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2021 International Conference on Image, Video Processing, and Artificial Intelligence
Editor(s): Yudong Zhang
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Volume Number: 12076
Date Published: 11 November 2021

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Front Matter: Volume 12076
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Learning human-object interaction detection via deformable transformer
Author(s): Shuang Cai; Shiwei Ma; Dongzhou Gu
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UD-GAN: a dense connected generative adversarial network for pixel-level modal translation of multimodal images
Author(s): Yuan Gao; Shiwei Ma
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An end-to-end multi-task learning to link framework for emotion-cause pair extraction
Author(s): Haolin Song; Dawei Song
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EEG unilateral limb motor imagery modeling based on fMRI screening
Author(s): Jun Ma; Wen Wang; Wenzheng Qiu; Banghua Yang
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Ultrasonic phased array sparse-TFM imaging based on deep learning and genetic algorithm
Author(s): Junying Song; Yanyan Liu; Shiwei Ma
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Low-illumination environment vehicle detection based on optimized adaptive image enhancement
Author(s): Kun Zhao; Jian Liu; Xiaocheng Xiao
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A defect detection method for glass bottle mouth based on area segmentation
Author(s): Junxu Lu; Xu Zhang
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Detection method of power line under uneven lightness for flying-walking power line inspection robot
Author(s): Bo Li Sr.; Xinyan Qin; Jin Lei; Yujie Zeng; Jie Zhang; Bo Jia; Huidong Li; Zhaojun Li
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The novel G-CPDA detector for the MIMO-OCDM system
Author(s): Yufang Yin; Xinyi Yang
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Transfer learning for micro-expression recognition based on the difference key frame images
Author(s): Zhihua Xie; Le Wang; Ling Shi; Jiawei Fan; Sijia Cheng
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Slipping control of flying-walking power transmission line inspection robot using ANFIS
Author(s): Zhaojun Li; Jin Lei; Xinyan Qin; Jie Zhang; Bo Jia; Abdulla Reheman; Huidong Li; Bo Li
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Superpixel segmentation with attention convolution neural network
Author(s): Jingjing Wang; Zhenye Luan; Zishu Yu; Jinwen Ren; Wei Wei Yue; Jing Fang
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DDGANA: dual-discriminator GAN with attention module for infrared and visible image fusion
Author(s): Jinwen Ren; Jingjing Wang; Hongzhen Li; Zengzhao Sun; Zhenye Luan; Zishu Yu; Huaqiang Xu; Qing Hua
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DA-ResUNet: a novel method for brain tumor segmentation based on U-Net with residual block and CBAM
Author(s): Jingjing Wang; Zishu Yu; Zhenye Luan; Jinwen Ren; Yanhua Zhao; Gang Yu
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Computer simulations for the denoising effect of morphological reconstructions for CT images on hexagonal grids and regular hexagonal regions
Author(s): Xiqiang Zheng
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Informetric analysis of researches on application of artificial intelligence in COVID-19 prevention and control
Author(s): Zhuozhu Liu; Sijing Chen; Qing Han
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Low light image enhancement method based on guided filtering
Author(s): Bin Yao; Zhen Han; Shiying Kang; Xuanying Wei; Lifeng He; Pengtao Shi
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Online metering model and experiment for gas-liquid phase in oil production well based on nozzle pressure difference
Author(s): Yong Xiang; Xinming Zhao; Jianying Zhu; Qian Zhang; Jianwei Wang; Chaodong Tan; Fangfang Wei; Chuanshuai Zuo
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Image inpainting method based sparse analysis model of synchronous dictionary learning
Author(s): Bin Li; Baohua Sun; Dekun Li; Tong Jiang; Gang Li; Hao Li
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Research on a personalized physiological status cluster discrimination system based on pulse signal
Author(s): Xiaoping Jiang; Xiaofei Chen; Chunman Wang; Aolai He; Yuezhong Tang
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Research on the method of detecting and eliminating gross errors in Beidou monitoring time series
Author(s): Qing An; Lang Rao; Shusen Wu
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Research and application of bridge safety monitoring system based on GNSS
Author(s): Qing An; Lang Rao; Shusen Wu
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A systematic review of automated reconstruction of indoor scenes using Point Clouds
Author(s): Sujitha Kurup; Archana Bhise
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Query interface schema extracting from deep web using ontology
Author(s): Yong Sun; Shang Wang; Zhenyuan Li; Chang Liu; Tao Peng; Yuhang Qiu
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Adaptive energy-load matching optimization method
Author(s): Dexin Li; Shang Wang; Chang Liu; Baoju Li; Tao Peng; Yuhang Qiu
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Atmospheric visibility prediction based on multi-model fusion
Author(s): Shiyang Yan; Yu Zheng; Yixuan Chen; Baoren Li
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Application of sigmoidal functions based on atomic functions in a machine learning problem of the analysis of biomedical and biometric data
Author(s): Natalia Konnova; Mikhail Basarab
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Formulation of precise short neural network code
Author(s): Syeda Sadia Rubab; Ma Tian; Rehmat Bashir; Syed Agha Hassnain Mohsan
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The critical effect of diffusion coefficients and boundary data on the global exponential stabilization of delayed Markovian jump neural control systems
Author(s): Puchen Liu; Yan Jin; Guoyan Cao
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Synchronous analysis of a neural networks system
Author(s): Lili Jia; Tao Jiang; Changyou Wang
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Poetry can group: social relations among poets in Tang Dynasty based on Word2vec and social network
Author(s): Yanbin Fang; Qinwei Li; Yuzhuo Liu; Jincheng Wei; Yiran Li
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Residual neural network based joint transmit-receive antenna selection in MIMO system
Author(s): Zhibin Guo; Jiaxin Cai
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A method for parameter optimization about the -SVR delay prediction
Author(s): Liu Peiyan
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Data-driven mining method for adjustable capacity of electric boiler with heat reservoir
Author(s): Yong Sun; Yuhang Qiu; Baoju Li; Chang Liu; Shang Wang; Tao Peng
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Sound field control in surround screen speaker array by COSH and SINC algorithms
Author(s): Rui Huan; Xi Zhao
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Research on innovative methods based on clustering and case-based reasoning
Author(s): Kun Shang
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An overview of constructing geometric models of buildings using point clouds
Author(s): Yuanzhi Cai; Lei Fan; Cheng Zhang
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Theoretical research and improvement of knowledge conversion (Withdrawal Notice)
Author(s): Rongying Zhao; Zhuozhu Liu; Junling Wang; Yuxin Hu; Yiran Li
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Informetric analysis of researches on artificial intelligence in anthropology
Author(s): Qiong Lan; Wenda Du; Fengjiao Xu
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Research on application of artificial intelligence in movie industry
Author(s): Wenda Du; Qing Han
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Research and application on virtual metering model for production of ESP well based on working performance curve
Author(s): Mingyue Cui; Gang Feng; Junzheng Yang; Wenrong Song; Dan Ma; Zhongzhi Li
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Preliminary exploration on digital transformation of Xinjiang oilfield
Author(s): Hui Zhang; Chuanshuai Zuo; Zunchao Wei; Bingyuan Li; Feng Shi; Kaizan Yang; Duan Fei; Wenrong Song
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