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Unconventional Optical Imaging III
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Volume Number: 12136
Date Published: 31 May 2022

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Front Matter: Volume 12136
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Axial organization of muscular myosin identified by the optical and computational pipeline FAMOUS
Author(s): C. Lefort; M. Chalvidal; F. Baraige; A. Parente; E. Ferrandon; V. Blanquet; H. Massias; L. Magnol; E. Chouzenoux
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Effects of some model approximations in the reconstructions of digital in-line holograms: simulations, experiments on calibrated objects and model refinement assessment
Author(s): Thomas Olivier; Dylan Brault; Sachin Joshi; Thomas Brard; Alexey Brodoline; Loïc Méès; Corinne Fournier
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Total internal reflection holographic microscopy for cellular imaging
Author(s): Tolga Gürcan; Muhammed Faith Toy
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Lensless phase imaging microscopy by multiple intensity diffraction pattern
Author(s): G. Pedrini; A. Schiebelbein; E. Achimova; V. Abashkin
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Polarization-sensitive Fourier ptychography microscopy using dome-shaped LED illuminator
Author(s): Mahdieh GholamiMayani; Dag Werner Breiby; Muhammad Nadeem Akram
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Nonlinear primal dual-method phase retrieval for X-ray in-line phase contrast imaging
Author(s): Kannara Mom; Max Langer; Bruno Sixou
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Terahertz ptychography with efficient FOV for breast cancer tissue imaging
Author(s): Yuchen Zhao; Delphine Cerica; Mohamed Boutaayamou; Jacques G. Verly; Marc P. Georges
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Model eye assessment by 3D fast-scanning peripheral refraction wavefront sensor
Author(s): Alejandro Calabuig-Barroso; Ajay Pinate; Nikolai Suchkov; Siegfried Wahl
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Shack-Hartmann based wavefront and intensity sensing via U-Net
Author(s): Feng-Chun Hsu; Chun-Yu Lin; Chia-Yuan Chang; Shean-Jen Chen
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Compressive sensing instrumental concepts for space applications
Author(s): Valentina Raimondi; Massimo Baldi; Dirk Berndt; Tiziano Bianchi; Guzmán Borque Gallego; Donato Borrelli; Chiara Corti; Francesco Corti; Marco Corti; Ulrike A. Dauderstädt; Peter Dürr; Andrea Gonnelli; Sara Francés González; Donatella Guzzi; Detlef Kunze; Demetrio Labate; Nicolas Lamquin; Cinzia Lastri; Enrico Magli; Emiliano Marzi; Vanni Nardino; Christophe Pache; Lorenzo Palombi; Giuseppe Pilato; Enrico Suetta; Diego Valsesia; Michael Wagner
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Compressive sensing for Earth observation: the effect of a moving scene
Author(s): Luca Oggioni; Giorgio Pariani
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Giga-voxel multispectral time-resolved imaging with single-pixel detection and data fusion
Author(s): Armin J. M. Lenz; Fernando Soldevila; Alberto Ghezzi; Andrea Farina; Cosimo D'Andrea; Enrique Tajahuerce
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Lock-in amplified differential phase contrast
Author(s): Chiara Bonati; Damien Loterie; Timothé Laforest; Christophe Moser
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Light field multiphoton microscopy with temporal focusing-based volume selective excitation
Author(s): Feng-Chun Hsu; Yong Da Sie; Chun-Yu Lin; Yvonne Yuling Hu; Shean-Jen Chen
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Machine learning for white matter fibre tract visualization in the human brain via Mueller matrix polarimetric data
Author(s): Richard McKinley; Leonard A. Felger; Ekkehard Hewer; Theoni Maragkou; Michael Murek; Tatiana Novikova; Omar Rodríguez-Núñez; Angelo Pierangelo; Philippe Schucht
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Chiral structured illumination microscopy: fast imaging chiral domains at super-resolution
Author(s): Shiang-Yu Huang; Jiwei Zhang; Ronny Förster; Christian Karras; Rainer Heintzmann; Jer-Shing Huang
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Temperature stable and versatile polarization modulators for bioimaging applications
Author(s): Jean Rehbinder; Jean Dellinger; Briséis Varin; Marc Torzynski; Yoshitate Takakura; Christian Heinrich; Jihad Zallat
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Swept-wavelength null polarimetry for weak linear birefringence imaging
Author(s): Xavier Theillier; Sylvain Rivet; Matthieu Dubreuil; Yann Le Grand
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Underwater imaging method and apparatus utilizing multiple beam interference
Author(s): Shangqing Liu
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Single image depth-from-defocus with a learned covariance: algorithm and performance model for co-design
Author(s): B. Buat; P. Trouvé-Peloux; F. Champagnat; G. Le Besnerais
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On design of hybrid diffractive optics for achromatic extended depth-of-field (EDoF) RGB imaging
Author(s): Seyyed Reza Miri Rostami; Samuel Pinilla; Igor Shevkunov; Vladimir Katkovnik; Karen Eguiazarian
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On the use of differentiable optical models for lens and neural network co-design
Author(s): M. Dufraisse; P. Trouvé-Peloux; J.-B. Volatier; F. Champagnat
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Comparison of three methods for end-to-end optimization of hybrid optical/digital imaging systems with professional optical design software
Author(s): Alice Fontbonne; Hervé Sauer; François Goudail
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OCT-assisted needle for epidural injection
Author(s): Mohamed Nijas; Pawan Kumar; Aswathy Vijay; Renu John
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Mode-mapping qOBM microscopy to virtual hematoxylin and eosin (H&E) histology via deep learning
Author(s): Tanishq Mathew Abraham; Paloma Casteleiro Costa; Caroline Filan; Francisco E. Robles; Richard Levenson M.D.
