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Digital Optical Computing II
Editor(s): Raymond Arrathoon

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Volume Number: 1215
Date Published: 1 July 1990

Table of Contents
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Complexity of networks realized by fiber optic logic elements
Author(s): Tsutomu Sasao
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Cointegration of optoelectronics and silicon ULSI for scaled, high-performance distributed computing systems
Author(s): Stuart K. Tewksbury; Lawrence Anthony Hornak
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Optoelectronic integrated components for digital optical computing systems
Author(s): Osamu Wada; Shigenobu S. Yamakoshi
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Optoelectronic integration schemes for switching and computing applications
Author(s): Pallab Bhattacharya
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Optoelectronic arrays for hybrid optical/electronic computing
Author(s): John A. Neff
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Optoelectronic arrays for optical interconnection of circuits
Author(s): Martin J. Goodwin; Andrew J. Moseley; D. J. Robbins; J. Thompson; Robert C. Goodfellow
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Design and performance of a modulo 61 RNS multiplier/accumulator
Author(s): Gary E. Marx; Edward C. Malarkey; J. D. Fogarty; R. J. Fenton; Hyo-Kun Hahn; Dickron Mergerian
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Complex optoelectronic combinatorial logic systems: a fiber based distributed array image processor
Author(s): Tie Wang; Bing Zhang; Mohammad Javaid Arshad; Raymond Arrathoon
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Fault avoidance for optical logic arrays and regular free-space interconnects
Author(s): Miles J. Murdocca
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Corner-cube array for integrated optoelectronic cellular array interconnections
Author(s): Yunlong Sheng; Henri H. Arsenault
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Monolithic mode locked laser arrays in optical computing
Author(s): Paul A. Morton; Roger J. Helkey; Alan Mar; Dennis J. Derickson; John Edward Bowers
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Photonic switching and optical computing based on free-space digital optics
Author(s): Harvard Scott Hinton
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Study of 3-D optical multistage interconnection networks
Author(s): Kung-Shiuh Huang; Jih-Kwon Peir
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Application of photorefractive crystals to optical interconnection
Author(s): Joseph Earl Ford; Sing H. Lee; Yeshaiahu Fainman
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Monolithic free-space interconnects with substrate-mode holographic optical elements
Author(s): Raymond K. Kostuk; Yang-Tung Huang; Masayuki Kato
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Optical fiber crossbar switch
Author(s): Michael Kevin Kilcoyne; Stephen M. Beccue; Berinder Brar; G. Robinson; Kenneth D. Pedrotti; William A. Haber
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Multidimensional optical interconnection networks
Author(s): Peter Healey; Steven A. Cassidy; David W. Smith
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Multi-Gb/s optical interconnect
Author(s): Jon R. Sauer
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Optical computer applications to high speed fiber optics networks
Author(s): John F. Dove
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High speed photodetectors
Author(s): Deborah L. Crawford; John Edward Bowers; Y. G. Wey; Paul A. Morton; Dennis J. Derickson; Charles A. Burrus; F. Storz
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Disorder delineated semiconductor waveguides
Author(s): Thomas A. DeTemple; T. Tang; Paul D. Swanson; James J. Coleman; L. M. Miller; Timothy M. Cockerill
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Optimization of strained-layer InxGa1-xAs/GaAs multiple quantum wells for electroabsorption modulation
Author(s): Shigeru Niki; Harry H. Wieder; William S. C. Chang
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Quantum well structures for integrated optoelectronics
Author(s): Dietrich W. Langer; M. Chen; Hyung G. Lee; M. Chmielowski
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Electro-optic polymers for optical interconnects
Author(s): Richard S. Lytel; George F. Lipscomb; Edward S. Binkley; John T. Kenney; Anthony J. Ticknor
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Construction and tolerancing of an optical-CLIP
Author(s): Brian S. Wherrett; Robert G. A. Craig; John Fraser Snowdon; Gerald Stuart Buller; Frank A. P. Tooley; Steve Bowman; G. S. Pawley; Ian R. Redmond; Douglas J. McKnight; Mohammad R. Taghizadeh; Andrew C. Walker; Stanley D. Smith
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New scheme of digital optical switching and memory operation utilizing the mode-hopping phenomenon in semiconductor lasers
Author(s): Wakao Sasaki; Hirokazu Nakayama; Masahiro Mitsuda; Tatehisa Ohta
