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Laser Photoionization and Desorption Surface Analysis Techniques
Editor(s): Nicholas S. Nogar

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Volume Number: 1208
Date Published: 1 July 1990

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Laser-induced desorption: state-resolved evidence for carrier-driven processes
Author(s): Richard R. Cavanagh; S. A. Buntin; Lee J. Richter; David S. King
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Laser probing of III-V semiconductor growth on Si(100)
Author(s): Stephen R. Leone
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State-to-state inelastic and reactive molecular beam scattering from surfaces
Author(s): Keith R. Lykke; Bruce D. Kay
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Quantum-resolved stimulated desorption and dissociation processes of adsorbed molecules
Author(s): Alan R. Burns; Ellen B. Stechel; Dwight R. Jennison
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Energy and angular distributions of particles desorbed from surfaces using multiphoton resonance ionization detection
Author(s): Roya Maboudian; M. El-Maazawi; Z. Postawa; C. T. Reimann; Geoffrey P. Malafsky; D. M. Hrubowchak; Matthew H. Ervin; Barbara J. Garrison; Nicholas Winograd
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Lateral diffusion studies by laser ablation microprobe mass spectrometry
Author(s): Lou Ann Heimbrook
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Adsorption and decomposition of chemisorbed propylene on the Si (100)-(2x1) surface: a laser-induced thermal desorption study
Author(s): Kumar Sinniah; Mike G. Sherman; John T. Yates Jr.; Kenneth C. Janda
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Silicon surface kinetics studied using laser-induced thermal desorption
Author(s): Steven M. George; Pawan Gupta; Birgit G. Koehler; Peter A. Coon; A. C. Dillon; C. H. Mak
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Characterization of the energy and spatial distribution of neutrals produced by laser ablation
Author(s): Paul T. McCombes; I. S. Borthwick; R. Jennings; A. P. Land; Kenneth W. D. Ledingham; Raghunandan Prasad Singhal; M. Towrie
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Ultraviolet laser-induced desorption of molecules and ions from thin metal films
Author(s): Mo Yang; Jeffrey Millard; James P. Reilly
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Rotationally anisotropic second-harmonic generation studies of the structure and electronic properties of bimetallic interfaces: Ag on Cu(110)
Author(s): Mark A. Hoffbauer; Victoria J. McVeigh
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Fast time-resolved surface temperature measurements by electronic resonant second harmonic generation
Author(s): Janice M. Hicks; Lynn E. Urbach; E. Ward Plummer; Hai-Lung Dai
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Laser-induced desorption of dimethylcadmium from silicon
Author(s): Vladimir N. Varakin; Anatoly M. Panesh; Alexander P. Simonov
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Laser mass spectrometric studies of high-temperature superconductor ablation
Author(s): Ron C. Estler; Nicholas S. Nogar
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Comparison of secondary ion mass spectrometry and resonance ionization mass spectrometry
Author(s): Stephen W. Downey
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Resonance-enhanced multiphoton ionization of aromatic polymers in supersonic beam/mass spectrometry
Author(s): David A. Lustig; David M. Lubman
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Vibrational energy relaxation of methyl thiolate/Ag(111) by picosecond IR-visible sum spectrosopy
Author(s): Alexander L. Harris; Lewis J. Rothberg; L. H. Dubois; N. J. Levinos; Lisa Dhar
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Thermal modeling in cavity-enhanced photothermal spectroscopy
Author(s): S. H. Chen; Zhuang Tang; Z. L. Rong; Hans A. Schuessler
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