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Micro-Structured and Specialty Optical Fibres VII
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Volume Number: 12140
Date Published: 19 May 2022

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Front Matter: Volume 12140
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Transient differential pressure-induced loss variation in as-drawn hollow core optical fibres
Author(s): Shuichiro Rikimi; Thomas W. Kelly; Peter Horak; Yong Chen; Ian A. Davidson; Simon Bawn; Thomas D. Bradley; Austin A. Taranta; Francesco Poletti; David J. Richardson; Natalie V. Wheeler
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Modal analysis and experimental study of multimode graded-index microstructured fibres for highly efficient supercontinuum generation
Author(s): Fathima Shabana M.A.; Vincent Tombelaine; Guillaume Huss; Amar Nath Ghosh; Thibaut Sylvestre; Jean-Louis Auguste; François Reynaud; Philippe Leproux
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Silica hollow-core anti-resonant fiber for harsh environment mid-infrared sensing applications
Author(s): Xavier Insou; Simon Le Méhauté; Loic Bodiou; Sébastien Claudot; Laurent Provino; Adil Haboucha; David Landais; Achille Monteville; Olivier Le Goffic; Thierry Taunay; David Méchin; Lionel Quétel; Thierry Chartier; Joël Charrier; Monique Thual
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The effect of fiber fabrication process on the photoluminescence properties of RE-doped optical fiber preforms and fibers
Author(s): Petr Vařák; Ivan Kašík; Pavel Peterka; Jan Aubrecht; Jan Mrázek; Michal Kamrádek; Ondřej Podrazky; Ivo Bartoň; Ryszard Buczynski; Marcin Franczyk; Pavel Honzátko
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Characterization of bi-directional EDFA fibre amplifier in L-band (1595-1610 nm) for long distance transmissions
Author(s): Sarbojeet Bhowmick; Josef Vojtech; Lada Altmannová; Radek Velc; Martin Šlapak; Ondrej Havliš
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Sub-500 fs high power quasimonolithic FCPA laser using an all-solid step-index flexible PM VLMA Yb-doped fiber amplifier
Author(s): Tristan Guezennec; Laurent Provino; Eric Lallier; Olivier Le Goffic; David Landais; Achille Monteville; Thierry Taunay; Adil Haboucha
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High alumina content optical fibres by powder methods
Author(s): Dunia Blaser; Sönke Pilz; Carlos Pedrido; Valerio Romano
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Broadband fiber-optic thulium-doped amplifier for wavelengths beyond the L-band
Author(s): Jan Pokorný; Jan Aubrecht; Pavel Peterka
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Optimising draw parameters for the fabrication of low loss silicon-core optical fibre
Author(s): Clarissa M. Harvey; Korbinian Mühlberger; Taras Oriekhov; Michael Fokine
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Optomechanical measurements of optical fiber coating for radiation dosimetry and structural health monitoring
Author(s): Shlomi Zilberman; Yosef London; Alon Bernstein; Kavita Sharma; Hilel H. Diamandi; Mirit Hen; Elad Zehavi; Gil Bashan; Garry Berkovic; Amnon Zentner; Moshe Mayoni; Ehud Shafir; Avi Zadok
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D-shape optical fiber immunosensors based on SPR for cortisol detection: simulation and experimental procedure
Author(s): M. Soares; D. Rodrigues; M. Vidal; M. Facão; N. Cennamo; L. Zeni; C. Caucheteur; F. Costa; C. Leitão; S. Pereira; N. Santos; C. Marques
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Plastic scintillator-based fibre dosimeters for measurement of X-ray pulses in a clinical setting
Author(s): W. Kam; A. Ioannou; M. Martyn; F. J. Sullivan; A. Pospori; P. Woulfe; K. Kalli; S. O'Keeffe
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Femtosecond laser modified Fabry-Pérot interferometer optical fibre tip sensor for monitoring dissolved oxygen
Author(s): Andreas Ioannou; Sotia Zavrou; Aristi Christofi; KyriaKos Kalli
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Comparison of multimode LD pump beam shaping in step-index and graded-index fibers and its influence on Raman lasing
Author(s): Alexey G. Kuznetsov; Alexey A. Wolf; Ilya N. Nemov; Sergey I. Kablukov; Sergey A. Babin
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Numerical analysis of octagonal photonic crystal fiber for orbital angular momentum propagation
Author(s): Ashish Tummuri; Shweta Mittal; Ankur Saharia; Manish Tiwari
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Experimental characterization of mode content in fibers using S2 imaging without a DFT
Author(s): Alex Chedid; Yves Quiquempois; Esben Ravn Andresen; Laurent Bigot
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Performance analysis for mode confinement loss of photonic crystal fiber with circular air hole rings around the solid core
Author(s): Ritu Raj Singh; Devansh Srivastava; Wridheeman Bhattacharya; Nishit Malviya; Anamika Singh
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Pre-strain effects on CYTOP fibre Bragg grating temperature sensors
Author(s): A. Posporis; A. Ioannou; K. Kalli
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Perfluorinated polymer fibre Bragg grating sensors for distributed low-dose clinical X-ray measurements
Author(s): O. J. Olusoji; W. Kam; A. Ioannou; A. Posporis; F. McGuinness; P. Woulfe; K. Kalli; S. O'Keeffe
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Study of bare and plasmonic tilted fiber Bragg gratings in the detection of a heart failure biomarker: relevance of different spectral demodulation methods
Author(s): Miguel Vidal; M. Simone Soares; Maxime Lobry; Christophe Caucheteur; Florinda M. Costa; Carlos Marques; Sónia O. Pereira; Cátia Leitão; Médéric Loyez
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Robust method for finding the modes in a fibre with an unknown refractive index profile
Author(s): Ľubomír Škvarenina; Johanna Trägårdh; Stephen Simpson
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