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Numerical simulations of all-optical switching using nonlinear semiconductor etalons
Author(s): Dean Richardson; Hyatt M. Gibbs; Stephan W. Koch
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Optoelectronic programmable hardware: a fiber optic based Johnson counter
Author(s): Mohammad Javaid Arshad; Raymond Arrathoon
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Hybrid content addressable memory MSD arithmetic
Author(s): Yao Li; Dai Hyun Kim; Andrew A. Kostrzewski; George Eichmann
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Optical realization of Fredkin gates matrix using liquid crystal light valve
Author(s): Eugeni M. Dianov; Andrian I. Kouznetsov; S. M. Nefjodov; George G. Voevodkin
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Residue-number-system-based optical adaptive processor architecture
Author(s): Edward C. Malarkey; Joe C. Bradley; Paul R. Beaudet; Gary E. Marx; Dickron Mergerian
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Implementation of a bit serial optical computer
Author(s): Vincent P. Heuring
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Serial array shuffle-exchange architecture for universal permutation of time-slots
Author(s): Srinivasan V. Ramanan; Harry F. Jordan
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Optically switched lithium niobate directional couplers for digital optical computing
Author(s): Alan F. Benner; Harry F. Jordan; Vincent P. Heuring
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New concept for a photonic switch
Author(s): Ervin Goldfain
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Digital fiber optic delay line memory
Author(s): David B. Sarrazin; Harry F. Jordan; Vincent P. Heuring
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Theory of morphological neural networks
Author(s): Jennifer L. Davidson; Gerhard X. Ritter
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Optical neural networks using smectic liquid crystals
Author(s): Michael G. Robinson; Kristina M. Johnson; Lin Zhang; B. Jack Bigner
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Speech recognition using optical neural networks
Author(s): Jason M. Kinser; Charles F. Hester
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Solid optical correlators
Author(s): Mark G. Temmen; Charles F. Hester
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Hybrid optical/digital neural network
Author(s): David P. Casasent; Timothy M. Slagle
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Neural network for computing optical flow from spatio-temporal frequencies
Author(s): Thomas R. Tsao; Victor C. Chen; John M. Libert; Haw-Jye S. Shyu
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Optical neural network digital multivalue processor with learning capability using electron trapping materials
Author(s): Suganda Jutamulia; George M. Storti; Joseph Lindmayer; William M. Seiderman
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Convergence properties of a neural optical resonator model for logic operations
Author(s): Darren M. Simon; Steven C. Gustafson; Gordon R. Little
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Unified optical symbolic substitution processor
Author(s): David P. Casasent
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Hybrid higher order optical symbolic recognition
Author(s): George Eichmann; Andrew A. Kostrzewski; Dai Hyun Kim; Yao Li
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Morphological transformation based on optical symbolic substitution and polarization-encoded optical shadow-casting systems
Author(s): Abdallah K. Cherri; Abdul Ahad Sami Awwal; Mohammad A. Karim
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Architectural relationship of symbolic substitution and optical shadow casting
Author(s): Abdul Ahad Sami Awwal; Abdallah K. Cherri; Mohammad A. Karim
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Feasibility of computer backplane clock distribution with glass lasers
Author(s): Bradley D. Clymer; Padma Krishnamur Sastry
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Graded-effective-index waveguiding structures fabricated with laser processing
Author(s): Mark N. Ruberto; Robert Scarmozzino; Alan Eli Willner; Dragan V. Podlesnik; Richard M. Osgood Jr.
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Shadow-casting based edge detection: using rebroadcasting material
Author(s): Abdul Ahad Sami Awwal; Alastair D. McAulay; Junqing Wang; Mohammad A. Karim
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Optoelectronic multilayer network
Author(s): Alan A. Yamamura; Seiji Kobayashi; Mark Allen Neifeld; Demetri Psaltis
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Compact size optical neural network using liquid crystal televisions
Author(s): Francis T. S. Yu; Thomas Taiwei Lu; Xiangyang Yang; Don A. Gregory
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Philosophical and metamathematical considerations of quantum mechanical computers
Author(s): H. John Caulfield; Joseph Shamir
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