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Dry Processing for Submicrometer Lithography
Editor(s): James A. Bondur; Alan R. Reinberg

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Volume Number: 1185
Date Published: 30 January 1990

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Silylated Acid Hardened Resist [SAHR] Technology: Positive, Dry Developable Deep UV Resists
Author(s): James W. Thackeray; John F. Bohland; Edward K. Pavelchek,; George W. Orsula; Andrew W. McCullough; Susan K. Jones; Stephen M. Bobbio
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Application of the Kinetic Theory of Bombardment Induced Interface Evolution to the Pattern Transfer Step in Multi-Layer Lithography
Author(s): Charles W. Jurgensen; Eric S. G. Shaqfeh
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Etch Resistance of Silicon Containing Polymers In Oxygen Plasma Chemistry
Author(s): S. M. Bobbio; Susan K. Jones; Theodore G. Tessier; Bruce W. Dudley; Batia Cohen; Russell F. Jewett; Arturo Morosoff
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Submicron Single-Layer Lithography Using Reactive Ion Etching
Author(s): George R. Misium; Cesar M. Garza; Monte A. Douglas; Cecil J. Davis; Robert R. Doering
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Dry Process Pattern Transfer for X-Ray Mask Fabrication
Author(s): Gary F. Doyle
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Magnetron-Enhanced Etching Of Photoresist For Sub-Micron Patterning
Author(s): A. Selino; M. Siegel; R. Lombaerts
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Entrenched Metal Liftoff Using A Novel Bilayer Process
Author(s): T. D. DuBois; F. M. Tranjan; S. K. Jones; S. M. Bobbio; M. D. Kellam; R. G. Frieser; A. D. Jones
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Dry Etching Of Niobium Oxyde Thin Films
Author(s): A. C. Seabra; P. Verdonck; W. L. Xavier; V. Baranauskas
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In-situ Particulate Contamination Studies In Process Plasmas
Author(s): Gary S. Selwyn; John S. McKillop; Kurt L. Haller
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Plasma Assisted Deposition and Device Technology: Interlevel Dielectric Considerations
Author(s): G. W. Hills; A. S. Harrus; M. J. Thoma
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High Rate And Selective Reactive Ion Etching Of Polysilicon
Author(s): L. Y. Tsou
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Profile Control And Stringer Removal During Plasma Etch Of Submicrometer Polysilicon Lines
Author(s): Barbara Haselden; Paula Peavey; Bill Elicson; Tofael Ahmed
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Advanced 200 nm Gate Profile Fabrication With Reactive Ion Etching
Author(s): H. Hubner; W. Pilz; G. Belle; M. Franosch
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CMOS DRAM Alpha-Particle Effects
Author(s): Richard R. Zito
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Electron Cyclotron Resonance CVD Planarization and Trench-Fill Processes
Author(s): D. R. Denison; Chien Chiang; David B. Fraser
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Characterization Of Sidewall Passivation Material Deposited During Trench Etch
Author(s): Barbara Vasquez; Harland G. Tompkins; Peter Fejes; Terrance Y. Lee; Laurel Smith
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Spatial And Size Distributions Of Submicron Particles In rf Plasmas
Author(s): K. R. Stalder
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A Comparison Of The Optical Projection Lithography Simulators In Sample And Prolith
Author(s): O. D. Crisalle; S. R. Keifling; D. E. Seborg; D. A. Mellichamp
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Statistical Methodology For The Evaluation, Characterization And Optimization Of Dry Etch Modules
Author(s): Richard O. Lynch; Richard J. Markle
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Continuum Modeling Of rf Glow Discharges
Author(s): Herbert H. Sawin; Evangelos Gogolides
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Optimization Of A Highly Selective Nitride/Oxide Rie In A Batch Etching Machine By Statistical Analysis
Author(s): F. N. Hause; H. J. Stocker; R. O. Lynch
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A Profile Evolution Model With Redeposition
Author(s): Scott C. Jackson; Timothy J. Dalton
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In situ Wafer Monitoring For Plasma Etching
Author(s): Dennis S. Grimard; Fred L. Terry, Jr.; Michael E. Elta
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Radical and Molecular Product Concentration Measurements in CF4 RF Plasmas by Infrared Tunable Diode Laser Absorption RF plasmas by infrared tunable diode laser absorption
Author(s): J. Wormhoudt
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A Review of Magnetron Etch Technology
Author(s): Stephen M. Bobbio
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Magneto-Transport Characterization Of E-Beam-Induced Damage In GaAs-AlGaAs Heterostructures
Author(s): Tobin Fink; Doran D. Smith; W. D. Braddock
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Damage To Gate Oxides In Reactive Ion Etching
Author(s): I. W. Wu; R. H. Bruce; M. Koyanagi; T. Y. Huang
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Application Of Plasma Diagnostic Techniques To Dry Etching Process Control
Author(s): V. G. I. Deshmukh; T. I. Cox; A. J. Hydes; D. A. O. Hope
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