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International Conference on Image Processing and Intelligent Control (IPIC 2021)
Editor(s): Feng Wu; Fengjie Cen
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Volume Number: 11928
Date Published: 28 October 2021

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Front Matter: Volume 11928
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Research on visual navigation path extraction method of combine harvester based on machine vision
Author(s): Jin Chen; Zhiping Wu; Yaoming Li; Zhenghua Xu; Kejiu Wang
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Test sequence selection method for video criticality evaluation
Author(s): Yingyun Yang; Sijin Chen
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Adaptive aggregation stereo matching algorithm based on edge preservation
Author(s): Jianjun Bao; Haibo Wang; Haixiang Li; Ke Luo; Xiaolin Shen
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Black and white digital print technology based on computer digital image processing software
Author(s): Zhaoguo Chen
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Research on the method of predicting feeding volume of rice combine harvester base on machine vision
Author(s): Jin Chen; Shengjie Fu; Zhiwen Wang; Linjun Zhu; Hui Xia
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Three-dimensional point cloud registration algorithm based on quadratic error
Author(s): Guangrun Xu; Jianmin Huang
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FEU-Net: Glomeruli region segmentation network based on pseudo-labelling and channel attention mechanisms
Author(s): Yuan Liu; Jinjiang Wang
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Research on the application of immersive media in new retail cyberspace
Author(s): KeWei Zhang; Mai Jiang; ShuWen Zhao
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Estimation and prediction of fog day-based visibility based on convolutional neural network
Author(s): HaiCheng Tao; XinHong Li; ZhiBin Zhang; QinYu Zhu
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A multi-task unsupervised domain adaptation network for medical image segmentation
Author(s): Yuejing Shi; Fan Zhu; Yan Peng; Zhen Ye; Chaozheng Zhou
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Research on equipment dynamic failure feature analysis method based on edge computing
Author(s): Jingde Huang
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Improved coherent point drift for 3D point clouds registration
Author(s): Guangrun Xu; Jianmin Huang; Yueni Lu
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A camouflage effect evaluation method for moving target based on time constraint
Author(s): Yuanying Gan; Chuntong Liu; Hongcai Li; Zhongye Liu
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Evaluation and selection of shipbuilding demand in cloud manufacturing environment
Author(s): Baozhong Ye; Jian Chen
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Infrared image fusion technology research based on feature point matching
Author(s): Jian Liang; Hui Xu; Qiyuan Liu; Wubin Luo; Guoying Fen
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Remote sensing image semantic segmentation method based on improved Deeplabv3+
Author(s): Zhichao Guo; Junming Xu; Aidong Liu
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Research on image recognition technology based on machine learning in the context of big data
Author(s): Di Shi
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Infrared image simulation technology based on Vega Prime
Author(s): Xinjie Yang; Hexin Zhang; Shouyi Liao
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Target recognition and positioning method for steel structure spraying robot based on binocular vision
Author(s): Lingxiu Zhang; Guangming Zhang; Song Ding
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Lip print recognition using LBP based on bit plane
Author(s): Ben Niu; Bingbing Guo
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Research on simulation test of thermal interference of flame detector
Author(s): Chen Zhong; Shen Liu; Yuhang Wang
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Chinese style digital illustration texture: the application of Photoshop brushes
Author(s): Yue Wang; Honghai Zhang
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Research on improved image edge detection based on Hough transform
Author(s): Long Cheng; Jian Fang; Yue Wu; Kai Kang
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PS-GAN: a single image snow removal framework using pseudo-Siamese GANs
Author(s): Shifeng Yan; Shili Liang; Xiuping Li; Lei Zhang; Suqiu Wang; Changan Dong
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Accurate recognition method of plant leaves based on multi-feature fusion
Author(s): Ruikai Lin; Junwei Ma; Huiling Yu; Yizhuo Zhang
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A novel hyperspectral image classification iteration method based on deep learning
Author(s): Qian Liu; Peiyang Jin; Botao Zhu; Keming Mao
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Facial feature transfer based on self-recognition style-encoding face editing network
Author(s): Pengyuan Zhang; Yining Gao; Hang Zou; Yuhang Xiao; Pengjian Yang
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SAR image target recognition based on improved hybrid attention
Author(s): Baodai Shi; Qin Zhang; Yao Li; Yuhuan Li
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Soil image segmentation based on fuzzy clustering OTSU
Author(s): Guochao Shen; Jiaojie Li; Quchao Cheng
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Gold crucian carp identification based on Siamese network
Author(s): Houcheng Su; Weiyao Kong; Kailin Jiang; Dan Liu; Xinyao Gong; Bin Lin; Jiao Li; Hongjie Wang; Chao Xu
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Design on the online dynamic map service framework in WebGL
Author(s): Yongqin Zheng
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A point tracking method of Tracking-Detection-Deformation Matching for structural vibration measurement
Author(s): Junhao Lv; Lu Yang; Qun Lou; Jinyou Xiao; Ning Guo
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A repair model to improve arm problem in semantic segmentation generation
Author(s): Yining Gao; Pengyuan Zhang; Ming Zheng; Xiaomeng Guo; Pengjian Yang
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Delving deep into light-weight salient object detection
Author(s): Jiawen Xiao; Jiekang Feng
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Small target modified car parts detection based on improved Faster-RCNN
Author(s): Hongcheng Xue; Junping Qin; Wei Ren; Chao Quan; Tong Gao
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Research on orchard water and fertilizer automatic control system based on service composition
Author(s): Ranran Wang; Zihao Li; Jia Li; Jinxing Wang; Hongjian Zhang; Deang Zhai; Anrui Hu
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Exploration for the application scope of interactive digital media in the prevention and control of COVID-19 epidemic in the community: interactive digital media design plan for garbage classification in Jingxianli community as an example
Author(s): Yueran Wang; Tong Li; Zhaoyan Sun; Hao Yang
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Analysis on the language features of digital sculptures
Author(s): Hui Zhao; Yanjie Li
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Downhole target detection based on channel pruning and generalized intersection ratio
Author(s): Dianxing Chen; Li Wang; Mingqin Wang; Zhengjun Liu; Da Bu; Nasen Li
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Research on skydiving experience design under virtual reality technology
Author(s): Yulie Wang; Boku Li
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Intelligent garbage detection system based on neural networks
Author(s): Can Zhang; Xu Zhang; Dawei Tu; Ying Wang
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Analysis of digital sculpture language in the application of ZBrush
Author(s): Yanjie Li
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Real-time stereo matching model based on deformable convolution
Author(s): He Xi Li; Wei Long Li
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Anomaly detection in dosing system
Author(s): Song Xu; Zhengang Zhai; Xusheng Fang; Bingtao Gao; Yunya Zhu; Li Zhang
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Target detection optimization model based on fine-grained feature fusion
Author(s): Xianfu Bao; Zanxia Qiang; Guangyao Bai; Rui Yang
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Numerical simulation of single-phase flow in zinc fluidized bed furnace
Author(s): Kaile Tang; Ronghe Tan; Yanmei Chen
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Energy regulation model of multiple chillers considering building thermal inertia
Author(s): Ke Wang; Bin Du; Jianing Liu
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Dynamic monitoring method of regional communication network service quality for digital city construction
Author(s): Xifu Xin; Jian Sun
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