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Automated Inspection and High-Speed Vision Architectures III
Editor(s): Michael J. W. Chen

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Volume Number: 1197
Date Published: 1 February 1990

Table of Contents
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Real-Time Focal-Plane Array Image Processor
Author(s): E-S. Eid; E. R. Fossum
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Design And Implementation Of A Hierarchical Automated Inspection System
Author(s): Glenn Tarbox; Lester Gerhardt
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Modular Architecture For Real-Time Video Processing
Author(s): Fernando D. Carvalho; Bernardo G. Henriques; Bento A. Correia
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Visual Inspection System Based On The Gray Scale Morphology
Author(s): Wojciech Kuczborski; Yianni Attikiouzel
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Chip-Bond Process Control with Computer Vision
Author(s): Chinmoy B. Bose; Ilyoung Kim
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Vision Algorithms For VLSI Wafer Probing
Author(s): R. V. Dantu; R. V. Patel; N. J. Dimopoulos; A. J. Al-Khalili
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Using the CESM Shell to Classify Wafer Defects from Visual Data
Author(s): Sung-Do Chi; Bernard P. Zeigler; Tag Gon Kim
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Putting Automated Visual Inspection Systems To Work On The Factory Floor: What's Missing?
Author(s): Frederick M. Waltz; Michael A. Snyder; Bruce G. Batchelor
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Calibration of CCD-Cameras for Machine Vision and Robotics
Author(s): Horst A. Beyer
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Modelling Peripheral Pre-Attention And Foveal Fixation For Search Directed Machine Vision Systems
Author(s): Adrian Luckman; Nigel Allinson
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Implementation of a Variable Cluster Self Organising Algorithm for High Speed Unsupervised Pattern Classification (Lost in {0, 1}N space)
Author(s): Martin Johnson; Nigel Allinson
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3-D Object Identification Using 2-D Projections
Author(s): B. Nutter; S. Mitra; M. Parten
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Recognizing Planar Objects in 3-D Space
Author(s): Nirwan Ansari; Edward J. Delp
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Banach Morphology: An Alternative To Impenetrability
Author(s): Frederick M. Waltz
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Image Analysis With The Septree Data Structure
Author(s): G. A. Baraghimian
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Finding Image Correspondence by Partial Shape Invariance Based on Multiview Models
Author(s): Gongyuan Qu; Sally L. Wood
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Volume Representation: Linear Octtrees From Three�Dimensional Arrays
Author(s): Tianwen Zhang; Zhongrong Li
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Traffic Flow Measuring System Using Image Processing
Author(s): Masao Takatoo; Tadaaki Kitamura; Yoshiyuki Okuyama; Yoshiki Kobayashi; Kuniyuki Kikuchi; Hiroshi Nakanishi; Toshiro Shibata
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An Acousto-Optic Processor For Inspecting Cigarette Labels
Author(s): David Casasent; Neil Carender
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Automated Inspection Of Sandpaper Products And Processes Using Image Processing
Author(s): Lester A. Gerhardt; Russell P. Kraft; Philip D. Hill; Sunita Neti
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High Rate Surface Inspection System Using the APA512
Author(s): Thomas M. Seitzler
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Detection And Identification Of Visually Indiscernible Defects From Textural Background Of An Unpolished Quartz Crystal
Author(s): Sing T. Bow; Ting Chen; Darrell E. Newell
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Robust Seam Tracking Algorithm Based On Majority Voting Logic
Author(s): Kenneth A. Pietrzak
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3-Dimensional Datuming And Inspection Of Mechanical Parts Using Wire-Frame Modelling
Author(s): Karl Ratcliff; Alun Harris; Charles Allen; Robert Bicker
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An Adaptive Pipeline Processor For Real-Time Image Processing
Author(s): Neil Storey; Richard C. Staunton
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Parallel Implementation Of Vision Algorithms On A Hybrid Pipelined/Multitransputer Architecture
Author(s): Robert J. Valkenburg; Robert Tekiela; Chris C. Bowman; Olof J. Olsson
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Generalized Approach to Split and Merge Segmentation on Parallel Architectures
Author(s): P. R. Mukund; R. C. Gonzalez
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Applications of the Connection Machine to Computer Vision
Author(s): William J. Wolfe; Gita Alaghband; Donald Mathis; Alan Baxter
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Towards A Neural Net Architecture For Rapid Learning In Machine Vision
Author(s): Paul T. Hadingham
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Pixels Classification With Neurocomputer
Author(s): Chung Lin Huang
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Training Of A Neural Network For Object Recognition Using Error Backpropagation
Author(s): Antonio Miguel de Campos; Margarida Machado
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Parallel Algorithms â€" Necessity and Restrictions
Author(s): R.-J. Ahlers; K. Kille
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