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Practical Holography IV
Editor(s): Stephen A. Benton

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Volume Number: 1212
Date Published: 1 May 1990

Table of Contents
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Dichromated gelatin for holographic optical elements
Author(s): David W. Sheel
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Novel enhancement of photopolymers
Author(s): Richard D. Rallison
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Photopolymers for holography
Author(s): William K. Smothers; Bruce M. Monroe; Andrew M. Weber; D. E. Keys
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Hologram recording in du Pont's new photopolymer materials
Author(s): Andrew M. Weber; William K. Smothers; T. John Trout; Daniel J. Mickish
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High-efficient multicolor holograms recorded in methylene-blue-sensitized dichromated gelatin
Author(s): Toru Mizuno; Tsukasa Goto; Masayuki Goto; Kazuma Matsui; Toshihiro Kubota
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New rehalogenating bleach for the production of Lippmann holograms
Author(s): Glenn P. Wood
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Effects of bleach constituents on the performance of silver-halide holograms
Author(s): Raymond K. Kostuk
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Modeling of spectral response and tone reproduction in Lippmann photography and reflection holography
Author(s): Helge Nareid; Hans Magne Pedersen
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Highly sensitive positive resists for holography
Author(s): Kunihiro Ichimura; Yasushi Ohe
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Constructive use of high-order harmonics in holographic Lippmann mirrors
Author(s): Chris C. Rich; George J. Vendura Jr.
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Holographic 3-D printer
Author(s): Masahiro Yamaguchi; Nagaaki Ohyama; Toshio Honda
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Generation of high-quality holograms with liquid-crystal SLM
Author(s): Makoto Kato; Sadayoshi Hotta; Kenji Kanai
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Reconstruction of 3-D biological images from serial sections using multiplane/multiplex holography
Author(s): Roland M. Bagby
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Display holography for medical tomography
Author(s): Stephen J. Hart; Michael N. Dalton
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3-D display of ultrasound B-mode image by holographic stereogram
Author(s): Koki Sato; Iwaki Akiyama; Akira Ohmura; Kazuto Fukazawa; Masahiro Gomi; Hidetoshi Katsuma
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Reduced coherence holography and related methods for imaging into inhomogeneities
Author(s): Emmett N. Leith; Hsuan S. Chen; Yi Chen; Andre Cunha; David S. Dilworth; Joaquin Lopez
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Edge-lit rainbow holograms
Author(s): Stephen A. Benton; Sabrina M. Birner; Akira Shirakura
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17th-century optics in 20th-century art: artists working in Britain's oldest scientific institution
Author(s): Susan Gamble; Michael M. Wenyon
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Many points about recording the important cultural properties by means of holography
Author(s): Hidetoshi Katsuma; Koki Sato; Akira Ohmura; Masato Fukazawa; Ruji Fukazawa; Takeshi Igarashi
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Electronic display system for computational holography
Author(s): Pierre St-Hilaire; Stephen A. Benton; Mark E. Lucente; Mary Lou Jepsen; J. Kollin; Hiroshi Yoshikawa; John S. Underkoffler
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Corneal topography via two-wavelength holography
Author(s): Gerhard W. Gross; Phillip C. Baker; Leo D. Bores M.D.
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Two holographic methods for flatness testing with subwavelength or multiple-wavelength sensitivities
Author(s): Pierre M. Jacquot; Pierre Michel Boone
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Optically produced cylindrical HOEs for signal processing applications
Author(s): Deborah A. Duston
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Deformation analysis of optical components for CO2 laser systems using holographic interferometry
Author(s): Manfred Weck; M. Krauhausen
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New options of holographic and similar measurement techniques applied to car construction
Author(s): Hans Steinbichler
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Hybrid diffractive-refractive telescope
Author(s): Thomas W. Stone
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Developments, practical aspects, and applications of conjugate wave holographic interferometry
Author(s): Luciano Pirodda
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Volume IR reflective gratings
Author(s): Chris C. Rich; George J. Vendura Jr.; Joel M. Petersen
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Market conditions for display holography in the USA and Europe
Author(s): Ian M. Lancaster; Lewis T. Kontnik
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Holographic lithography for microcircuits
Author(s): Ray T. Chen; Lev S. Sadovnik; Tin M. Aye; Tomasz P. Jannson
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Design and manufacture of holographic optical elements for use in systems with diode laser sources
Author(s): Harthmuth Buczek
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Photorefractive waveguide grating switches for optical interconnects
Author(s): Lewis B. Aronson; Lambertus Hesselink
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Determination of the Poisson's ratio of filled epoxy and composite materials
Author(s): Denis E. Cuche
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Non-Fourier computer-generated holography for 3-D display
Author(s): Tom A. Mouser; Phil Amburn; Matthew Kabrisky; Shawn L. Kelly; Steven K. Rogers
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Improvement in a volume hologram characteristic for application to a laser scanner
Author(s): Hiromi Suzuki; Akira Ono
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Phase selection in binary phase only filters for optical pattern recognition
Author(s): Myung Soo Kim; Clark C. Guest
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Shearography: a potential portable on-site nondestructive evaluation inspection tool
Author(s): Arun A. Aiyer
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Progress in true-color holography
Author(s): Tung H. Jeong; Edward J. Wesly
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DCG recording with red light: discovery of a new electron-donor system
Author(s): Jeff Blyth
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Novel technique for measuring the mechanochemical anodic dissolution of metallic electrodes in aqueous solutions
Author(s): Khaled J. Habib; Gary Carmichael; Roderic S. Lakes; William C. Stwalley
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