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High-resolution snapshot hyperspectral computed tomography imaging spectrometer: real-world applications
Author(s): Mads S. Peters; René L. Eriksen; Bjarke Jørgensen
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Multimodal microscopy from tomographic diffraction microscopy acquisitions
Author(s): Riadh Abbessi; Steve Laroche; Nicolas Verrier; Jean-Baptiste Courbot; Matthieu Debailleul; Olivier Haeberlé
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Tomographic phase microscopy at single cell scale without a-priori knowledge of cell orientations: smart strategies for rotation angles recovery
Author(s): Lisa Miccio; Daniele Pirone; Daniele Sirico; Francesco Merola; Pasquale Memmolo; Vittorio Bianco; Zhe Wang; Jaromir Behal; Danila Del Giudice; Martina Mugnano; Pietro Ferraro
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On the use of multilook Fourier ptychographic microscopy for observing cells and tissues
Author(s): Vittorio Bianco; Pasquale Memmolo; Jaromír Běhal; Daniele Pirone; Marika Valentino; Martina Mugnano; Vito Pagliarulo; Lisa Miccio; Pietro Ferraro
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An integrated top-stage incubator and lens-free holographic imaging system for culture monitoring applications
Author(s): Zeynep Ozbilgin; Sevdenur Aksit; M. Fatih Toy
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Digital holography in microplastic identification
Author(s): Vittorio Bianco; Marika Valentino; Jaromír Běhal; Daniele Pirone; Simona Itri; Raffaella Mossotti; Giulia Dalla Fontana; Ettore Stella; Lisa Miccio; Pasquale Memmolo; Pietro Ferraro
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Combined electronic speckle pattern interferometry and digital holography for analysis of deformations in magnetic shape memory actuators
Author(s): G. Laskin; J. Heider; R. Schnetzler; M. Fratz; A. Schiller; A. Bertz; M. Laufenberg; D. Carl
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3D indirect time-of-flight imaging employing transmission electroabsorption modulators
Author(s): Markus Miller; Bedouin Sassiya; Susanne Menzel; Karl Joachim Ebeling; Rainer Michalzik
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Hypothetical photo-nuclear effects, dating and imaging on the Shroud of Turin
Author(s): Jean-Pierre Laude
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Contrast gloss evaluation by use of a camera-based gloss meter
Author(s): Stijn Beuckels; Jan Audenaert; Frédéric B. Leloup; Peter Hanselaer
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Visual inspection via anomaly detection by automated uncertainty propagation
Author(s): Johannes Meyer; Matthias Hartrumpf; Thomas Längle; Jürgen Beyerer
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Autofocus in quantitative phase imaging
Author(s): Yannuo Wen; Yue Wang; John J. Healy
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Experimental validation of dynamic activation of pixelated holograms for retinal projection display
Author(s): Matthias Colard; Paul Legentil; Sylvia Meunier-Della-Gatta; Fabian Rainouard; Yann Lee; Olivier Haberle; Christophe Martinez
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Joint qualitative and quantitative evaluation of fast image dehazing based on dark channel prior
Author(s): Lyes Aksas; Pierre-Jean Lapray; Alban Foulonneau; Laurent Bigué
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Evaluation of a dual-modal tissue imaging framework based on information fusion using optical coherence and bioimpedance tomography
Author(s): Zhe Liu; Yunjie Yang; Pierre Bagnaninchi
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In vivo compound eye imaging using full-field optical coherence tomography
Author(s): Pawan Kumar; Mohamed Nijas; Renu John
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Autofocus algorithms for lensless on-chip microscopy validated on synthetic targets for microfluidic applications and particle tracking
Author(s): Zan Cimperman; Peter Naglic; Franjo Pernuš; Boštjan Likar; Miran Bürmen
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A cheap, fast, and versatile illumination system for technical cleanliness
Author(s): D. Buchta; S. Adolph; A. Brandenburg
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Algorithm for the automated determination of the forms to electrical discharge processes used to analyze the formed electrolyte plasma and predict the properties of the formed metal oxide layers
Author(s): Aleksandr Zelensky; Sergey Zhukov; Olga Zhukova; Marina Zdanova; Viacheslav Voronin; Evgenii Semenishchev
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Mobile smartphone-based augmented reality for industry remote monitoring and maintenance
Author(s): I. Naumov; M. Sinakin; E. Semenishchev; N. Gapon
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