matthews; Holger Klotz; Alan Rolf Mickelson
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Acousto-optic/photorefractive processor for adaptive antenna arrays
Author(s): Robert M. Montgomery
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Novel optical techniques for phased-array processing
Author(s): John H. Hong; Ian C. McMichael
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Frequency domain analysis and performance of a true time delay fiber optic beam forming network for array antennas
Author(s): David D. Curtis
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Architectures and performance of laser links in microwave phased-array antenna systems
Author(s): David L. Baldwin; Anthony G. Garas
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Bit error rate testing of fiber optic data links for MMIC-based phased-array antennas
Author(s): Kurt A. Shalkhauser; Richard R. Kunath; Afshin S. Daryoush
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Design of an optically controlled Ka-band GaAs MMIC phased-array antenna
Author(s): Richard R. Kunath; Paul C. Claspy; Mark Richard; Kul B. Bhasin
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Null shifting with fixed delays
Author(s): Mark H. Berry; Debra M. Gookin
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Analog fiber optic links for UHF antenna remoting
Author(s): Walter L. Glomb Jr.; James D. Farina
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Compressive 2-D delay line architecture for time steering of phased-array antennas
Author(s): Anastasios P. Goutzoulis; D. Kenneth Davies
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Adaptive phased-array radar processing using photorefractive crystals
Author(s): Robert T. Weverka; Kelvin H. Wagner
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