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Sensor Fusion II: Human and Machine Strategies
Editor(s): Paul S. Schenker

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Volume Number: 1198
Date Published: 1 March 1990

Table of Contents
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Dynamic Stimuli And Active Processing In Human Visual Perception
Author(s): Ralph Norman Haber
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Visual Behavior and Intelligent Agents
Author(s): R. C. Nelson; D. H. Ballard; S. D. Whitehead
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A Computational Model for Dynamic Vision
Author(s): Saied Moezzi; Terry E. Weymouth
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A Bayesian Foundation for Active Stereo Visions
Author(s): Larry Matthies; Masatoshi Okutomi
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Model-Based Planning of Sensor Placement and Optical Settings
Author(s): Roger Y. Tsai; Kostantinos Tarabanis
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Multi-Sensor Data Fusion for Estimation of a Moving Polyhedral Object
Author(s): Ren C. Luo; Woo Suk Yang
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New Results in Automatic Focusing and a New Method for Combining Focus and Stereo
Author(s): Charles V. Stewart; Hari Nair
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Robust Estimation of Image Flow
Author(s): Brian G. Schunck
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An Approach to Fuse Correlation-Based and Gradient-Based Methods for Image-Flow Estimation
Author(s): Ajit Singh
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Recovery of 3-D Motion and Structure by Temporal Fusion
Author(s): Tarek M. Sobh; Kwangyoen Wohn
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Object Tracking From Image Sequences Using Stereo Camera And Range Radar
Author(s): Stelios C. A. Thomopoulos; Lars Nillson
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Robot-Based Real-Time Motion Tracker
Author(s): Matthew S. Clark
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Sensor Integration And Data Fusion
Author(s): Stelios C. A. Thomopoulos
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Robust Multi-Sensor Fusion: A Decision-Theoretic Approach
Author(s): Gerda Kamberova; Max Mintz
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Evidential Integration In A Multi-Sensor System With Dependency Information
Author(s): Youssef A. Bazzi; Brian T. Mitchell
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A Comparison of Information Gathering Approaches
Author(s): Greg Hager
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Feature Selection and Decision Space Mapping for Sensor Fusion
Author(s): Cynthia L. Beer; Gerald M. Flachs; David R. Scott; Jay B. Jordan
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Sensor Fusion: A New Approach And Its Applications
Author(s): M. A. Abidi
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Spatial Reasoning: Learning from Observations
Author(s): Mirsad Hadzikadic; Su-shing Chen
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Performance Prediction For Multi-Sensor Tracking Systems: Kinematic Accuracy And Data Association Performance
Author(s): Ted J. Broida
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Constructing Octrees from Multiple Views: A Parallel Implementation
Author(s): C. H. Chien
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Design And Implementation Of A Multi-Sensor Fusion Algorithm On A Hypercube Computer Architecture
Author(s): Charles W. Glover
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Design and Implementation of Two Concurrent Multi-Sensor Integration Algorithms for Mobile Robotsl
Author(s): J. P. Jones; M. Beckerman; R. C. Mann
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Interpreting Segmented Laser Radar Images Using a Knowledge-Based System
Author(s): Chen-Chau Chu; N. Nandhakumar; J. K. Aggarwal
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A Mixture Neural Net For Multispectral Imaging Spectrometer Processing
Author(s): David Casasent; Timothy Slagle
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Information Fusion Methods For Coupled Eddy-Current Sensors
Author(s): Kristina H. Hedengren; Kenneth W. Mitchell; David E. Ritscher
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Unifying Voice And Hand Indication Of Spatial Layout
Author(s): Tomoichi Takahashi; Akira Hakata; Noriyuki Shima; Yukio Kobayashi
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Probabilistic Foundations For Information Fusion With Applications To Combining Stereo And Contour
Author(s): David Shulman; John (Yiannis) Aloimonos
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Cooperative Integration Of Vision And Touch
Author(s): Peter K. Allen
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An Optimal Illumination Method For Surface Reconstruction
Author(s): Michael Hatzitheodorou; John R. Kender
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Trinocular Stereo: Theoretical Advantages and a New Algorithm
Author(s): Charles V. Stewart
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On Using Color In Edge-Based Stereo Algorithms
Author(s): John R. Jordan III; Alan C. Bovik
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Fusion Of Vision And Touch For Spatio-Temporal Reasoning In Learning Manipulation Tasks
Author(s): Jan M. Zytkow; Peter W. Pachowicz
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Multiresolutional Sensor Fusion By Conductivity Analysis
Author(s): H. E. Stephanou; A. M. Erkmen
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Efficiency in the Generation of Hierarchical Feature Detectors in Neural Nets
Author(s): Oleg G. Jakubowicz
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Real-Time Detection Of Multi-Colored Objects
Author(s): Lambert E. Wixson; Dana H. Ballard
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Combining Multiple Forms Of Visual Information To Specify Contact Relations In Spatial Layout
Author(s): H. A. Sedgwick
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A Spatial and Temporal Frequency Based Figure-Ground Processor
Author(s): Namoi Weisstein; Eva Wong
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The Role of Perception in a Theory of Communication
Author(s): Leora Morgenstern
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A Fuzzy Representation For Event Occurrence
Author(s): Kenneth J. Overton; Dale E. Gaucas
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Task Directed Sensing
Author(s): R. James Firby
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Multiresolution Constraint Modeling For Mobile Robot Planning
Author(s): Anthony Stentz
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Fusion without Representation
Author(s): Monnett Hanvey Soldo
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Space-Time Modeling Using Environmental Constraints in a Mo-bile Robot System
Author(s): Marc G. Slack
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Synthesizing Information-Update Functions Using Off-Line Symbolic Processing
Author(s): Stanley J. Rosenschein
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Transitioning Mechanized Plan Recognition From Closed To Real-World Domains
Author(s): Douglas Walter J. Chubb
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Sensor Fusion: Storage, Search And Problem Solving Efficiency Issues Associated With Reasoning In Context
Author(s): Richard Antony
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The Fusion of Voice and Video
Author(s): William J. Wolfe; Gita Alaghband; Donald W. Mathis
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Spatial Database Organization for Multi-attribute Sensor Data Representation
Author(s): Feliz Ribeiro Gouveia; Jean-Paul A. Barthes
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Integration of Data-Fusion Techniques for Autonomous Vehicle Driving
Author(s): Daniele D. Giusto; Stefano Pozzi; Carlo S. Regazzoni; Gianni Vernazza; Riccardo Zelatore
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